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Top Best Video Chat Apps In 2022

by Julia
best video chat apps

Face-to-face communications are a breeze with the best video chat apps at your disposal. Whether you’re keeping up with friends and relatives who reside all over the world, or if you’re still concerned about the spread of COVID-19, frantic 21st-century living gets in the way of actual gatherings.

It’s especially beneficial for having a virtual presence at any events you can’t afford to attend in person, holding meetings across time zones and countries, and whatever else you need to get done. With some virtual magic from the internet, video chat apps can bridge the physical divide.

However, there is a lot of variety these days, and choosing the proper video chat software might be difficult. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of all the possibilities currently available. You can then determine which of the top Best video chat apps is suitable for you.

Which video chat apps are the best?

Zoom Meeting is the greatest video chat programme overall, and it’s very popular right now. It works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Zoom is available in both free and paid versions. Calls with up to 100 people can be made for free, but sessions with three or more people on the line are restricted to 40 minutes. If you don’t want to download the app, it may also be used on a desktop browser window.

Zoom is a decent substitute for Skype. It’s a little easier to use, but it also works on a variety of platforms and is free, to begin with. It also allows you to make low-cost calls to landlines and cell phones, as well as messaging and real-time translation.

Top Best Video Chat Apps

The greatest video chat apps that you should try are listed below.

1. Zoom Meeting

Best video chat apps

The epidemic was a major issue for Zoom since it quickly became the de facto video chat tool for a lot of individuals and businesses—rightfully so. Zoom is a popular choice throughout the world because of its vast feature set and platform support. Zoom has something for everyone, whether you prefer a desktop, mobile, or online client.

Whether you pay or not, Zoom includes screen sharing, encryption, and live annotations as basic features. However, although a basic one-on-one chat is unrestricted, a gathering with more than three individuals limits free users to a 40-minute time limit. The Pro tier will set you back $15 a month for unlimited access for up to 100 people, while the Business tier will set you back much more.

In the early days of the epidemic, Zoom had a lot of high-profile security difficulties, but things have improved since then. End-to-end encryption protects calls, new privacy-focused notifications are available, and a revised privacy policy clarifies who can preserve and share meeting recordings. On our Zoom security concerns page, you can learn more about the app’s continuing vulnerabilities and the steps taken to address them.

2. Skype

Best video chat apps

Skype has been in the video chat game for a long time and still boasts a rich set of capabilities for groups of up to 50 people. It’s also completely free to use and it’s available on nearly every device you’ll ever need.

Furthermore, Skype is well-known for connecting to landlines and basic cell phones, as well as supporting international calling and texting. You must pay for this, but it is particularly beneficial for keeping in touch with friends and relatives who live in different countries.

Screen sharing, live transcription, and, in certain situations, real-time translation of in-chat audio are all available through Skype.

3. Google Duo

Best video chat apps

While Apple’s FaceTime has been available for years, Google’s Android operating system lacks a native alternative. People had to rely on third-party apps downloaded from the Play Store instead, and hope that their friends would join up as well.

Thankfully, Duo stepped in to solve the problem with a video chat tool that is really simple to use and is integrated into Android’s original phone app. Duo also has a number of entertaining features, such as the ability to record and send video messages, which allows you to communicate with friends and family even if they aren’t present at the time.

The duo is also accessible for iOS, allowing you to communicate with your iPhone-owning pals without needing to purchase an Apple device. They don’t have much of a reason to stay away because it has the same 32-person restriction as Facetime.

4. Discord

Best video chat apps

Discord is well-known among gamers for allowing them to communicate with their pals via text, but did you know it also offers video chat? Furthermore, because it supports streaming within the app, it’s a terrific way to play games with friends by allowing one user to share their screen material with the rest of the group.

During the COVID lockdowns, the Tom’s Guide crew did just that, with one user sharing Quiplash from their PC’s display with the rest of us playing along via phone. Thankfully, Discord has temporarily increased the capacity of its built-in broadcasting service, Go Live, from 10 to 50 users.

The streaming quality may be increased to 1080p/60 fps if you subscribe to Nitro, which costs $10 per month. The free tier’s maximum is 720p/30 fps.

5. FaceTime

Best video chat apps

FaceTime should come as no surprise on this list of the top video chat apps. Apple’s software wasn’t the first in video chatting, but it was the first for mobile users, and it paved the way for the industry to make video chat easier and more accessible.

FaceTime is now preloaded on all Apple devices and includes a slew of entertaining and helpful features, like charming Animojis, Memojis, and stickers, as well as the ability to hold up to 32 people in a single conversation. Because FaceTime also features a voice call component, FaceTime Audio, you can simply route calls over broadband or Wi-Fi anytime you choose, where your chats will sound far better than via your cellular provider’s audio network.

FaceTime’s sole drawback is that it’s only available on Apple gear, such as iPhones and Macs. Users on Android and Windows can join calls using their web browsers, but they can’t host them. Still, it’s preferable to being entirely shut out, as was the situation previously.

6. Facebook Messenger

Best video chat apps

The benefit of utilising Facebook Messenger for video chat is that you’re almost certainly already a member. You can start video chatting with your Facebook pals right now if you have a Facebook account and the Facebook Messenger mobile or browser app. You may still use Messenger if you used to have a Facebook account but have since cancelled it.

