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Top 20 Best Weather Apps For Android Device In 2022

by Julia
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Looking for the best weather apps for Android in 2022? Let’s start! We regularly get stuck in different natural calamities like Strom, blizzards, strong rainfall, etc. while we don’t have any weather updates. As a consequence, we may find ourselves in difficult circumstances, such as missing key meetings, exams, and other events.

Travelers, surfers, hikers, parachute jumpers, and others, on the other hand, must be fully informed of the weather conditions surrounding them. In each of these circumstances, the best weather apps for Android may be a lifesaver. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 free best weather apps for Android.

20 Best Weather Apps For Android

Here are the 20 best weather apps to choose from, each with its own set of features and benefits. Some apps even provide extra features like live backgrounds, password security, notes, and more. That is why I would like to ask you to carefully study the information in order to choose which option is best for you. Hopefully, you will be thankful that you were able to best weather apps for Android from our list to be prepared for any circumstance.

1. Weather Forecast

Best Weather apps

Weather Forcast, the most popular weather channel app for Android, is the first app I’d like to introduce you to. It may be ideal for you if you wish to be constantly informed about the weather conditions in your area. This app has a solid reputation for providing accurate weather predictions. If you ask, this app will inform you about the weather in your area as well as any other location in the world.

It changes its state instantaneously depending on the scenario and constantly keeps you informed. It’s also absolutely free to use, and it boasts a robust network for the most precise forecast.

2. Weather

Best Weather apps

Weather is considered one of the top best weather apps for Android phones. Simply enable GPS on your device and this app will display all weather updates in real-time. This app displays current weather conditions, air pressure, wind speed and direction, visibility distance, relative humidity, dew point, and other pertinent weather data. You may also get the real-time temperature and humidity information, as well as weather for the coming week.

3. Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Best Weather apps

Weather & Clock Widget is the next app we recommend. You may use this widget as your device’s background to keep track of time and weather conditions at all times. With this app, you can be prepared for any extreme weather conditions since it will alert you to any oncoming natural catastrophes such as storms, snowfall, and so on.

Furthermore, if you wish to learn about weather reports from any other faraway location for whatever purpose, you may do it here. The search engine will locate the location for you and provide weather reports for that location.

4. Weather Forecast

Best Weather apps

If you encounter the same name again, don’t be alarmed. BACHA Soft is providing the weather prediction this time. This one has a lot of useful features and a smart user interface. This app has skyrocketed in popularity due to its ability to provide the most up-to-date weather information. However, it, like most other apps, will constantly warn you about impending bad weather. It will also assist you in learning about the weather in various locations across the world. Still not persuaded? It, on the other hand, has more in store for you.

5. AccuWeather: Weather Forecast news & Live Radar

Best Weather apps

Test this app if you want to try one of the top weather channel apps for Android with a live radar feature. AccuWeather is the name of the company. This one, on the other hand, includes practically all of the features that a competitive weather app should have. You may always be informed about all-natural occurrences and routine weather updates in your region and throughout the world. If you’re interested in learning more, have a look at the features listed below.

6. Yahoo Weather

Best Weather apps

Yahoo weather I’m sure you’ve come across Yahoo Weather before. It was the top free weather app for Android not long ago. It can, however, compete with the most up-to-date weather apps. Because it is updated every day, it can now provide you with the most current weather information at all times. It, like other apps, will always notify you of impending calamities. This app will always show the current temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, and other important weather data.

7. Windy.com – Weather Radar, Satellite, and Forecast

Best Weather apps

You won’t be able to say no to Windy.com’s premium features, which include real-time weather reports. It is one of the most comprehensive and free best weather apps available for Android devices. This app is completely free to use and has no advertisements. Weather forecasts are presented in a thorough and graphic manner by Windy. It is a dependable source with a user-friendly interface. You’ll love the fact that it supports over 40 languages in addition to English. It runs nicely on the majority of Android devices and consumes relatively few resources.

8. Weather Live: Forecast & Rain Maps

Best Weather apps

Let’s have a look at another Android weather app featuring stunning weather animations and a plethora of live wallpapers. It’s Apalon Apps’ Weather Live. This app gives you the most up-to-date information about the weather in your area and throughout the world. It comes in a variety of packages. You may pay a little fee to have an ad-free experience and special features with the premium package.

And there’s always the option of a free edition with ad inclusion. This app can provide forecasts up to 7 days in advance. You may also pick between elaborate and compact layout styles to depict it.

9. Today Weather – Widget, Forecast, Radar & Alert

Best Weather apps

Today’s Weather reports are usually a time saver when it comes to keeping a routine. Today Weather is a free service that provides reliable weather forecasts. The app has its own engine that gathers reliable data from more than ten different sources. It also contains widgets that display weather, wind, and rain information on your home screen.

Strong wind, thunderstorms, snow, heavy rain, and heatwave notifications will also be sent to your favourite spots and adjacent areas. It also gives you vital alerts and a fast glimpse without slowing down your smartphone.

10. Neffos Weather

Best Weather apps

Choose Neffos Weather if you only want basic weather reports. It’s a weather channel app for Android that’s completely free. It gives precise weather predictions. The app is small and uses few system resources. Your device’s functions will not be slowed. It also has widgets that may be customised. In the widget’s fast view, you may customise your home screen with customizable weather predictions. Along with English as the default language, it supports a variety of other languages.

