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Adobe Illustrator: 15 Adobe Illustrator Alternatives 2022 – Techlion

by Julia

Adobe Illustrator is the fastest-growing vector graphics software created for professional graphic designers and artists. The Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 free download full version with crack from Softonic comes with a wide variety of tools, effects, and filters to help designers quickly create graphic designs for adobe websites, video games, mobile apps, and logos, etc. Its tool grid, which works with vector graphics, can also create designs, sketches, product packaging, clothing, and more.

As a vector designing tool, grid is used by all types of media and can produce artwork with pixel-perfect accuracy. Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator CC: Just like most of the leading vector design software, it also comes with a vast library of templates. Each template in this software was created by an expert team, and you can easily choose and modify each one without any limitations. Furthermore, the Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 free download full version with crack from Softonic allows you to access more than 90 million images, videos, and other creative assets that make it better than others.

Adobe Illustrator free download for Windows also has built-in and ready-made Adobe Illustrator presets, and with these presets, designers can start their work from blank pages instead of templates. They offer core features such as snap to pixel capability, images in brushes, touch workspace, CSS extractor, tool grid, file packaging, anchor point enhancement options, and custom design, etc.

Top 15 Best Free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to Adobe Illustrator that make it easy to edit images and videos from Adobe Illustrator CC.

1. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer screenshot

Built and continuously improved as Serif’s pièce de résistance, Affinity Designer is designed to be intuitive for the experienced Adobe illustration cc 2021 user. With one of the most comprehensive vector design tool sets on this list, plus raster finishing, Affinity Designer might be the Adobe Illustrator CC alternative you’re looking for. With full compatibility with Adobe’s Suite, Affinity Designer supports standards: 10-bit, CMYK, CIELAB, and Pantone. Affinity Designer has some capabilities similar to Photoshop, like bitmap functions. Users like that the program is not too heavy and doesn’t take up too much RAM.

2. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW screenshot

Compatible with other tools in the Corel graphic suite including Photo-Paint, a Photoshop competitor, CorelDRAW gives you a robust set of vector illustration tools. Get vectors ready for print fast and easy, edit multi-page documents, adobe illustration cc 2019 convert bitmap to vector non-destructively, and generate QR codes. Check out the LiveSketch feature on touch-enabled devices to turn sketching into precise vector graphics. CorelDRAW is the go-to software for many printing industries in certain parts of the world.

3. Pixelied

Many people who use adobe illustrator free download 64 bit rely on tools like Canva when they need to create graphics quickly. And one of the top Canva alternatives in the market is Pixelied. While it doesn’t have the same deep vector editing features as Illustrator, the tool grid boasts an impressive range of assets, vector icons, templates, and ready-made design solutions.

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4. Sketch

Adobe Illustrator CC

Sketch screenshot

Built for UI design, prototyping, and Adobe Illustrator Alternatives wireframing, Sketch also gives users powerful vector graphics editing abilities. Users of adobe illustrator free download for windows 10 report that it is fairly easy to use and has strong organizational/breadcrumb features. Plus, Sketch has a diverse suite of educational resources. Compatible format: PNG, JPG, TIFF, WebP, SVG, EPS, and PDF. AI and PSD with limited support.

5. Inkscape



Inkscape is a powerful open-source vector graphics editor. It is the best free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives for semi-professional adobe illustrator cc 2017 free download full version with crack softonic, graphics, and web designers. Along with the standard drawing tools and forms, Inkscape has a special spiral tool grid aimed at creating templates and clone arrangements, advanced options for manipulating objects, several filters (including skews, textures, overlays, etc.). Inkscape often gets various kinds of updates with new features, capabilities, and tools. The latest update of this Adobe Illustrator alternative brought mesh gradients, improved support for SVG2 and CSS3, and new party path effects.

6. Draw Plus



DrawPlus is a 2D graphics and animation editor developed by Serif, a British software company. Serif DrawPlus X8 has many tools, which are required for graphic design programs with the highest rating for different types of printing. DrawPlus is generally referred to as a photo editor. However, do not forget about its graphics capabilities. The software does not cope with its photo editing functions well, but it is quite simple and has good navigation features, making it a good free Illustrator replacement for beginners and inexperienced graphic designers.

