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15 Best 1337x Alternatives to Watch Movies & TV Series For Free

by Julia

The popularity of 1337x torrent sites is decreasing each year, but they still remain one of the most visited websites on the web. But sometimes it’s hard to use a torrenting site like The Pirate Bay or 137x movie library because schools, offices, authorities, and governments have banned them.

specifically about 1337x. It’s one of the best torrent trackers around. To help you out if the website is down, I’ve prepared a list of the popular alternatives that people tend to visit if the website faces downtime. Some sites like 1337x, can be used to download movies.

The movie industry is the biggest category in the entertainment business. Millions of dollars are spent and earned by making 1337x movies. A 137x movie library movie is the purest form of entertainment where you can enjoy fiction or a real story that is beautifully shot.

List of Best 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites List

No. Proxy Status Speed
1. 1337xto.to Online Very Fast
2. x1337x.ws Online Very Fast
3. 1377x.to Online Very Fast
4. x1337x.eu Online Very Fast
5. x1337x.se Online Very Fast
6. 1337x.st Online Very Fast
7. 1337x.tel Online Very Fast
8. 1337x.io Online Very Fast
9. x1337x.se Online Fast
10. 1337x.is Online Fast
11 1337x.pl Online Fast
12. 1337x.to Online Fast
13. 1337x.tv Online Fast
14. 13337x.top Online Fast
15. 1337x.one Online Good
16. 1337x.so Online Good
17. 1337x.unblocked.win Online Good
18. 1337x.unblocker.win Online Good

15 Best 1337x Alternatives to Watch Movies & TV Series For Free

On this website, you can check out the axe 1337x proxy list of the top 15 alternatives to 1337x.ws in this article. This list has all the safe torrent sites that work and have a large index of files.

1. KickassTorrents


KickassTorrents, like The Pirate Bay, has encountered a slew of issues, including the loss of its major domain, ISP shutdowns, and government legal action. KATcr.co is the current official incarnation 1337x (here are some KAT alternatives) of this renowned website, which is still run by the original personnel.

2. Zooqle


While TPB might be the most popular torrent site around, 1337x , Zooqle is the one getting tons of attention in the world of P2P sharing. Although its interface contains lots of information and pictures, it isn’t cluttered.

 3. Torrent Download


As the name suggests, this is a straightforward 137x movie library torrent website that offers you to download various movies online. A similar interface to 1337x and related capabilities to deliver high-quality movie 3777x downloads.

4. PirateBay


The first torrent website on our list is the famous Pirate Bay. A popular torrent site like 1337x gives you the freedom to 3777x download your favorite movie online. Now, Pirate Bay is shut down because it supported piracy. However, there are so many mirror websites that support the content of 1337x.


RARBG is a popular torrent site known for its database of all types of 1337x torrents. It is used as a torrent search engine which you can use from any part of the world to find your favorite content. You can easily download torrent files and watch them online without any third-party software.

6. BTDigg


BTDigg is a popular torrent alternative site to 1337x used on the BitTorrent network. It 12337x provides a large number of torrent links along with a brief description of the file, which helps the user download files without any hassle. However, you need to have some knowledge 3777x download about the workings of the BitTorrent search engine so that you can use it.

7. BitSnoop


Bitsnoop’s torrent search was shut down in April 2017 and redirects 1337x to torrent site Zooqle. The 3777x download torrent search was blocked by many ISPs around the world and decided to cease operations and hand over all torrent data to Zooqle.

8. YTS Torrents


YifyTorrents, otherwise called YTS, is among the popular torrent sites on the internet where the most well-known and large number of 3777x download torrent files are a part of its index. When talking about films and only films, 137x movie library, then YifyTorrents will without a doubt give you the best films, even the newly released films.

9. IsoHunt


IsoHunt is an online torrent supplier of 1337x is listed among the approved distributed torrent suppliers of BitTorrent. It is the online record of a great many 137x movie library torrent documents that are accessible in the genres of music, recordings, movies, books, programming, programs, applications,3777x download and much more.

10. SumoTorrent


SumoTorrent is one of the best options for providing its users with the most reliable 1337x torrent files.The best feature of SumoTorrent is that it allows users to 3777x download all kinds of data even if the file crashes.
Because of the system of automatic repair, 3777x download SumoTorrent will first fix the file and then allow the user to get access to their file without any further limitations.

 11. KAT.cr


KAT.cr is a large 1337x torrent downloading and transferring service that allows clients to download 1377 torrents as well as the Meta interface, which they may accomplish in their own time using a torrent client or any other 3777x download manager.

12. Torlock

Torlock is one of the top best 1337X Alternative Torrent Websites.

Torlock is one of the best 1337x torrent sites for movies and TV series lovers. However, it also contains other files like games, music, apps, e-books, and anime. It has a large library of 12337x movies and TV series. You can find high-quality and full-length videos with quick download links on this 1337X replacement site.

13. BitLove


Bitlove is known for its generation of torrent files from an RSS/ATOM feed. Basically, it converts any standard podcast feed to a BitTorrent feed which can be easily downloaded by users. It works on a P2P sharing system under the BitTorrent protocol. It is an open-source website that enables the user to 3777x download all the files and media in the form of a BitTorrent feed 1377x.to proxy list.

14. Torrents

Torrents.me is one of the top best 1337X Alternative Torrent Websites.

Torrent is an excellent alternative site to 1337x for all types of torrent search. It allows the user to discover torrents from more than 100 other 1377x.to proxy list sites at once. It is a well-organized site with a simple and clean interface. It offers a 13377x search engine and 2021 genuine links to download and stream torrent files online. It features an advanced search option using which you can find your favorite torrents quickly and easily.

15. FilesLoop.com

FilesLoop.com is one of the top best 1337X Alternative Torrent Websites.

FilesLoop.com is a file hosting website along with the 1377x.to proxy list with a torrent file downloader. It is widely used as a search engine for torrent files and is used to download them. It is compatible with both computers and mobile sites.


The purpose of curating this list was to help you find a movie library website to download content online. It could be just movies or any other type of content such as Discographies, TV Shows, Documentaries, and so on. We hope all of these websites help you download what you need.

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