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Auto Transport Services | Safe & Reliable Car Shipping

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Best Auto Transport Company

Finding a reliable auto transport service is key in today’s world. Our study found the leading car shipping firms for 2024 in the U.S. are Montway Auto Transport, Mercury Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, Ship a Car Direct, and SGT Auto Transport. These companies excel in all car shipping aspects, offering top-notch services.

Reliable Carriers is North America’s largest enclosed auto transport specialist, working with leading auto brands since 1960. They use a fleet of over 400 trucks, offer $5 million in insurance, use GPS tracking, and have coast-to-coast coverage. This ensures vehicles get safely and reliably transported in the U.S. and Canada.

Our goal with this guide is to help consumers choose the right car shipping and transport service. It’s aimed at giving them the info they need to make smart decisions, fitting their personal needs.

– Montway Auto Transport leads as the best car transporter in the U.S.
– Reliable Carriers boasts the biggest fleet of specialized trucks for enclosed transport
– They offer full insurance and GPS tracking for secure, on-time transport
– Their door-to-door service makes vehicle shipping convenient
– With skilled drivers and made-to-order trailers, quality and customer happiness are top priorities

Choosing the Best Auto Transport Company

Finding a reliable auto transport company is crucial for your vehicle’s safety. A company’s long history and good standing are key. Our findings show the top companies have on average 20 years of experience. They also hold ratings of A- or better with the BBB and get high scores from customers on the BBB, Trustpilot, and Google.

Years of Experience in the Industry

Longevity shows you can trust a company in the car transport field. With years of experience, they know how to handle shipping without hassle. Our data revealed that leading car shippers have around 20 years of experience. This experience helps them smoothly move your vehicle.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

A company’s credibility and what its customers say matter a lot. When looking for the best auto transport, check for strong BBB ratings and good reviews. Aim for companies with ratings of 4.5 or more stars on platforms like the BBB, Trustpilot, and Google. Such scores indicate they’re dependable in the transportation industry.

Quality of Customer Service

Good customer service is essential in the car shipping world. The best transport firms ensure their services are clear, their prices are fair, and they use quality insurance. They want you to feel secure throughout your shipping process. They work hard to meet your needs and make your experience a positive one.

Understanding Auto Transport Options

Shipping your vehicle means choosing between two primary types: open and enclosed. Open transport is quicker and cheaper. It’s ideal for regular vehicles. Enclosed transport, however, is safer, making it great for luxury or classic cars.

Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

Open car transport is very common and cost-efficient. Your car travels on an open-air trailer. This exposes it to weather but is faster and easier to find a carrier. This method doesn’t offer as much protection as enclosed transport.

For more security, pick enclosed auto transport. It uses trailers that fully cover your vehicle. This shields it from outside damage. It’s perfect for luxury or classic cars, but it might cost more and be harder to find.

Door-to-Door vs. Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery

You also have to decide how your car is picked up and dropped off. Door-to-door is very easy. The carrier comes to you and drops the car where you want. Terminal-to-terminal is cheaper but you must go to the transport hubs to leave and pick up your car.

When choosing a transport service, consider your vehicle’s needs and your budget. Companies like Reliable Carriers provide various services. They ensure your vehicle gets to its destination safely.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipment

To make sure your car shipping goes well, preparing your vehicle is key. Most shipping companies, about 85%, want you to show any damage your car already has. This means taking photos and writing down any issues before it gets shipped.

Clean and Document Your Car’s Condition

Before you give your car to the auto transport, give it a good clean inside and out. Take detailed photos of your car. This helps if you need to make an insurance claim because of damage while it’s being shipped.

Adhering to Weight Limits and Restrictions

If you’re allowed to put personal items in your car, follow the weight limit to avoid extra costs. Most companies set this limit at 100 lbs. Going over the limit can make your shipping costs much higher. Remember, the shipping company might check your items to keep things safe and legal.

By getting your vehicle ready and following the rules, you can have a smooth car shipping experience. This includes making sure your car is well-documented and sticking to weight limits.

