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2022 Range Rover Superior Land Rover’s flagship car is the Range Rover. This big, brash luxury SUV is equally well-equipped for life on the road as it is for life off the road. It is a car to strive for because kings, ministers, and other well-known people like to drive it. In a lot of ways, the 2022 Range Rover wants to be the best car on the market. What exactly does the new Range Rover provide, and how is it delivered, now that it is in its fifth generation? In order to learn more, we drove the most recent model.

Our immediate opinion: 2022 Range Rover

Range Rover has improved its flagship model, solidifying its prestigious position. The ride and handling, as well as the appearance and the pleasure of doing things the 2022 Range Rover way, have all improved in this most recent incarnation. It’s obvious that a lot of effort has been put into making sure it is quite capable offroad; it’s unfortunate that many owners won’t ever get to utilise it. But there’s also convenience, usefulness, and advanced technology. Bringing together elegance and distinction, you’ll feel regal whether you’re at the front or the rear.

The 2022 Range Rover really does feel superior.

Range Rover Supreme 2022

Design and Build

You could be excused for believing that not much has changed if you only take a quick look at the front of the new 2022 Range Rover, the L460 model. The Rangy is easy to recognise because it has a gently sloping roof, a strong shoulder line, and windows in the middle that look like glasshouses.

As you travel around to the back of the car, where the largest alterations have occurred, you’ll see that there’s also a simplicity that gives a feeling of timeless elegance. When switched on, the lights shine through even though they are concealed in the black trim throughout the day. The best thing about the new 2022 Range Rover is that, through a process of refinement, its simplicity has made it more elegant.

The flat door handles are only one example of the little features that set this automobile apart from earlier models. There is no getting past the Range Rover’s size; it literally rules the road and allows the driver to gaze down on others around them. Sensors and cameras help drivers see in situations that aren’t as easy, but regular drivers have the best view. There are choices for long and short wheelbases, and the long wheelbase, a first for the Range Rover, allows seven seats and extends the luxury to even more people.

Opulent Interior

The floating 13.1-inch Pivi Pro display in the centre is the largest alteration to the 2022 Range Rover’s interior, which continues the philosophy of not repairing what isn’t wrong. Although there are still physical controls for the climate, the inside doesn’t have a lot of buttons. The Terrain Response is a straightforward pop-up dial with buttons for low range and descent control, and a convenient shifter is located next to it to put the car into drive.

The steering wheel is neater, the controls are fewer, and most of your attention will be on the display. We hardly need to mention that the 2022 Range Rover is completed to the finest standards because luxury is, of course, a big part of what it is about. Traditional leather, which comes in a range of colours, is a choice, as well as more ecologically friendly materials. You have many possibilities to make the automobile uniquely yours, just like with the exterior colours.

Range Rover

You will feel comfortable in the motorised reclining seats whether you are in the front or the back. Whatever seat you are in, there is plenty of leg, knee, shoulder, and headroom. The car’s adaptable suspension may lower the vehicle for simpler entry and then raise it to the appropriate level depending on the sort of driving you’re doing, so don’t worry about getting in.

There are hidden storage spaces all over the interior, including a glovebox that can be opened with the push of a button and a cool, roomy area under the centre armrest. The Qi charging pad for your phone is also in the centre console and can be stored in the tray while you’re driving.

The 2022 Range Rover, on the other hand, was made to do more than just carry people. The back can hold up to 818 litres of cargo, and there is an option for a motorized, retractable parcel shelf. With the top portion opening up and the bottom half lowering, the split tailgate carries on a 2022 Range Rover tradition.

This creates excellent seating space for anyone who wishes to bring their Range Rover to a performance or festival of some kind. Land Rover even has options to make this area into a real seat with a backrest and cushions.To sit on your cushions, you just flip up the loadspace floor (a £650 option). Even the back speakers can play music, and the flattened surface on the tailgate is ideal for setting your champagne glass on.

