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The 23 Best Animation Gif Maker App For Android And iPhone

best animation gif

There’s no need for the best animation GIF to scroll through digital libraries and databases for pre-made and overused reactions to the best animation GIF or animated memes — you can make your own.

DIY apps to make gifs are possible on your Android or iPhone smartphone if you have the right gif-making apps. Even some apps you probably already have downloaded include some hidden GIF features: You may not associate WhatsApp or Twitter with making your own silent short video sequences, but we’re here to fix all that.

A gif making app, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, can be surprisingly simple and quick to make. You can use your own photos and videos on your phone or track down footage from elsewhere (just make sure you can snag the content without violating copyright restrictions). Below, we’ve compiled free apps so you can get started on your own personalized gif-making apps or best animation GIF collection.

What is the best animation GIF?

GIF-making apps are apps that let users collect or upload videos or images to make gifs. These apps let users collect or upload videos or images to make gifs from scratch. Most of these tools let users add special effects like emojis, images, text, filters, and backgrounds for extra customization. They also come with the ability to export files, and some of them integrate directly with social media channels to facilitate seamless posting.

Each tool on this list has a different set of features, so be sure to read the entire post before selecting the right gif-making app for your personal or professional use. Spoiler alert: we’ve selected the best apps for iPhone and Android at the bottom of the post.

The 23 Best Animation GIF Maker App For Android And iPhone

1.Gif Me! Camera Creator

Gif Me! Camera Creator gif maker app


Gif Me! Camera Creator is one of the easiest gif-making apps to use for both Android and iOS users. Developed with usability in mind, Gif Me! features a simple, straightforward, and intuitive interface that makes GIF-making quicker and more convenient. This GIF maker app from XnView lets users instantly record GIFs and share them with anyone on different social media apps.




GIPHY is a comprehensive gif-making app that offers several features for customizing GIFs. One special note is its enormous repository of animated stickers and best animation gif. This means that users can easily create new GIFs from GIPHY’s Sticker Maker feature or its integrated Cam feature.

3. Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera gif maker app


If you have an Android smartphone that doesn’t support Camera2 API, you can download Bacon Camera. This app is both a camera and gif-making apps all in one, coming packed with DSLR-like features to help you take better photos. With Bacon Camera, you can access manual controls like ISO speed, full focus, exposure time, Bayer DNG and RAW support, and exposure compensation

 4. Video to Gif

Video to GIF – GIF Maker gif maker app


Video to GIF Converter sets itself apart from other GIF creator programs with its unique YouTube integration, which allows you to upload a YouTube video and convert it to a GIF. It’s a great program to use if you want to make GIFs from a video you already have. You can convert iCloud and local videos into GIFS on your iPhone or iPad in addition to YouTube videos.

5. Tenor – GIF keyboard

Tenor – GIF Keyboard gif maker app


Tenor may be familiar to you, as you most likely have seen it popping up on GIFs you find on Facebook Messenger. Instead of being a standalone GIF maker app, Tenor is a gif-making apps finder that lets you browse and choose existing GIFs online with a simple keyword search. With Tenor, you can access millions of videos and GIFs that fit your mood.

6. GiftedMotion


GiftedMotion is easy to use free GIF animator that can be used without installation. This application supports many languages, including Italian and Dutch.

7. GIF Me



GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to apps to make gif is a one-stop GIF maker app for all your GIF-making needs. As its name suggests, this comprehensive app allows you to edit existing best animation gifs, convert existing clips to GIFs, create GIFs from scratch, and record whole videos.

Gif Me! The camera is an easy-to-use app to make the best animated gif creator app made with usability in mind. This app was designed with a simple and intuitive interface, which makes GIF-making quick and easy. In many ways, it’s a lot like the other apps on this list. You can add filters, special effects, and other fun elements before exporting your GIFs to social media.

