Top 24 Best Workout Apps Free Download In 2022

At-home fitness streaming apps or best workout apps are popular for a reason: they provide the same intensity as in-person courses without the need to travel to the gym, making it incredibly convenient to fit a workout into your schedule.

However, with so many different workout apps to choose from, it can be difficult to know which best workout apps are worthwhile. That’s why the we compiled a list of the best workout apps. Each one provides a diverse range of workouts, instructional styles, and teachers to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Top 24 Best Workout Apps You Should Try In 2022

For every fitness fan and on any budget, these are the best workout apps to download in 2022. Take a look on Gym workout apps free download please:

1. Beachbody On Demand

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Our experts were thrilled by Beachbody On Demand’s colourful, energising sessions and programmes delivered by top-notch teachers. It received high marks from reviewers due to the extensive range of programmes and activities available, which included anything from rigorous boot camps to Pilates. The contagious excitement of each BODcast, a webcast of other participants completing lessons directly by your side, was extremely appealing to us. The app is simple to use, and you may search for classes and programmes depending on your preferences and needs. Start by selecting from a selection of plans, such as a six-week cardio plan, a two-month hip hop abs programme, or a short BODi Camp workout streaming from your living room. That’s why it’s considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 


SWEAT is a workout app created entirely by women for women. Female fitness specialists who are rated some of the best in the field lead the sessions. Kayla Itsines’ High-Intensity Zero Equipment workouts include high-intensity circuit training that is ideal for all levels and a terrific alternative for novices wishing to transform their fitness. Kelsey Wells’ post-pregnancy programme is another gem in this app. Our testers found the app and its instructors to be highly motivational, and the community is large. The information is effective and user-friendly. Our lab specialists liked how you can preview each workout before you start it, and they considered the bulk of the routines to be simple to follow . That’s why it’s considered the finest in the list of finest workout apps. 

3. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app offers excellent sessions and places no value on health and fitness. The app’s user-friendly layout allows you to search for workouts by workout style, muscle group, or equipment. Stream pre-recorded exercises in a variety of categories, from strength and endurance training to yoga, or join live, 5-minute warm-up sessions before your workout. Nike Training Club is also considered the finest in the list of best workout apps. 

4. Tone It Up

Tone It Up, founded by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, provides a variety of activities ranging from yoga and boxing to HIIT and strength training. Workouts last 20 to 40 minutes and come in a variety of difficulty levels. Stefani Sassos, a registered dietitian and personal trainer at the Good Housekeeping Institute, believes this app is ideal for novices wishing to tone and shape their bodies. You can also plan workouts on the app and receive notifications when it’s time to begin. Tone It Up is also considered the finest in the list of best workout apps

5. Peloton App

You don’t need a Peloton cycle or treadmill to make use of the app’s apparently unlimited class options (both live and on-demand), which include spin and running, as well as yoga, HIIT courses, weight training, and stretching, and more. Testers praised the app’s many workout categories, class lengths, encouraging coaches, and overall sense of community. They were blown away by the sensation of being in the studio – some teachers even addressed them by their leaderboard name! it’s also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 

6. C25k

Download C25k if you’ve ever wanted to run a 5K but don’t know where (or how) to begin. There’s no need to worry about not being able to keep up because it’s designed for first-time runners. You’ll exercise for 30 minutes three times a week for eight weeks to help you attain your goal. Intervals of walking and jogging make up the workouts, which change as you get closer to the finish of the programme. It’s also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 

7. Grokker

Grokker offers a comprehensive health approach by offering courses on cooking, stress alleviation, financial wellbeing, and more, in addition to yoga, HIIT, and Pilates programmes. Plus, if you’re the goal-oriented sort, the app has over 80 programmes to choose from, like the “21-Day Happy Yoga Challenge” and “Weight Management Jumpstart.” Grokkers is also considered the finest in the list of best workout apps

8. Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ is a new app that allows Apple Watch users to do studio-style exercises. Fitness+ has a wide range of sessions, from HIIT to core and yoga, and it also tracks metrics through your Apple Watch. According to Sassos, the professors were knowledgeable and inspiring. We really enjoyed how two to four trainers are constantly there in the background to demonstrate modifications and assist you in tailoring the workouts to your fitness level. It’s also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 


WRKOUT, although not technically an app (it’s online training), provides personal training in your living room without the need for physical touch. The initial meeting with WRKOUT, which matched them with a coach who shared their workout goals and tastes, was a hit with testers. One-on-one video sessions with trainers were simple to set up online and provided real-time, tailored feedback to help people improve their workout methods. When one of our testers expressed an interest in improving his soccer fitness, he was paired with a coach who had previously played Division One soccer in college. It’s considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 

10. All Out Studio


All Out Studio is a free app created by the editors of Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, and Prevention magazines. You’ll always find something that suits your mood with a roster of expert trainers and enjoyable workout programmes including yoga, strength training, HIIT, and Pilates. Plus, the “At Home” series allows you to accompany trainers around their homes for a no-equipment workout! it’s also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 

11. My Fitness by Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels’ My Fitness is a simple-to-use workout app. You may search for a programme by timing, difficulty, or body component, and you can even schedule exercises ahead of time. By mixing and combining programmes, you may create your own unique workout. Get healthy food suggestions as well as the chance to keep images of your progress as a bonus. It’s also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 

12. Centr by Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and his hand-picked team of health specialists launched Centr, a comprehensive workout and wellness app. Not only does the app include efficient exercises ranging from HIIT to strength and Pilates, but it also includes nutritional dishes created by chefs as well as dietary advice to help you reach your fitness objectives. This is a terrific choice if you’re searching for complete nutrition and exercise lifestyle shift with meal planning and assistance. If we take a look at this app feature can also be called this app the best in the list of best workout apps.

