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The best free Android data recovery software is a freeware to recover data on Android devices. The application Data Recovery without Root was discovered by Microsoft. Because data recovery is currently the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet, more Android users than ever before are experiencing data loss, including images, documents, and text messages.

Fortunately, the best free Android data recovery software is available to assist, allowing even the most inexperienced user to retrieve data that appears to have been permanently destroyed. Your android data recovery Samsung smartphone or Android device, in particular, may perform a variety of tasks, the most important of which is data storage. A portable centre for images, movies, emails, and even confidential business documents may be disguised as an android data recovery Samsung device.

The Dr. Fone Android data recovery software Consider how you’d feel if you unexpectedly lost everything on your Android phone’s internal or external memory card. Anyone who has been through this heinous act can attest to the depths of their grief. There are a number of reasons why Android devices lose data.

Many factors can jeopardise the security of your android data recovery Samsung smartphone, whether it’s due to a system collapse or a malware assault. Fortunately, what people need to understand is that this information isn’t lost forever. In fact, with the help of a decent android data recovery software without root program, this allegedly erased data can be restored back to life.

How does Android Data Recovery Software work?

The hitch is that when you delete a file, its data isn’t completely erased. tenorshare data recovery considers that area to be empty and the file to be missing. As a result, you won’t be able to see the file, and new files will be able to take its place. You can declare your file gone when that space is taken up by original files. Because the majority of data recovery Samsung phones lack a recycle bin, you won’t be able to recover your data through it.

Finally, you can use the best data recovery software without root to restore your content. The best data recovery software free download app can search the android data recovery phone’s memory for pages tagged with a 0 in order to find data that can be recovered. Furthermore, the tool reassembles the recoverable data while

Usually, recovering android data recovery software for pc data involves three simple steps:

  • Connecting the device successfully with a PC where the recovery software is installed
  • Choosing the file type followed by scanning
  • Choosing the desired files and recovering the data

Best Android Data Recovery Software

The best android data recovery software free download users can simply hop on to the app store and find tons of tools that make data recovery simple. But with so many options to choose from, there is bound to be some confusion. we will do our best to clear your doubts by presenting a list of what we believe are the best Android recovery software out there.

1.  FoneLab (Windows & Mac)



FoneLab is one of the best android data recovery software free download apps for Android because its Windows version offers one-click recovery, allowing you to painlessly retrieve everything from lost photos to your WhatsApp messages, voice recordings, and shared documents. All you need to do is connect your android data recovery software for pc device to your PC, open FoneLab, and begin the recovery process. From there, you follow the recovery wizard, which will take you through a series of simple steps.

2.  Tenorshare UltData


The tenorshare android data recovery software is considered one of the best data recovery software without root software you can find. It claims to have the highest success rate in the industry and is compatible with more than 6000 devices, including Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and so on. This software has made it effortless to recover your deleted photos and WhatsApp messages from your smartphone without root. Even if you have no backup, it can recover videos, voice, stickers, documents, etc. on WhatsApp.

3.  Disk Drill (Windows & Mac)


Disk Drill is a do-it-all dr. fone data recovery software for Windows and Mac capable of recovering lost data from all kinds of devices, including Android smartphones and tablets. The best free android data recovery software mac version can recover deleted data directly from the internal memory or Android’s SD card, while the Windows version is limited to SD card recovery.

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Both versions of Disk Drill support over 400 file formats, including all image, video, audio, and document formats commonly found on Android devices. When recovering lost files with Disk Drill, you don’t need any special knowledge or skills because the entire process is completely intuitive and designed to take as little time as possible. Found files can be previewed before their actual recovery takes place, which makes it easy to recover only what you really need.

4.  iMobie PhoneRescue (Windows & Mac)


iMobie PhoneRescue is an elegant and versatile data recovery application that can help you retrieve lost data not only from your samsung device but also from any iOS device, such as iPhone or iPad. As such, this solution is perfect for people who use both mobile operating systems and know that it’s best to have a data recovery application ready at hand before data loss occurs.

5.  MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android (Windows)


MiniTool Mobile Recovery from the best android data recovery software without root is the most basic recovery app for Android featured in this article, but it still gets the job done even though it hasn’t been updated in a while. Its biggest strength is the ability to restore a limited number of files for free, which is something not many best data recovery software free download software solutions can do.

6.  EaseUS MobiSaver for Android (Windows & Android)



EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is a free best data recovery software without root tool for Windows and Android that can recover lost files, messages, contacts, photos, music, and videos from Android devices. The Windows version of the software for pc tool revolves around a simple 3-step approach to data recovery, and it supports both internal memory recovery as well as SD card recovery.

7.  Data Android Recovery (Windows)


Data Android Recovery is an older best android data recovery software free download application that hasn’t really kept up with the times as well as other best software without root applications, which is evident from its outdated user interface.

But if we put looks aside and focus on a 7- streamlined recovery process, it will be instantly clear why it still deserves a place on this list. To recover lost data with this application, you simply need to connect your data recovery Samsung device, scan it, preview recoverable files, and save them on your computer. As long as you enable USB debugging beforehand and turn on USB storage, you should have no trouble at all getting your data back.

If you do experience some issues while using 7-Data tenorshare, you can always contact the company behind it and ask for support since all license types include free technical support on demand.

8.  AirMore

If you have deleted some useful data from your device by system updates, ROM flashing, device rooting, or simply by accident, AirMore data recovery without root can help you restore the files like you never lost them with the help offers a faster way of data recovery from both SD cards and the internal memory of the device. The powerful data dr. fone data recovery software tool is able to reestablish the call history, contacts, and documents.

The platforms solve the issue of losing valuable data. From internal storage, the best data recovery software without root can recover data such as contacts, messages, photos, audio, videos, call logs, documents, and WhatsApp data. On the other hand, the device can restore data such as photos, videos, audio, and documents from SD cards. In an event when your device is broken, dropped in water, or went through a system crash, its data can be recovered. However, this feature is applicable for only Samsung Galaxy phone models, but more devices are expected to be supported soon.

Wrapping Up

The tool makes the process refurbishing and another file that was accidentally destroyed. Losing data is indeed a painful experience, especially when you cannot afford to lose them permanently. But it happens and not to worry; the above-listed best software without root software can help you restore the files. No matter what type of file you have lost or the android you use, the best data recovery software free download offers an efficient, secure, and faster way to get them back.

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