15 Best SonyLIV Alternatives For Streaming Movies And Sports

Looking for the best SonyLIV substitutes to watch Animax, movies, and live sports online? SonyLIV is an excellent streaming service for web series, Hollywood blockbusters, and Bollywood films. It, too, offers two paid options: a free account and a premium account, similar to Hotstar. A client with a free account has limited access to library resources. For a 12-month period, a premium Sony Liv subscription free membership costs Rs 499, which is significantly less than Netflix and contains additional features.

One of the most widely used video streaming programs is SonyLIV. It has been viewed over 700 million times and is available in 167 countries. All of Sony Liv subscription free channels are included in the app, including Liv, which is available in all countries. If you are outside of India, however, you may encounter a delay in receiving the most recent episodes. The app is a pioneer in the OTT market, with live internet broadcasting. It ensures that the audience is entertained in real-time. The app gives you access to the most popular Indian shows as well as sports highlights. Use the greatest regional programming to your advantage.

Without registration, you may watch a lot of popular SonyLIV tv shows content. The most notable distinction between the free and paid services is that the premium service is ad-free, whilst the free version is ad-supported. Free live TV stations with a five-minute delay are available to users. Premium subscribers have access to all of their favorite episodes and may replay them when offline.

15 Best SonyLIV Alternatives For Streaming Movies And Sports

In this list, you can find the Best SonyLIV Alternatives. Also, these apps, such as Sony Liv tv shows, can be used to watch live TV shows, movies, anime, and live sports online.

1. Netflix



With 183 million paying customers in over 190 countries watching TV episodes, documentaries, and feature films in a range of genres and languages, Netflix is the world’s most popular streaming entertainment service. Members, on the other hand, can watch as much as they want, whenever and wherever they want, on any internet-connected screen. Sony Ten 3 Members can also watch, pause, and resume their viewing without being interrupted or bound by any responsibilities.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime

Amazon Prime is a global streaming service with one of the largest libraries available. Amazon Video has everything from movies to TV series. The first 30 days are free, but after that, customers must purchase a premium membership. This Sony Ten 3 alternative provides a diverse range of Indian and international programming. There are also original and exclusive Prime programming and movies to watch. It’s available as a website, as well as an iOS or Android app.

3. ShowBox


Showbox features a lot of great stuff, but it’s not available on Google Play or Apple App Stores. This SonyLIV alternative allows users to access a large library of movies and TV shows. Despite the fact that it is not widely available in stores, it is still one of the most extensively used online video streaming apps. The Sony TV channel majority of users favor Showbox for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it always provides free content and has a very simple user interface.

4. FilmRise


FilmRise is a fantastic legal ad-supported free Sony TV channel movie streaming app. As a result, you will be able to view entire movies and TV series for free. This service provides HD content, which is amazing. The nicest aspect about the app is that you don’t have to register or enter credit card information to utilize it. This is completely free. Furthermore, while it is ad-supported, the adverts are not invasive, allowing you to watch movies and TV series without interruption. The material library is extensive, and new movies and shows are uploaded on a daily basis. As a result, you’ll never run out of things to watch—a must-have app for any film or television fan.

5. Hotstar



Star Entertainment, like Sony, has a specialized mobile app called Hotstar. Hotstar is a mobile app as well as a website. This SonyLIV alternative offers a diverse selection of TV series, movies, and sporting events. There are two types of accounts available: free and premium. Hotstar’s catalog is updated on a regular basis. Hotstar, like Sony live football, is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

6. Hulu



Hulu differs from other well-known entertainment services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It allows viewers from a variety of major networks to see more high-quality programming in a shorter amount of time. After the premiere, you must normally wait a week — and in some cases, just a day — to view episodes of popular television shows. For example, there are no hidden fees or installation costs. After you’ve paid for your Sony live football membership, you’re ready to go for internet streaming on your preferred devices.

7. Yidio



Yidio is the greatest app for watching movies and television shows from a variety of streaming services. This is a movie aggregator that allows you to watch movies from a variety of online streaming sources all in one place. More than 300 services are supported, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, and Sony liv youtube others. While many free movies are available, premium content providers may require a subscription to view their content. Despite the fact that Yidio has a large movie library, I believe you will enjoy the material, especially because it is entirely free.

