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Apps for free second phone number let you send messages, use Wi-Fi, and make phone calls. Other handy features include call recording, transferring, and customizing the welcome in these programs. Many of these free second phone number programs may be used to send an infinite number of SMS and MMS messages.

Top 12 Free Second Phone Number In 2022

The following is a hand-picked list of the best free second phone number apps, along with popular features and links to their websites  On the list are both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.


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Phone is a program that allows you to quickly and easily arrange your phone system. By linking the number to your phone account, you may block calls. Call blocking, forwarding, and screening are all supported by this tool. You may use to call any number using a name dictionary. When you hold the phone, it starts playing music.


2. Hushed

Hushed is a free second phone number software that allows you to call, text, and share photographs. This program aids in the safe and secure storage of your genuine phone number. Any text messages received at the number will be automatically responded to.


3. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a small company free second phone number application that provides a communication option. It provides a single professional phone number that can be dialled from any cell phone or landline. This program allows you to easily migrate your virtual phone number. It allows you to take numerous calls at the same time by routing them to a different phone or team member.


4. MightyCall

MightyCall is a small-business-focused virtual phone system. You may use your preferred device to make and receive calls using this system. It allows you to reject, accept, or put the call on voicemail. With a simple and conversational chart, MightyCall assists you in establishing your flow. It provides you with a comprehensive record of all of your communications. This software allows you to continue operating your business after hours.


5. PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner is a dialer programme that helps you close business deals. It provides high-quality conversions and completed transactions. This tool may be combined with a variety of other applications, including Salesforce, Zapier, and Zoho. It enables you to make calls from any mobile phone with ease.


6. ConXhub

ConXhub is a simple and easy-to-use company phone solution. It’s a cutting-edge corporate phone system that lets users create several accounts and phone lines. You may also use numerous phone numbers to make and receive calls.


7. YouMail

YouMail is a virtual phone number solution that may help you safeguard your mobile device network and yourself. This program can automatically filter robocalls while also allowing you to ban specific calls.


8. Talkroute

Talkroute is a service that allows you to make and receive business calls with minimal effort using a phone number app. This program delivers a variety of figures based on your industry. It enables you to forward or route calls to any destination. You may send a message to your consumers using Talkroute. It allows you to manage your voicemails easily.


9. Line2

Line2 is a solution that uses a second number to divide your work and personal calls and messages. This program is simple to use and can be accessed from any device. It allows you to select a phone number from any local area code.


10. eVoice

Call forwarding and auto attendant are available with eVoice, a free phone number app. It allows you to greet your clients with pre-recorded welcomes. This program makes it simple to read your voicemails. You may receive a local number in your city using eVoice and forward it to your existing phone lines.


11. Google Voice

Google Voice is a virtual free second phone number service that includes features such as voicemail, call forwarding, text, and voice messaging, as well as call termination. It’s one of the greatest second phone number apps available, and it works on both smartphones and the web, allowing you to make calls from anywhere. This programme uses artificial intelligence to screen spam calls.


12. Voxdirect

Voxdirect is a simple and effective text marketing tool that aids in the growth of your company. With a professional phone system, it manages your expanding business from anywhere.


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