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by Julia

Charity Organizations: When it comes to donating, Britain is one of the most charitable countries in the world. We want to make a difference as a country, and one of the best ways to do it in the digital age is through crowdfunding. Whether it’s a fun run, a shaving, remembering a lost loved one or a birthday, one of the most common questions individuals have when starting a charity campaign is who to contribute to. That is where we hope to assist.

How to Locate Charities

Money, they say, can not buy happiness, but giving some of it away may. According to social psychologist Liz Dunn’s research, spending on others makes individuals happy. And it’s not only for adults: studies indicate that even toddlers feel happy when they donate.

Choosing the Best Charity for You

When it comes to contributing, the true question isn’t why, but who? Choosing a charity is a deeply personal choice. Begin by considering the reasons that are most important to you. Are you, for example, an animal lover? Or have you had a family member suffer from a condition like dementia and want to help others in the same situation? Do you prefer to safeguard the environment? To assist you in making a difference, we have listed below 25 of the greatest UK charities to give to. Each of them symbolises a vital cause.

25 Best Charity Organizations In The UK

We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 charity organizations for anyone wishing to make a difference. We picked these charities because they are well-known, accountable, and support worthwhile causes.

1. Cancer Research UK


The goal of the world’s biggest independent cancer research charity is to reduce cancer mortality vithe a prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Its research has saved lives, and they recently financed research that might aid in the prediction and detection of kidney cancer years before symptoms appear. You may help by volunteering or participating in one of their numerous fundraising activities, such as the annual Stand Up to Cancer (5 or 10k) [link to Race for Life article]. Cancer Research UK has provided £160 million to the groundbreaking Francis Crick Institute, which investigates disease biology.

2. British Heart Foundation (BHF)


As the UK’s single largest donor of cardiovascular research, the BHF invests approximately £100 million in research each year. They are a popular choice for many GoFundMe users who want to help the charity’s goal of assisting in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart and circulation illnesses. According to the BHF, individuals power their life-changing research, and you can become engaged right now. If you need ideas for a campaign, the charity organises a sponsored skipping challenge across schools, Jump Rope for Heart, as well as Wear Red Day and a free collection of books, clothes, and other items that you wish to donate to charity.

3. Macmillan Cancer Support


Cancer affects one in every two Britons over their lifetime, and Macmillan caters to individuals in need in every way. Its mission is to enhance the lives of cancer patients in the United Kingdom by giving practical assistance in the areas of jobs, economics, and health. The charity holds a number of prominent fundraisers, including the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, and GoFundMe users have previously shaved their hair, and beards, and abstained from drinking in support of the charity.

4. Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity


Great Ormond Street Hospital, or GOSH, is a world-renowned children’s hospital. But did you know it has its own charity that supports the hospital and funds research across the country? Following its 2017 merger with the children’s medical charity Sparks, GOSH now boasts the largest fund in the UK committed to child health research.

5. Sightsavers


Every day, children throughout the world die blind as a result of diseases that are perfectly avoidable. Sightsavers is a global organisation that works with partners in over 30 nations to prevent this from happening. According to Sightsavers, 12 million individuals worldwide are blind due to cataracts when a £30 procedure may preserve their sight. You can start donating to them on GoFundMe now, whether you want to run the London marathon, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, perform a tandem jump, or do something a little more leisurely.

6. Royal National Lifeboat Institution


Did you know that during World War II, two Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) crews and 19 of their boats assisted in the evacuation of British troops at Dunkirk? Since 1824, the RNLI has been saving lives at sea in and around the UK, and there are hundreds of RNLI fundraising branches that support a specific station or mission. Last year, it cost £176.5 million to support their operations, and they are continually appealing to members of the public to make donations. They even recommend holding your own pirate day to generate funds.

7. British Red Cross


If you are in a crisis, no matter who you are or where you are, the British Red Cross will assist you. The British Red Cross is the national organisation of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in the United Kingdom. They are presently undertaking campaigns to assist Syrian and Myanmar refugees, as well as a crisis fund for those in the UK. GoFundMe users have already promised to abseil down the Olympic orbit tower to help pay for them, and the Red Cross recommends getting involved by volunteering, giving, or organising a sponsored silence to earn money.

8. Samaritans


Every day, 16 individuals in the United Kingdom commit suicide. Every 52 seconds, someone in distress phones the Samaritans’ 24-hour helpline for individuals who are suicidal. In addition to offering specialised, round-the-clock phone help to people in need, the Samaritans engage within communities to promote awareness of mental health concerns. If you wish to contribute your time, they are always seeking volunteers, but the Samaritans ask individuals who want to fundraise to contact them and let them know about their intentions.

9. Save the Children


Save the Children works in over 50 countries to fight for children’s rights in some of the most difficult areas to be a kid in. They seek to enhance people’s lives via education and healthcare, as well as through providing disaster assistance. Tough Mudder, an endurance event series that needs some substantial training, is a popular charity fundraiser. If you want a somewhat less strenuous challenge, do a 10k charity run like past GoFundMe users.

10. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)


The major children’s charity advocates for the protection of children and the prevention of child abuse. They produce recommendations on how to keep children safe, the indications of child abuse, and have a 24-hour helpline if you are concerned about the safety of a child. You may help them by attending social events like galas, volunteering, partnering with the NSPCC, or conventional fundraising. To help raise funds, the GoFundMe community has signed up for the Cardiff half marathon, participated in colour runs, and staged esports tournaments.

11. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)


The RSPCA is Britain’s largest animal welfare charity, working relentlessly to ensure animal safety and wellbeing. It is the world’s oldest and largest animal protection organisation, and it relies on public donations to make a difference. They are also searching for volunteers who want to make a real impact on the lives of animals in England and Wales. What about a pet photo contest or a pet wash as fundraising ideas?

12. Christian Aid


Much of Christian Aid’s fundraising efforts coincide with key Christian festivals such as Christmas, Lent, and Easter, as it is the official relief and development organisation of 41 British and Irish churches. The charity works across the world to promote sustainable development, alleviate poverty, strengthen civil society, and offer disaster assistance in South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia, including the Middle East.

13. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)


The organisation, which has over a million members and 18,000 volunteers, works to promote conservation and conserve birds. The majority of the attention is focused on petitions and public awareness initiatives. Their Big Wild Sleepout, in which you may spend an evening sleeping beneath the stars in an RSPC nature reserve to raise funds for charity, is highly recommended.



The UNICEF slogan, “For Every Child in Danger,” says it all: they work to alter laws and practices that are harmful to children’s rights in the UK and throughout the world. The organisation supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and provides funding for emergency and development activities across the world.

15. Marie Curie


Marie Curie is a charity that supports and cares for patients with terminal illnesses and their families. They also have a helpline where people with terminal diseases may get guidance. You may generate funds through a variety of methods, including gala dinners and quizzes, as well as bake sales and football tournaments. The organisation is a major sponsor of palliative care research to improve treatment for people with terminal diseases.

16. National Trust


The National Trust is responsible for the preservation of castles, homes, and beaches. With over 5 million members, it is the largest membership organisation in the United Kingdom. The organisation is dedicated to preserving the natural environment and historical legacy. If membership isn’t enough, you may help the National Trust by participating in dress-down days, bake sales, and gift donations.

17. The Royal British Legion


When you think of the Royal British Legion, you probably think of poppies. The Poppy Appeal, held annually in the weeks preceding Remembrance Sunday, is a massive and coordinated fundraising effort. The funds will be used to assist troops and veterans of the British Armed Forces. If you wish to help them all year, you may participate in one of their fundraising activities in the UK and beyond. Volunteers can generate funds by participating in the Royal British Legion’s Arctic Challenge.

18. Alzheimer’s Society


The Alzheimer’s Society, one of the UK’s largest dementia organisations, helps fund pioneering research, support centres, guidance, and campaigns to assist people with dementia and their families. The Alzheimer’s Society promises that every pound contributed will help them support people living with dementia and their families, which may explain why they are such a popular GoFundMe option. Movie evenings, charity skydives, and sponsored races have all been used as fundraisers in the past.

19. Médecins Sans Frontières (UK)


The British component of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), often known as Doctors Without Borders, works to send medical teams where they are most needed following natural disasters, conflict zones, or epidemics. MSF is actively working in Yemen, assisting refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea and assisting the Rohingya.

20. Tommy’s


According to statistics, one in every four mothers will lose a baby during pregnancy and delivery. Tommy’s sponsor’s critical research into miscarriage, stillbirth, and preterm newborns, as well as support groups for parents who have experienced these events. They also provide NHS-supported guidance to all pregnant women on how to have a good pregnancy. The Danceathon, which is exactly what it sounds like, is a popular fundraising event.

21. Little Princess Trust


Have you lately seen a Facebook buddy about to shave their hair for sponsorship money? They’re presumably doing it to benefit the Little Princess Trust, a charity that distributes free genuine hair wigs to children in the UK and Ireland who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. One of the greatest ways to get involved is to endure the shave and donate your own hair, like Mercedes, nine, did, raising £430.

22. Dogs Trust


Because man’s best friend occasionally needs assistance, the Dogs Trust provides sponsorship, rehoming, and guidance to enhance the well-being of dogs. They advocate getting engaged by selling stuff on eBay, asking friends to sponsor you to quit smoking, or participating in sponsored walks and races.

23. People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)


The UK’s foremost veterinary charity aims to provide free or reduced-cost treatment for pets in need. Dog shows are a popular fundraising concept, not least since the charity helps injured animals, but more traditional methods such as trekking and cycling are also available. The PDSA also bestows the Animal Victoria Cross on animals that demonstrate bravery on the battlefield.

24. Mind


Every year, one in every four Britons will suffer from a mental health condition. Mind offers assistance so that anyone dealing with psychiatric disorders does not have to do it alone. They offer practical assistance as well as useful guidance to people who are mentally ill and their families. Mind also campaigns to ensure that physicians, local governments, and employers do not fail people with mental illnesses.

25. Shelter


Shelter’s fundraising is centred on one fundamental idea: everyone should have a place to live. The charity works to reduce homelessness and poor housing across the United Kingdom. In England and Wales, letting agent fees were successfully prohibited last year. If you’re lucky, you may become engaged right now. Vertical Rush, a fundraising event in which runners ascend London’s landmark Tower 42, is a fantastic and exhilarating alternative.

Begin by assisting your favorite charity right away.

Inspired? You can use GoFundMe to raise money for any charity you want. The possibilities for fundraising are endless, ranging from skydiving to sponsored silences to head shaving. You can create a page in seconds and begin fundraising right away. The GoFundMe website is simple to use and quick, and 100% of the Gift Aid goes straight to the charity.

Our crowdfunding professionals have created fundraising materials to assist you in gathering as much money as possible for your cause. We understand how busy you are, which is why our app allows you to fundraise while on the move.

We’re happy that our service is so simple and enjoyable to use. And, in case you need it, our customer service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. There are several methods to support top-rated charities.

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