7. GravitDesigner

gravit designer

gravit designer

Gravit Designer is a fast, powerful, and great-looking vector design tool Adobe Illustrator CC Alternatives with free and pro versions. As well as working in all major browsers, you can download a desktop version for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. In all cases, you get full cloud sync integration.

8. Boxy SVG

boxy svg

boxy svg

Boxy SVG is an SVG editor that works in Chromium-based browsers like Chrome or Opera. It also has a desktop version for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. Boxy works natively with SVG files, so you never need to export your images when you’re ready to use them, and can easily open them in other image-editing apps. It also means you can output HTML code for your images, which you can paste straight into a web page. If you prefer, you can create normal image files in JPEG, PNG, WebP, and GIF formats.

9. Canva



Canva is a very popular Adobe Illustrator CC Alternatives and easy-to-use browser-based design tool. The adobe illustrator cc 2021 free dwonload for lifetime offers more than 50,000 templates for every type of user and purpose. You can use it to create logos, ebook covers, posters, ads, and a whole lot more.

10. Figma

Adobe Illustrator CC


Aimed at professional or serious users who may already know how to use Adobe Illustrator Alternatives Illustrator, Figma has a growing reputation. It comes with its own adobe illustrator 2018 -style subscription plan but has a free offering that lets you create three projects and work in a team with two members. Figma is primarily built for interface design, and fully supports files made in Sketch, another popular pro design tool.

The adobe illustrator cc 2017 free download full version with crack softonic also has mobile apps for iOS and Android that you can use to preview your designs on the fly. canvas has a solid set of features, including support for masks, and plenty of pen tools and text options. It suits the beginner, thanks to a library of templates covering everything from icons and UI elements, to letter and photo book templates. An extra series of pre-made gradients, patterns, and textures, as well as filters, help to make common design features accessible with a single click. You can save your work in SVG, JPEG, or PNG formats.

11. Corel AfterShot Pro 2

Corel AfterShot Pro 2

Corel AfterShot Pro 2

Corel’s AfterShot Pro 2 lets you enhance and manage your photos professionally. This application utilizes 64-Bit performance, up to 4x faster than other RAW image manipulation applications. adobe illustrator cc 2021 is the best way to unlock the flexibility of shooting RAW images

12. Vecteezy Editor

Vecteezy Editor

Vecteezy Editor

If you have an existing SVG file that you want to tweak, Vecteezy is a good choice. It’s best for editing files or making very simple icons and logos, rather than creating larger pieces of work from scratch. This is due to the simplicity of the app. You get pen and type tools and not much else. Instead, there are heaps of pre-designed shapes and pre-drawn Adobe Illustrator CC Alternatives that you can import into your work. adobe illustrator cc 2019 templates are promised for the future, too. Saving files is trivial: just choose to export as either an SVG or PNG and your final image downloads instantly.

 13. Macaw

Adobe Illustrator CC


Macaw is a professional web design tool of Adobe Illustrator Alternatives for both designers and developers, being the first web design tool to blend the fluid and intuitive interface of an image editor with a powerful design-to-code engine. Its development team claims that you can create responsive web designs using the web as your medium.

14. Tumult Hype 2.5

Adobe Illustrator CC

Tumult Hype 2.5

Tumult Hype 2.5 is an amazing tool Adobe Illustrator Alternatives for creating HMTL5 websites. If you are not a web developer looking for a website creator that could solve all your issues, this is just the perfect option. Besides, this adobe illustrator cc 2017 free download full version with crack softonic tool features websites that will load within seconds on any platform like PC, Laptop, Smartphone, or iPad.

15. DaVinci Resolve

Adobe Illustrator CC

Davinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an advanced 64-bit video Adobe Illustrator CC Alternatives finishing tool, multitrack editor, and color correction software, offering a collaborative workflow. Adobe illustrator free download 64 bit offers 32-bit floating-point image processing and uses a unique YRGB color space for grading.

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