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20 Best Selenium Alternatives That Can Be Used In 2022


Selenium is a free and open-source tool for automated testing. It can test web applications for functional, regression, and load across a variety of browsers and systems. Selenium is an excellent tool, however, it does have certain disadvantages. In the market, there are a few prominent competitors to Selenium. The following is a selected list of Best Selenium Alternatives What is Selenium Apart from that, Selenium IDE allows users to construct test cases and test suites and then edit them according to their needs. Better development can also be attributed to a better development environment that allows users to convert test cases too numerous programming languages, allowing them to avoid having to be conversant with any one programming language.

20 Best Selenium Alternatives That Can Be Used In 2022

Following are the selenium alternatives which are as follows.

1 Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a cross-platform test automation tool for testing web, mobile, API, and desktop apps. Katalon Studio, built on top of the Selenium and Appium frameworks, simplifies the usage of open-source test automation frameworks by removing technical barriers, allowing testers to quickly set up, design, execute, report, and manage automated tests.

2 Subject7

Subject7 is an automation platform that uses a set of commands to provide end-to-end test automation. These instructions can be accessed through a simple web interface. Each command hides the intricacies of industry-standard programs like Selenium, Appium, SikuliX, JMeter, ZAP, and others by mimicking user activities.

3 QA Wolf

QA Wolf is a free, quick, and easy-to-use alternative to Selenium that is built for team cooperation. Since its official premiere in January 2022, this tool has been making a major mark in the field of automated testing. QA Wolf is a secret treasure worth talking about, with over 2,700 GitHub stars at the time of this writing, plus it’s open-source!

4 Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca is the next best alternative to Selenium, as it delivers quick feedback. It provides continuous platform testing, as well as DevOps and Agile testing. This option allows you to recycle tests and reduce regression time to minutes. Additionally, it automates SAP, Robotics, Web, Mobile.

5. TestArchitect


Then there’s TestArchitect. This Selenium replacement is a fantastic tool for increasing performance. It proved to be the most effective tool for automating tests/procedures. TestArchitect also functions as a scriptless self-regulation tool. The best aspect about it being a scriptless self-regulation tool is that it uses keyword-driven screening, which cuts down on maintenance costs. TestArchitect is a tool for codeless industrialization and keyword-based testing that aids in high reusability. In a nutshell, it is now the greatest option for screening across a variety of platforms, including mobile, desktop, and cross-browser.

6. Squish


This option is completely based on the user interface and functions as a cross-platform utility. Squish comes in handy when it comes to automating the GUI’s functional regression and system testing. Finally, it works on any platform, including desktop, web—Mobile, and other entrenched platforms, as well as the screening scrips record.

7. Cypress


After that, we have Cypress. It operates as an open-source for the web environment, making it the most adaptable Selenium alternative. Cypress proves to be the most advanced in every way. The ability to test pass and cease working is one of the characteristics. It’s also capable of capturing a test run.

8. Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio

Another fantastic Selenium option is Ranorex Studio. It has the ability to capture and respond to codeless Automation. The software is compatible with desktop, mobile, and online apps. Furthermore, this software can provide a complete IDE for C# and VB.NET. It also has excellent support for Java applets and non-HTML web elements. Validation based on images, for example. Ranorex Studio also works effectively with CI/CD, BDD, expert control, defect tracking, and test management for reviewing incomplete test automation.

9. TestLeft


This Selenium alternative from Smartbear Software works as an automated UI screening tool that can also examine its own IDE. The software is well known for speeding up test cases compared to other UI screening products. It’s also useful for creating smaller scripts for evaluating the framework. Finally, TestLeft provides unending support for Java, WEB, C#, Jenkins, and other programming languages.

10. Functionalize


Functionalize is one of the best cloud-based screening solutions available, needing endless testing in a CI/CD pipeline. The software adds artificial intelligence to your application and is capable of mastering selector-based maintenance. Users may quickly create Natural language tests and develop them on any platform, including desktops, web browsers, and mobile devices, thanks to this feature.

11. iMacros


iMacros is one of the greatest web-specific screening tools available. Web filtering, browser automation, and data extraction are the most common uses for the programme. iMacros also does functional, regression, and efficiency testing of the web application, as well as recording and replaying tests. All of these features are ideal for leveraging Java technology. Ajax, Flex, and a slew of other technologies are available.

12. Cucumber


The cucumber is literally the coolest thing on the planet. It is the most effective and simple to use. Because of its status as open-source software, the app provides more support to users and is the most adaptable. It is one of the greatest Selenium alternatives because it is mostly based on Behavior Driver Development.

13. UFT


The University of Florida is up next. It stands for Unified Functional Test and is sometimes known as Quick Test Professional, or just QTP. The VBScript language is used by UFT, which makes it easier to learn. The web is also supported by UFT. Oracle and SAP, as well as Seibel, are just a few examples. UFT can also perform multi-platform, cross-browser, and object recognition testing based on a picture.

14. Serenity


Serenity is the greatest Calmness testing solution for regression and automated acceptance tests, as its name suggests. Serenity’s test reports provide comments for each test case, an aggregate visual test result based on the requirement, and a file and description of functional test protection.

15. IBM Ration Functional Tester

IBM Ration Functional Tester

The IBM Ration Functional Tester is a screening tool that may be used for regression and automated functional testing. Automated screening, data-driven testing, regression, and GUI are all possible with the software. Finally, IBM Ration Functional Tester provides unending support for programs built with the latest Java, Ajax, PowerBuilder, Net, and other technologies.

16. Galen framework

Galen framework

Galen Framework is a Selenium alternative that is slightly different and unique. It functions as an automated testing tool, which is possible thanks to the Selenium integration. This software is used to test the designs of web applications as well as the framework’s functionality. Galen Framework’s error reporting system is primarily built on HTML, and it works with a wide range of web browsers.

17. SikuliX


SikuliX powers it, and it serves as an automated test tool. To recognise and organise GUI elements, the software use an image recognition algorithm. It operates by automating repetitive tasks. It also assesses in-development web and desktop apps.

18. Redwood


This Selenium alternative is also an automated test device. It is an open-source application and works well with HTML5. The application hinges upon an individual server, so several customers can use it through the web user interface, making it possible to have different test cases run along. The app works in unity with TeamCity and Jenkins. 

19. Watir


Watir literally means a Web app Testing in Ruby. It is a self-regulation tool, an open-source device using the Ruby library. It mainly works by completing the web tests for functional and regression testing. Lastly, the software is the best source for internet browsers suitable for different platforms. 

20. Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio is the last name on the list of best Selenium alternatives. Initially, it is an industrialization test tool for the app, including HTML5, JavaScrip, Android, AJAX, Silverlight, iOS, and MVC. The app is the best for cross-browser. Lastly, it is capable of recording and playing back the test cases. 

Final Words:

So, this brings us to the end of exploring the best Selenium alternatives. All these options are the best alternatives and offer manifold features. Pick out the one most suitable to your choice and get started. 

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