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This post will go over Kaiser My Hr login|Kaiser Permanente Human Resource portal and any other pertinent information. How can I log in safely and access various services? What are the advantages of this platform, and what services does it provide to KP employees? This page contains all of the most recent and up-to-date information.

What is Kaiser My Hr connection?

Kaiser My Hr, commonly known as Kaiser Permanente HR, is an online portal designed by the organisation to enable its workers to build an effective, efficient, and transparent human resource management system. This gateway includes all of the features and services that a contemporary HRMS system should have.

By signing in to the web portal, all workers have access to all services and facilities, such as employee schedules, pay stubs, personal information, and so on.


The most critical difficulties of a large firm are data management and security, and a comprehensive HRM system is necessary to properly handle all of the employee’s data and associated information.

Kaiser My Hr recognised this difficulty and created the Kaiser My Hr Connect portal, which is an efficient HRMS gateway that allows data processing to be done online easily and quickly as compared to outdated paper systems.

Login to Kaiser My Hr

All workers can use the connect site, which serves as the official human resource gateway for Kaiser Permanente staff. Employees may check their dashboard and access any service after logging in. Every employee must verify several prerequisites before logging in.

Login prerequisites

Login procedure

Step 1: Navigate to or

kaiser my hr

Step 2: On the homepage, click the “Sign On” link. You will be sent to the employee login page (as shown below).

Step 3: Fill out the login form using your NUID and password, then click the Sign-On button to access your Kaiser My Hr dashboard page.

What if you forget your national user ID?

If you have forgotten your NUID, you can retrieve it by visiting the official login website. Please follow the instructions listed below.

Your NUID may appear on the computer screen, or you may receive an email containing your NUID. After you’ve recovered your NUID, you may quickly log in using the login page.

If you have forgotten your password,

Employees can reset their passwords using the password reset option on the Kaiser My Hr login page. Please follow the instructions listed below.

You may establish a new password for your KP HR account by using the password reset link.

The MY KP HR link site provides services

After successfully logging in to the Kaiser HR Connect site, you may access the services and facilities listed below via your dashboard.

Advantages and Wellness:

The HR portal provides access to many types of health and benefit programmes. Employees can seek assistance from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and other wellness programmes.

Money and time:

Employees may check their salary-related information and download their paycheck online, get information regarding time off (absences), submit leave-related documentation, download their W2 forms, and so on.

Professional Development:

All workers can look for and apply for positions in various departments online.

The phone number for Kaiser Permanente Human Resources

If you are unable to sign in or need more information about the KP HR Connect site, please contact the Kaiser Service Desk at 888-457-4872.

Regarding Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a significant supplier of healthcare services in the United States. Kaiser Permanente now has 727 facilities in 8 states and serves over 12.5 million members. With a few mouse clicks, anyone can simply search for physicians, locations, prescription information, and so on.

Anyone may join and purchase a health insurance plan online. Premiums for health insurance can be conveniently paid online. There are several types of health insurance plans available, such as


How does Kaiser establish employment?

The SSN is used to assess whether a job seeker has previously worked for Kaiser Permanente, to complete the candidate’s post-offer background check, and to establish a new employee’s eligibility to work in the United States through the E-Verify programme.

How can I pass a Kaiser exam?

Prepare for the skills-based exams. Refresh your typing skills and, if relevant, your understanding of Microsoft Office. Examine your arithmetic abilities and practise calculations if you haven’t done so in a while. Do not speed through the timed tests.

How long does it take for Kaiser to respond to a job application?

Although each post has its own timetable, we normally react to applicants between 2-4 weeks. If you haven’t heard from us within that time frame, please utilise the “contact us” option below to reach out to our Recruiting Team for an update.

Login Access To Different Websites

You can also look at the following websites for extra login information:

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