11. Weather App

Best Weather apps

Weather App is a simple and free weather app for your Android device that you can test out. It’s another excellent app with a straightforward user interface. Because this app gathers forecasts from the most reputable weather stations, you will never get an erroneous weather prediction. As a result, the accuracy rate is consistently greater than the majority of other Android weather apps.

This app’s network encompasses not just the location where you are now residing, but also cities all over the world. As a result, it is quite simple to use an active search engine to look for the city name and receive weather updates.

12. Amber Weather

Best Weather apps

Amber Weather is one of the most trustworthy Android best weather apps available for free. It is simple yet accurate. You can be aware of impending weather conditions ahead of time, which reduces your chances of being stranded in the rain, Strom, or severe snowstorm.

It’s also feasible to be informed about the weather conditions in a remote region where someone close to you is staying. This app is linked to the majority of weather stations in various cities across the world. As a result, it can provide you with the most up-to-date weather information for that location.

13. Geometric Weather

Best Weather apps

Are you seeking a robust Android weather app with a large number of live wallpapers? Then Geometric Weather could be a nice option for you. Aside from the live wallpapers, this app contains a number of useful features that will supply you with the most accurate weather information. For lengthier predictions, this app includes live radar.

You may easily tweak the widgets and notifications to discover a variety of helpful information as well as the current status of current weather conditions. This easy-to-use app will also notify you of hazardous weather conditions, and it covers a wide geographic region.

14. Awesome Weather YoWindow 

Best Weather apps

YoWindow is a user-friendly weather app that will provide you with real-time weather information. Depending on the weather, you might obtain a reflection of live sights. This app will display you the current weather conditions in your region, regardless of where you are. This wonderful app also displays the moon phase. Swiping your finger from left to right will show you the weather change.

The scenery of this app will vary 5 times a year to reflect the changing in nature. When you can see the precise perspective of the weather animated in this app, it will seem more real. On your device’s display, you can even witness sunrises and sunsets.

15. Go Weather 

Best Weather apps

Go Weather +When it comes to determining the weather in your location, Go Weather is your best bet. This free Android weather app will provide you with current and forecast weather information. This app is completely free to use. It also features attractive widgets and live wallpapers. You will be notified if it is going to rain so you may bring an umbrella.

The user interface is appealing and easy to use. You may receive detailed weather data such as humidity, pressure, visibility, pollen count, and so on. You can easily learn about weather conditions from all across the world.

16. Weather by Weatherbug

Best Weather apps

Weather by Weatherbug is another option. This weather app includes a lightning dynamic map that is quite appealing to the eye. Furthermore, this app will provide you with the most up-to-date weather information available. You can personalise and save the locations of your choice, as well as learn about their weather conditions.

This app will give you peace of mind by alerting you to the possibility of rain and thunderstorms. The app’s lightning layers and rain radar will assist you in getting ready for the forthcoming weather conditions. Language, temperature unit, wind unit, distance measurement, and other settings may all be customised.

17. 1Weather

Best Weather apps

1Weather is another option. For Android users, it is one of the most well-known best weather apps. Here you may view weather movies and get weather updates from various locations. This app provides up-to-date weather information as well as forecasts for the future. You may look upwind speed, “feel like” temperature, UV index, and other information. It will also provide you with information on current humidity, visibility, dew point, barometric pressure, and many other factors. To notify you, the chances of a quick weather change will be given as a percentage.

18. Windfinder – weather & wind forecast

Best Weather apps

With Windfinder, you can be ready for any weather. For Android users, it is one of the greatest free best weather apps. You can discover every weather update relevant to your needs right here. With optimal wind, weather, waves, and tides, you can choose the finest trip time and places for surfing, sailing, and many other activities.

You may also acquire exact wind direction, air pressure, temperature, wave height, and direction information. Furthermore, this app will allow you to utilise it with the least amount of data. This app also includes multiple measuring scales for a better understanding.

19. Weather today: Local weather forecast

Best Weather apps

Weather Today is an app that provides a wealth of information at a glance. This app is available for free download and has a highly user-friendly layout with a lot of intriguing features. It’s a lot simpler to acquire reliable weather forecasts using this app. This app will keep you safe by notifying you of storms, hurricanes, temperature fluctuations, and other hazards.

From the app’s information, you may take safeguards against seasonal allergies, local circumstances, and frigid temperatures. Weather forecasts for several areas throughout the world are provided.

20. RainViewer: NOAA Weather Radar, Rain Forecast

Best Weather apps

Rain Viewer, a trusted app for weather warnings, is the final one for today. You know that if you have reliable weather information, you can effectively organise your activities. In that scenario, this app may come in helpful. It will notify you of impending snowfall, rain, or storms, among other things. You may customise the colour scheme, distance unit, night mode, and time intervals in this app to suit your preferences.

You may construct a virtual snowman in this app when it’s going to snow outdoors, which makes it more enjoyable for you. You can also change the strength of the rain using different ringtones. This app features fantastic animations for various weather situations.

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