You may initiate a call with an individual or a chat group by tapping the little video camera icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. And, like Skype, a Facebook Messenger video conversation may have up to 50 people on it at once, which is a lot more than the maximum 32 video chatters enabled by Apple’s FaceTime and Google Duo.

You may also utilise Facebook Messenger’s other features, such as sending chat messages, stickers, and so on, during video chat.

7. WhatsApp

Best video chat apps

WhatsApp is one of the most popular smartphone messaging apps today, thanks to the fact that you can sign up with just your phone number and that many of your friends and family members are likely already using it.

WhatsApp’s video calling function wasn’t the most advanced until lately. However, owing to an interface with Facebook Messenger’s new Rooms feature, the maximum participant limit was lifted to 50.

Like chat communications, WhatsApp video calls are encrypted end-to-end. In other words, you’ll never have to worry about malicious interlopers listening in on your conversations.

Video calling was previously exclusively supported on mobile devices, but this has recently changed. WhatsApp’s desktop client allows users to initiate and receive video calls. The only difference is that if you’re using a desktop instead of a mobile device, everything functions the same way.

8. Microsoft Teams

Best video chat apps

While Microsoft Teams is largely focused on companies and professionals, it still has plenty to offer. Especially if you want to meet together in big groups in the future. The free tier allows you to summon up to 100 people at once, which should be plenty for even the largest family gatherings.

Unlike Microsoft-owned Skype, Teams has several professional capabilities that you could find handy while communicating with others. Teams’ AI powers tools like screen sharing, backdrop blur, and noise-suppression software. It also connects to Workplace and is included in an Office 365 plan, just in case you need it outside of the office.

While teams have a reputation for being a little sloppy, the professional tier is typically the one that suffers the most. However, if you only want to use Teams as a video chat tool, you won’t have to worry about it.

9. Badoo

Best video chat apps

Badoo is a popular free random video chat service with over 500 million users from over 200 countries. It is, above all, a new-age social media network that enables users to communicate with one another through video and photo messaging. Few individuals would criticise the app’s user-friendly UI and easily navigable choices, which make it a delight to use.

10. Just Talk

Just Talk

Just Talk is an app for folks who enjoy group gatherings and is available for both Android and iPhones. If it had seamless connectivity on Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G, this video chat with strangers software would be one of the most trustworthy to use.The night vision feature adds convenience and improves visibility in all lighting situations.

11. Chatous


Chatous is the simple-to-use free random video chat tool to utilise if a person is looking for an assertive group of individuals. Simple photographs and pictures sent between users may be used to liven up video interactions.

12. Holla


This programme, more than any other, deserves to be named the best app for video chatting with strangers this year. Exchanging texts and making video conversations on the app may be a lag-free and enjoyable experience.

13. Qeep


Qeep is an ancient app that has been available for quite a while. It is a popular app for both Android and iPhone users. The existence of a photoblog sets it apart from other competing video chat stranger apps, making the matching of shared interests simple and enjoyable.

14. CamSurf


The opportunity to communicate with a broad group of people from all around the world is the key subject of the video chat with strangers app. It helps to keep unpleasant comments at bay by providing a community reporting option.

15. Twoo


With this free random video chat software, you can connect with the right individual with only a few mouse clicks. Free video calls allow for the rapid establishment of associations. Twoo is perfect for anyone who wants to set up the first date or is a seasoned social animal.



Telegram is a must-have product if the consumer is seeking a video chat software that works without causing any issues. On the app, there are a number of user-defined rooms that allow people of similar interests to be grouped together.

17. Azar


Azar is one of the greatest apps for video chatting with strangers because of its versatility and acceptance across a wide range of cultures. This is a one-of-a-kind device that helps users overcome language barriers by translating conversations in real-time. The app’s popularity is boosted by the convenience of rooms that have been set up to cater to various taste groups.

17. Hitwe


This free random video chat programme, which is optimised for iOS, has a devoted following. The software’s sheer adaptability satisfies the individual’s desire, whether it’s for networking, creating friends, or simply meeting new people.

18. MicoChat


MicoChat is a messaging app for iOS that is noted for its simplicity. This is a video chat with stranger software with live streaming capabilities. It also allows for group video conversations. Its consumers benefit from the real-time translations. The feeds are divided into useful groups based on the country of origin.

19. Skout


On the Skout app, the emphasis is on people seeing one another and then meeting. The regular updates will guarantee that the consumer has the most up-to-date information at all times. It takes video calling and chats groups to the next level with the ability to broadcast groups. It allows for the promotion of profiles of people who utilise the product.

20. Ablo


Simply put, Ablo is a free random video chat programme with a few premium features thrown in for good measure. There are going to be more than the basic user groups here, as it is available on both Android and iOS phones. The translator function increases the product’s adaptability by allowing users of different languages to speak with one another.

21. Wink


This may be a one-stop-shop for most people’s talking and networking needs. Fake accounts and spam would be kept to a minimum by requiring each account to be verified. Because of its low memory usage, this free random video chat software does not load the phone.

How do you pick the best video chat application for you?

Because all of the finest video chat apps include free tiers, you shouldn’t be afraid to test out a few to see which one you enjoy most. After all, the most dangerous thing you could do is install the programme and create a new account.

But, if you’re not sure where to begin, the best advice is to consider what you want to get out of this software. If all you want to do is chat on your phone, Duo, FaceTime, or one of Facebook’s apps will do.

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