On the highway – 2022 Range Rover

In 2024, a fully electric car will be available, along with gas, diesel, mild, and plug-in hybrids, among other engine types. The D350, a 3-liter mild-hybrid diesel engine that serves as a mid-range engine for the range, is the model under review here. These will vary depending on the location. The P440e or P510e, both plug-in hybrid vehicles with up to 70 miles of all-electric range, are likely to be the most intriguing at launch. Sadly, we haven’t had the opportunity to use these models.

All engines are coupled to an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox, which, in our experience, makes gear changes quietly and smoothly. For those who prefer manual shifters, there are also shift paddles on the steering column. Overall, driving the new Range Rover is a very quiet experience. When you press the accelerator, the only sound you’ll hear is the engine purring.

Given that the Range Rover weighs 2.5 tonnes, the 350 horsepower diesel in this review model achieves a 0-60 mph pace in 5.8 seconds, which is not bad at all. The P530’s V8 gasoline engine has the most power. The plug-in hybrid may be superior in that sense because of the electric motor, but we won’t know for sure until we get behind the wheel of the PHEV. There is some latency in the delivery of that power, the kind of thing you’ll feel attempting to burst off the line on a roundabout.

This new Range Rover was made with an innovative all-wheel drive system to give you confidence not only on the road, but also when you’re not on it.We drove it through Land Rover’s test tracks at Eastnor Castle during our testing, and even with road tyres, it is still highly capable in tough terrain.

We have driven through mud ruts and on loose roads on various slopes where the Range Rover seems at home and entirely confident, but many owners will only go as far as a soggy field. With external cameras, you can practically see your wheels on the central display, enabling accurate steering to avoid obstructions. Technology can also aid in managing the traction via the wheels.

If you buy a Range Rover, you know you have a vehicle that has been built to handle anything thrown at it. The Range Rover retains a wading depth of 900 mm, but you’re unlikely to use it unless you happen to come across a flood. Rear-wheel steering, though, is the real innovation here. Anyone who has tried to park a Range Rover in a small indoor parking lot or turn around on a London street will appreciate how this makes it easier to turn around a huge car.

On the off-road paths surrounding Eastnor Castle, the leading Defender had to back up somewhat mid-turn to make a sharp bend, while the following Range Rovers had no issues at all. This is an excellent illustration of how effective this rear-wheel steering is. There is a supreme sense of calm while driving. Because of how quietly the car runs and how well it handles bumpy roads, there is no real road noise inside the cabin. Whatever the driving circumstances, there is a sense of effortlessness here.

Interior Engineering

Pivi Pro is not a brand-new system; Jaguar and Land Rover have been providing it for some time. The system in the Range Rover is cleaner, though, and has a larger centre display than what we’ve seen before. A heads-up display brings such facts into the driver’s line of sight in conjunction with the digital driver display, which uses rather traditional instruments. Although it isn’t the most advanced out there because there isn’t any AR involved, the information is simple to find. The display also has haptics, which may seem strange at first, but the need for a firm push makes it less likely that phantom touches will happen.

With integrated Alexa, you can sign in and chat to Amazon’s well-known voice assistant, including managing anything you’ve already set up at home, like your heating or lighting. Voice is also enabled. The Pivi Pro has a simple interface that feels like navigating a large iPad. However, the graphics are of high quality, and the text and information are accurate. This translates to excellent quality for devices like 360-degree cameras.

For those who want to use their phone to power things, it also supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, although we discovered that Pivi Pro’s systems functioned just as well. However, the colour choices—using a bronze truck instead of the green one we were driving—were a little weird, so there may be room for improvement.

To sum up:

The new 2022 Range Rover reasserts its position as the supreme automobile. It is incredibly cosy, tastefully styled, and spacious inside, yet it is also tough off-road. It continues to be a top pick for individuals looking for a luxury SUV since it is built to keep you in control no matter what the circumstances throw at you.

One apparent drawback is the lack of a 100% electric alternative at launch, which is also unavoidably pricey. However, it’s guaranteed to be high on the list for those who want the best because there are plenty of alternatives and no shortage of abilities.

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