8. Hooq



If you’re looking for a wide range of foreign and local entertainment, Hooq is a great place to start. This SonyLIV option has almost 30000 hours of high-quality entertainment. This software, like SonyLIV, provides access to Hollywood films, Indian television shows, and a range of other materials. To gain access to the site, users must purchase a Sony liv youtube premium subscription. It also contains a considerable quantity of Hooq-created content. It’s available as a mobile app or a desktop website.

9. Crackle



The most popular movie streaming Sony LIV ad and Sony Crackle, which is available for free in the United States and Australia but needs membership in the Caribbean and Latin America. It was Grouper who started it all. Sony Pictures purchased Crackle in 2006. To use SonyLIV, you’ll need a compatible device and an internet connection. You may also watch without having to create an account. You may, however, save your progress and add videos to view later if you create an account. Crackle also boasts a large on-demand video library, popular television shows, and unique content related to celebrities’ business ventures.

10. Voot


One of the most popular applications, like Sony LIV, is Voot. As a result, Voot, like SonyLIV, offers a diverse selection of SonyLIV shows. It has partnered with TV networks such as Colors to provide the most up-to-date episodes. All of the episodes are Sony Liv subscription Price updated on a regular basis. There are also a few Voot programs that are only available through the app. To take advantage of its advanced features, you’ll need the premium edition.

11. PopcornFlix



PopcornFlix is a fantastic free movie app that Sony Liv subscription Price allows you to watch movies on the go. First and foremost, unlike Sony Crackle, it is available to people all over the world, which is fantastic. Second, the app provides a large number of free movie titles that you may view without any quality restrictions. The SonyLIV important element is that the program works properly even if your internet connection is slow. Popcornflix has a deal with a lot of Hollywood studios, so you’ll be able to watch new movies as soon as they come out. Apart from studio films, Popcornflix also has a large selection of independent films, which is wonderful news for indie film fans. In general, Popcornflix is a fantastic tool for finding and watching free movies.

12. Tubi TV

Tubi tv


Tubi TV is the most popular online streaming service, with a huge library of free movies and SonyLIV shows. The app has been shown for individuals of all ages, including children and adults. Aside from this, Sony TV channel offers a wide range of Japanese and Korean movies and television shows. On a weekly basis, new movies and TV shows are added to the app. Because it is free and provides a wide variety of shows, among other features, SonyLIV is one of the popular movie streaming apps. This is where you can make your queue and schedule your movies and shows. Furthermore, you may resume viewing the program from wherever you left off on any device.

13. Vudu



Vudu is another great app for free movie viewing. This collection has several fantastic movies and SonyLIV series. If you’re wondering how Vudu is able to provide so much content for free, let me explain. This Sony TV channel software is financed by advertisements, and you will see a few video adverts before you can watch movies or TV series. As a result, I believe it is a reasonable trade-off for access to the vast library of free information. To give you a taste, you’ll have access to films like Undisputed, Rocky, Predator, Warrior, and others. In addition, Vudu, like iTunes and Google Play Store, offers new movies, but they are charged, so choose wisely. To summarise, if you enjoy movies, Vudu is an excellent app for watching them.

14. Pluto TV

Pluto tv

You may get all-new and unique channels for true crime, news, sports, entertainment, humor, adventure, and much more with Sony TV channel. Once you can connect an antenna to a television, it appears that you will have the newest version of the free channel kit. Advertisements are displayed throughout the journey, even while changing platforms. Viacom’s service channels can be found on MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and major news networks like NBC, CBS, and CNN.

15. YuppTV

Yupp tv

YuppTV, with over 250+ TV channels, 5000+ movies, and 100+ TV shows accessible in 14 languages, is one of the world’s biggest internet-based Sony TV channel and on-demand service providers for South Asian content. Well, YuppTV has a collection of 25000 hours of entertainment content, with approximately 2500 hours of fresh on-demand content added every day.

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