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Top 10 CPU Temperature Software For Windows PC – techlion

by Julia
CPU temperature

CPU Temperature Monitor is a program that collects data from numerous sensors to help you check the core temp of your computer. Hardware resources are critical in a complex technological context, and monitoring them can ensure continuous uptime, maintain optimum performance, and reduce business risks.

For physical components such as the CPU temperature windows 10, batteries, fans, motherboard, and others, Hardware Monitor provides values for specific physical qualities like checking CPU temperature and voltage. The CPU temperature windows 10 of your processor must be monitored because it can impair the performance of your computer. Many computer components, such as the motherboard and hard disc, are housed in the processor. These components can be damaged by heat.

The CPU temperature software can assist you in resolving this issue. This CPU temperature online programs examine computer system sensors such as core temp, fan speed, and voltage and provide detailed information. With this CPU temperature download data, you can easily spot difficulties. You should keep an eye on the system resources if you want to keep yourself in good shape.

Because we now do so much with computers, keeping track of system resources is crucial. Knowing your computer’s capabilities and limitations can save your life in a variety of situations. So, if you want to use your computer to its greatest ability without hurting or overheating it, you’ll need to keep an eye out.

How to check CPU temperature?

Below is a step by step process to check the on your PC or laptop:

  • Step 1) Download any of the above-listed software
  • Step 2) Install the software on your PC or laptop
  • Step 3) Open the software
  • Step 4) Find the temperatures of your processors in the software dashboard

How to Reduce CPU Temperature?

You can follow the below steps to reduce the CPU core temp:

  • Keep your computer away from vents or windows
  • Clean the fans of your computer
  • Remove any obstacles which restrict airflow from the computer
  • Upgrade the CPU fan if the stock cooling fan does not work properly
  • Try to add additional cooling fans if there is a space available in your case
  • Try water cooling or liquid cooling if you are using your PC intensively like gaming purpose
  • Take extra precautions while overclocking your CPU core temp.

Why Is It Important To Monitor Computer Temperature?

The high core temp of the CPU can damage the motherboard or other devices. To avoid thermal damage, the core temp should be monitored if you are using CPU temperature windows 10 intensive programs. Also, monitoring the temp will help you to maintain peak performance. CPU temperature range is one of the major factors that can affect a server room. If the core temp is too high then the servers can get damaged. Overheating can cause permanent damage.

To ensure the overall reliability and uptime within the data center it is important to maintain the recommended environmental levels such as temperature, humidity, power, etc. So server rooms need to be monitored with internal as well as external sensors. Almost all computers and processors contain integrated internal sensors.

1. Core Temp

Core Temp

If you are searching for a lightweight and easy-to-use monitoring tool for Windows 10, you need to give core temp a try. It’s a lightweight tool that runs in your system tray and continuously monitors the. It also adds a  meter to the System tray.

2. HWMonitor


HWMonitor is one of the most advanced CPU monitoring tools available, which shows the current core temp of the Motherboard, Graphics card, CPU, and Hard drive. Not only that, but it also displays the CPU loads in real-time as well. However, the tool is a little bit advanced, and the reports are pretty complicated to understand. So, if you have any technical knowledge regarding how the core works, then HWMonitor might be the best pick for you.

3. Speccy

CPU temperature


Speccy is a system management tool that also checks for software updates. Apart from that, the advanced section of Speccy also shows the real-time. The software works on both 32 bit and 64-but computers, and it’s one of the best cpu temperature monitor tools available out there.


CPU temperature


HWiNFO is one of the best free professional system monitoring and diagnostic tool available out there. The cpu temperature software is known for its comprehensive hardware analysis, monitoring, and reporting for Windows and DOS. HWiNFO shows everything, including your CPU information, GPU Information, current speed, voltage, temperature, etc.

5. SIW



If you are looking for a complete yet lightweight system information apps for Windows, look no other than SIW. SIW is an advanced system monitoring program for Windows that analyzes your PC and gathers important information. Once installed, SIW sits in the background and checks your software, hardware, network information, and more. Not only that, but it also shows you the information in a highly comprehensible manner.

6. AIDA64

CPU temperature


AIDA64 doesn’t analyze every part of your computer, nor it shows a highly detailed report. However, it shows the most relevant core temp details that were required for proper system monitoring. With AIDA64, you can quickly check the core temp of your PC’s motherboard, CPU, PCH, GPU, SSD, etc. Compared to all other tools, the reports of AIDA64 are easy to understand.

7. ASUS AI Suite

CPU temperature


The ASUS AI Suite may be the best option if you have an ASUS computer or laptop. You can check in real-time using ASUS AI Suite. The ASUS AI Suite is designed to help you underclock and overclock your CPU. In addition, the ASUS AI Suite helps optimize CPU settings for optimal performance.

8. SolarWinds Hardware

SolarWinds Hardware

SolarWinds Hardware

SolarWinds Hardware Monitoring Software is an application that enables you to check the health of your computer hardware with ease. It helps you to manage different IT infrastructure from a single customizable screen.


  • It enables you to prevent performance issues that are caused by hardware failure.
  • This application can prevent outages with hardware monitors.
  • It can diagnose hardware and server downtime.
  • You can identify and track changes to software and hardware configuration to solve issues.
  • It can collect a wide range of information including  and fan speed

9.  Real Temp

real temp

real temp

Real Temp is a temperature monitoring program created specifically for Intel processors. It is one of the greatest computer temperature monitor programs since it allows you to set the core temp of each CPU core temp separately.

10. Paessler CPU Temperature Monitoring

paessler cpu temp

paessler cpu temp

Paessler is a tool that enables you to monitor the core temp of the CPU with ease. This application can be used to check the performance of routers, servers, and switches.

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