20 Best Telegram Web Alternatives Working In 2023

When it comes to free texting apps, there are many options to choose from. Telegram Web is one such possibility. Many people use the best apps like Telegram Web because they are safe and secure and have no security issues. It also offers an open API that you may utilize to write your own programs. However, not everyone enjoys the chronicle telegram alternative Reddit.

We’ll go over some of the top Telegram alternatives Reddit in this article. While it is not as well-known as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, this talking tool is still one of the best options for team communication. We’ve got you covered with chronicle Telegram Web Alternatives, whether you’re looking for other apps like Telegram and WhatsApp software that deletes your messages after they’ve been viewed or one that has project management features.



The Signal is a popular talking Telegram alternative on Reddit that prioritizes privacy and security for its users. It also has a timer that deletes your messages automatically. You can exchange text messages, organize group conversations, share files, and make video and voice calls just like with Whatsapp. The signal provided by Best Apps like chronicle telegram Web is likewise free to use and has no advertisements.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps and the best Telegram alternative for iPhone and Android on the planet. It has more than 1 billion active users and sophisticated communication services such as phone and video calls. If you’re seeking a reliable solution for personal or business use, WhatsApp Best Apps like Telegram is undoubtedly one of the greatest possibilities. However, one of Whatsapp’s limitations is that you can only make a group video call with up to four people. You will be dissatisfied if you want to have group calls with more individuals.

3. Viber


Viber, one of the best apps like Telegram Web , is more than just a texting app; it has a lot of other features as well. It lets you conduct free and secure video conversations with anybody, anywhere; establish group chats; record and send video and audio messages; and express yourself using GIFs and stickers. You can quickly delete messages that you didn’t intend to send. Your privacy is safeguarded when you use Viber.

4. Threema


Threema is mobile talking software with a similar Telegram app with no restrictions. You can use this tool to communicate photos, text messages, and GPS coordinates in the chat. It also syncs all of your contact lists so you can quickly locate app users. Threema a Telegram also prioritize security and privacy, so you may communicate with your friends, family, and coworkers without worrying about someone else reading your messages.

5. Tox


Tox is a free and secure Facebook Messenger app called Telegram that allows you to communicate with your colleagues, friends, and family. Instant messaging, phone and video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and group chats are among its capabilities. Tox is a Telegram alternative and a secure online communication solution that is free to use, encrypted, and has no advertising.

6. Skype


Skype is the most well-known video-calling app of the Telegram alternative Reddit in the world. Skype has a new look that allows you to communicate messages, photographs, and files to other users as well as make video and phone chats. In a world where working from home is becoming increasingly common, Skype and Telegram alternatives are even more vital. You can use it on both your computer and your smartphone, but beware of spammers who may send you messages.

Google Hangout

Google Hangouts is a video conferencing tool designed for business use. Hangout is basically an app like Telegram or WhatsApp. The Hangouts and Telegram alternatives also allow you to make video call groups of up to ten individuals, which is a limitation. When it comes to group chats, though, you can add up to 150 people. Hangouts is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows you to communicate with your staff or clients. The possibilities for communicating with Hangouts are endless.


LINE is a free communication and Telegram alternative for the iPhone that lets you make audio and video calls, send messages, share photographs, and even use stickers to connect. You can call your friends and family as many times as you want, for as long as you want, using LINE. You can also make free international voice and video calls through this Telegram X alternative.


Snapchat is a well-known messaging application. It is a Telegram alternative on Reddit and also a WhatsApp alternative that allows you to communicate with anyone at any time through messages or calls. You may also email photos, movies, and conduct free voice and video conversations. This tool is a lot of fun to use because of the variety of filters available. Snapchat and Telegram Alternatives also have an option that deletes all of your messages once the receiver has seen them. You’ll also be notified if they capture a screenshot of your communication. It’s the ideal app for anyone concerned about their internet privacy.


Mattermost Telegram Alternatives is an open-source messaging platform for Telegram X that allows teams to collaborate without worrying about data security or privacy. With Mattermost, you can have complete control over your data, combine your preferred tools, automate your work, and even customize the design to meet your specific requirements.


Kontalk is a free chatting app for Android X vs. Plus Messenger web and desktop that is open-source. You can retain all of your files on your very secure server. You’ll be the only one in charge of all your chats with friends, family, and coworkers. Kontalk, one of the best Telegram Web alternatives, is also built on rock-solid internet standards, ensuring that it works with other applications.

12. Slack


Imagine all of your team’s communication in one place, instantly searchable, and available anywhere you go with Slack, one of the world’s leading platforms for team collaboration. Slack, which is available for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android alternative for the iPhone, is used by tens of thousands of individuals every day, including Stripe, Rdio, Medium, and Airbnb staff. Slack is a Telegram Web alternative that can help you be more productive by streamlining your business conversations, so don’t be fooled by the name.

13. KaKaoTalk


With KaKaoTalk, you can send free messages and make video and audio calls on chronicle telegram X and Plus Messenger to as many people as you want. When you register, it will ask for your phone number and a verification code. KaKaoTalk is compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms. You may use voice to share files, start a live chat, and organize meetings in your calendar.

14. Flock


Flock is the best app like Telegram Web and is more than just a messaging app. This app has a number of productivity-related features, such as to-do lists, polls, notes, reminders, and filesharing, in addition to text, voice, and video communication. Additionally, it is SOC 2-compliant, and all traffic between servers and Flock users is encrypted, so you won’t have to worry about security or privacy.


Microsoft Teams is a fantastic business communication solution and one of the best Telegram Web alternatives. You can hold voice, video, and web conferences with anyone using it. You can quickly share files, communicate one-on-one or in groups, and much more. You may use it to bring your team together, even if it has 10,000 members and is dispersed across the globe. Microsoft Teams has enterprise-grade security as well.

16. ICQ New


ICQ is a text, Facebook Messenger Telegram voice, and video calling tool for desktop (Windows, Linux, macOS) and mobile devices that allows you to interact with your team or business partners. It has a number of useful functions as well as a pleasant and easy-to-use UI. With ICQ, you can establish chat groups with up to 25k members and make group calls with up to 30 individuals. Also, if your partners send voice messages and you don’t have time to listen to them, ICQ can convert them to text quickly. ICQ is the best app like chronicle telegram Web where you can easily send messages and do video calling.

17. Keybase


Keybase Reddit owned by Zoom Technologies, uses public-key cryptography, a process that uses two keys to keep data encryption and decryption secure, on its platform. Keybase, another of the best apps, like Telegram Web, allows users to connect to communities from other platforms, including Twitter and Reddit. For sensitive messages, or “secrets”, as Keybase calls them, you can set a timer to make them not only disappear but explode.

18. Bridgefy


What’s better than not being able to send messages because a service is down? Sending messages X vs Plus Messenger even when offline. That’s the proposition that Mexico-based Bridgefy is putting on the table – all you need is a Bluetooth connection. You can text people within 100 meters and the messages are encrypted, but only with other Bridgefy Telegram Web Alternatives users.

19. Discord


Discord encourages users to join communities, such as those devoted to gaming or the arts. It is one of the more colorful platforms in the messaging app world and allows users to easily organize their own communities. In March, Microsoft offered $10bn to acquire the app, among “lots of offers” the company receives, Discord vs Telegram X chief executive Jason Citron said at the time.

20. Zoom


No list of communication platforms would be complete without Zoom. Zoom is the best Telegram Web Alternatives as well as California-based company that rose to prominence during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when millions of people worldwide started working from home. Daily active users on the platform soared 335 percent by the middle of 2020, according to the company, which hit its first $1bn in revenue in the second quarter of this year.


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