The Auto Transport Process

Carrying out auto transport might seem tricky, but this guide makes it easy. When looking for auto transport quotes and booking car shipping, start about two weeks before your move. It’s wise to compare quotes from three to five trusted companies for the best price and service.

Obtaining Quotes and Booking Your Shipment

After choosing the right auto transport provider, you need to finalize the booking to start shipping. You might have to show proof of ownership or insurance. Picking a reliable company ensures a stress-free process for your pickup and delivery procedures.

Pickup and Delivery Procedures

When your car is picked up, you and the transporter will inspect it for any damage. This is written on the bill of lading. While some companies offer vehicle tracking, others might need you to call them for updates. After your vehicle is delivered, you’ll check it again for any new damages.

Tracking Your Vehicle’s Progress

It’s great to keep an eye on your vehicle’s journey. Many auto transporters let you track your car with GPS vehicle tracking. This lets you see where your car is and when it will arrive. Such a clear view is key to a worry-free car shipping.

Auto Transport Services: A Comprehensive Guide

This in-depth guide explains how to pick the best car shipping services. It covers available transportation choices and preparing your vehicle. You’ll also learn how to manage the whole moving process.

It focuses on what’s important: company reputation, what customers say, how they ship, and pick up/drop off rules. Knowing these helps you choose wisely for a secure transport.

Choosing a trusted provider, like Reliable Carriers, ensures your vehicle is handled with care. They use special gear, have skilled drivers, and give full insurance. This is key for all vehicles from luxury models to everyday cars. With this guide, you’re ready to pick the best shipping option for your car’s safe arrival.

The Benefits of Enclosed Auto Transport

Shipping important or fragile vehicles is tough. But using enclosed auto transport makes it safer. As North America’s biggest enclosed auto transporter, Reliable Carriers keeps cars safe and minds calm.

Maximum Protection for Your Vehicle

Reliable Carriers has over 400 trucks just for special vehicles. Each load has $5 million insurance. They’ve designed their equipment for all kinds of cars, making sure they arrive without a scratch.

Specialized Equipment and Experienced Drivers

Their drivers are top-notch, with lots of know-how and respect for clients. They know how to handle any type of vehicle. This level of care and skill makes Reliable Carriers stand out.

GPS Tracking and Coast-to-Coast Service

With their GPS tracking and coast-to-coast reach, customers stay in the know. They can watch their car’s journey across the US and Canada. This trustworthy service means cars get to their owners in perfect shape.


This guide has shared key insights to help you with car shipping decisions. It tells you what to look for in an auto transport provider. Things like experience, reputation, and shipping options matter a lot.

It also points out why picking a trusted provider, like Reliable Carriers, is smart. They use special gear, have skilled drivers, offer complete insurance, and track your vehicle. This helps keep your car safe, no matter if it’s a luxury model or your daily driver.

Choosing the right company is crucial for a smooth and secure car shipping process. Thinking about the advice in this guide will help you feel more sure about your choice. And, it will make getting your vehicle to its destination safe and sound a lot easier.


What factors should consumers consider when choosing an auto transport company?

Look for companies known for their good reputations and happy customers. They should be clear about what they charge and have enough insurance. This helps ensure your shipping goes well.

What are the different types of auto transport options available?

Auto transport has two big choices: open and enclosed. Open is quick and cheaper. Enclosed is safer but costs more and takes longer.

How should consumers prepare their vehicle for shipping?

Clean your car and take lots of pictures. This will show its condition before shipping. Follow weight restrictions to avoid more costs.

What is the process for booking and tracking an auto transport shipment?

Getting your car shipped involves looking at prices and picking a company. You’ll then have your car checked at pickup and drop off. Some companies let you track your car with GPS.

What are the advantages of using an enclosed auto transport service?

Reliable Carriers is a top choice in North America for enclosed shipping. They use special gear, have skilled drivers, a lot of insurance, and GPS tracking. It’s the best for keeping your car safe.

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