13. Strava

Not a fan of yoga or barre? Strava is a workout app designed for runners, bikers, and swimmers alike. It keeps track of key metrics (such as speed, tempo, and elevation) so you can improve your performance over time. It also has monthly challenges and competitions to keep you motivated. It’s also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 

 14. Glo

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a complete novice, Glo’s 3,500 classes (and counting!) make it the best option for yogis of all levels. To obtain tailored recommendations, download the app and complete the questionnaire, then search for and follow your favourite teachers. We really like the fact that you may save sessions to do later if you don’t have access to WiFi.

15. Pure Barre GO

Do you enjoy barre class but find it difficult to accommodate a studio’s timetable into your schedule? Pure Barre GO has workouts that range in length from five minutes to 60 minutes. Filter your exercises based on the equipment you have and the body part you’d like to tone. For those seeking a greater challenge, there are also prenatal programmes and more strenuous workouts available. it’s also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 

16. ClassPass

ClassPass combines two cutting-edge workout alternatives into one app: If it’s safe to do so, you can book in-person classes at local studios (using credits that vary depending on the package you buy), or you can work out from the comfort of your own home with over 4,000 on-demand classes via ClassPass Live, a programme that lives streams workouts to your laptop or smartphone. For years, one of our Media & Tech Lab specialists has used ClassPass to find new fitness studios and classes. it’s also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 

17. Daily Burn

Every day, a new workout is featured on Daily Burn. You may choose from over 1,400 different exercise courses to find one that meets your needs. There are several programmes available, including kickboxing, cardio, yoga, and barre. Try the audio-only alternatives if you don’t have access to a screen while exercising.

18. WW

The WW website has been around for a long time, but the WW app has not. The app allows you to track your meals, PersonalPoints, and daily activity while also listening to live coaching sessions, podcasts, and other motivating content. Obé fitness workouts are also included as part of the membership. It’s simple to connect your Apple Watch, Apple Health, Fitbit, Withings, Misfit, Garmin, or MapMyRun devices so you can see all of your data in one place. Despite the fact that the UI might be more user-friendly, our testers praised the app’s content and community vibe.

19. Obé

These neon-coloured workout videos may have caught your eye on Instagram, and the app is well worth checking out. The bulk of the Obé exercises is 28 minutes long, and you may watch them live or on-demand. While no equipment is necessary for high-energy programmes, adding small weights and resistance bands can help to raise the intensity. Obé also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 


This is the digital version of the same high-intensity enthusiasm and routines as a Les Mills class at the gym. The ability to sample each workout before commencing it, as well as the in-studio experience of each session, were both appreciated by testers. You can stream or download exercises, take notes on your sessions, store your faves, and choose from a variety of Bodypump, Bodycombat, and other classic courses with entertaining music and skilled teachers to keep you going via the LES MILLS+ app. It’s also considered the best in the list of best workout apps. 

21. Fitbit Premium

If you have a Fitbit, take advantage of the Fitbit Premium app features, which allow you access to video workouts from a number of platforms, including Fitbit, LES MILLS, Daily Burn, Obé Fitness, and more. Recipe inspiration, comprehensive sleep analytics, and mindfulness sessions to help you relax are just a few of the premium features.

22. Sweat Factor

The Sweat Factor has a reputation for making you, well, sweat. Choose from HIIT circuits, low impact, strength, dumbbells, and kettlebells, as well as other unique routines and challenges. Our experts like the ability to filter by workout length, trainers, and class styles. There’s also a tailored calendar with free workouts that you can follow every day of the week to keep on top of your fitness regimen.

23. Asana Rebel

This isn’t your average yoga app. Asana Rebel provides high-intensity, yoga-inspired exercises that work the entire body. When you’re short on time, you may select sessions depending on which body area you want to concentrate on, or you can do a tiny five-minute routine to push yourself. Some workouts are free on the app, but to access everything, you’ll need to subscribe. It’s also considered the finest in the list of best workout apps. 

24. Physique 57 OnDemand

The Physique 57 OnDemand app, which allows you to take the famous barre courses from the comfort of your own home, is a favourite of Rachel Rothman, chief technologist and director of engineering at the Good Housekeeping Institute. She praises the instructors for their professionalism and knowledge of barre, describing them as “friendly, encouraging, and skilled at suggesting adjustments.” The app works in conjunction with the desktop version, allowing you to stream different exercises on your phone and PC. It’s also considered the finest in the list of best workout apps. 

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