8. ImgPlay



ImgPlay – apps to make the best animation gif was designed with fun and practicality in mind. Select from multiple canvas sizes depending on where you’re posting it (use a 1:1 canvas for Instagram but use a 2:1 canvas for Twitter) to get started, and then select from a huge collection of design elements. ImgPlay – GIF Maker has an extensive collection of static stickers

9. GIF Maker by Momento

GIF Maker by Momento


apps to make gif   Maker by Momento lets you create new GIFs from short videos and live photos. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating GIFs with Momento since the app offers a diverse range of fun elements such as special effects, zoom, trim, direction, speed, music, filters, AR, and frames. After creating a new best animation gif, users can export the file to their mobile device or share them directly on Instagram, Messenger, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

10. Gif Studio

gif studio


GIF Studio offers more than just apps to make gif-making functionalities. You can also perform basic tasks such as editing, cropping, adding filters, and controlling timing. This GIF maker app has unique integrations that aren’t found in most apps; the main highlight is that you can create the best animation gif collage that combines different GIFs into one animation. Aside from that, the app lets you cut the animation timeline so you can extract two animated GIFs

Pixtica Camera is here for the same reasons as Bacon Camera and Camera MX. It’s a reasonably good camera app with direct GIF support.

12. Gifs.Com


If you prefer using a desktop to make your apps to make gifs, is an excellent choice to let you do so online. To start, access the website and copy and paste the URL for the video you’d like to transform into the best animation gif. supports Instagram and YouTube; however, you can upload your own videos too.

13. Gif Maker- GIF Editor

GIF Maker – GIF Editor


GIF Maker – GIF Editor is another GIF Maker that lets you create the best animation gif from live footage, videos, and photos. The app has a wealth of fun integrations for customizing your best animation gifs such as effects, stickers, filters, and captions.

14. Gif Toaster

GIF Toaster


GIF Toaster allows you to convert almost everything—photos, images, videos, and all—into interactive GIFs. It’s one of the best-animated gif maker apps if you already have an existing collection of panoramas, time-lapses, bursts, photos, and videos.

15. Pixel Animator

Pixel Animator: GIF Maker


Pixel Animator: best animation gif is an Android GIF Maker app with a twist, primarily designed for making pixel-based GIFs. With this app, you can create pixel art and convert them into animated GIFs for distinct, retro video game vibe aesthetics.

16. PowerDirector



PowerDirector is a video-editing app for Android smartphones and tablets. Although it’s a video editor, the app also allows you to create GIFs using short clips and other videos. With PowerDirector, you can export your work either as an animated GIF or a still-image best animation gif.

17. Ezgif



Ezgif is another web-based GIF maker and is an excellent alternative if you prefer uploading URLs or saving screenshots or footage on their computers. With Ezgif, you can upload a maximum of 2,000 images or 100MB worth of files to the website and convert them into beautiful GIFs.

18. RoughAnimator

rough animator


RoughAnimator is a drawing app that also carries the best animation gif-making capabilities. This app includes a variety of effects and brushes, allowing you to create anything under the sun. With RoughAnimator, you can see a preview of their creations and embed audio for a more interactive result.

19. Gifx


GIFX is an iPhone-compatible app that lets you make a GIF from a collection of photos, an existing video, or an existing best animation gif. Simply upload your original content to get started, and then add one of their 300 artistic masks, stickers, or frames to your content and export a file.

20. Filmora Meme


Filmora Meme Generator is an online application that enables you to make GIFs with no hassle. It is connected with the Wondershare suite. This application allows you to add a text caption to the best animation gif.

21. Imgur


Imgur is the easiest GIF maker that uses a video. This high-quality GIF maker helps you to search for the funniest, informative, and inspiring images, GIFs, and visual stories. You can use it to create the best animation gif without creating an account.

22. Gickr


Gickr is a tool that allows you to instantly create an animated GIF. It is one of the best-animated gif maker apps which enables you to upload pictures or import them from Flickr (a photo management app). This GIF maker app allows you to add more than 10 photos simultaneously.

23. Gif Animator Suite


SSuite Gif Animator is a tool that can be installed from a USB or any memory device. This application enables you to make a basic GIF with no hassle.


Is your mind spinning with visions of creating and sharing awe-inspiring best animation gifs If so, remember that you don’t have to make them from scratch? If you have existing videos you want to turn into the best animation gif, you can use a simple video-to-best animation gif converter. If you’re ready to best animation gif it a try, check out our Top 12 Video to GIF Converters post, where we review the most popular converter apps out there so you can find the one that’s right for you.


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