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15 Free VPN For Netflix – That Are 100% Working In 2022

by Julia

The Free VPN for Netflix is getting better at blocking VPNs, and this is why our research team (spread out in 42 different countries) regularly tests all 300 VPNs claiming to work with Netflix. Many can’t access Netflix at all. Some can connect but are too slow, and can’t stream for more than a minute without buffering.

Free VPN for Netflix Reddit, the VPN may work like a charm one day and then fail the next day and onward. Over an extended period of time, I’ve carefully tested around 90+ free VPNs and found them all to fail miserably. With that being said, I did find a few Free VPN for Netflix Reddit that either offers a decent amount of bandwidth or unlimited bandwidth and popular server locations to unblock Netflix.

You can click here to directly to our list of recommended Opera VPN Netflix for 2022. While a handful of Free VPN for Netflix Reddit does work, trust me when I say this, if you are really looking for a reliable solution to unblock all regional Netflix libraries from anywhere, you won’t find Free VPN for Netflix Reddit.

How does a Free VPN for Netflix work?

A free VPN Netflix Chrome extension – or virtual private network – encrypts and anonymizes your internet connection by sending it through its own servers. You can use them to browse anonymously and even make yourself appear to be in different countries.

Opera VPN Netflix delivers different shows and movies to people living in certain countries, and you may find that what you want to watch isn’t available – even if you pay for a subscription. Using a  can help you access this content, whether you’re traveling abroad or just want to explore the world.

Free VPN For Netflix

3 Easy Steps: Watch Netflix From Anywhere With a Free VPN

Download a Netflix VPN Free apk that works with Netflix. For reliable and instant access I recommend you try Netflix VPN free.

  1. Connect to a server. Choose a server located in the country you want to regain access to. For example, if you’re currently traveling outside the US, you can connect to a US server to carry on watching your favorite Netflix content.
  2. Log into Netflix and start streaming!

15 Free VPN for Netflix Reddit – That Still is working In 2022

The following Free VPN for Netflix Reddit all free of cost and capable of unblocking Netflix, which are as follows.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN-free-trialExpressVPN is the best VPN for Netflix that offers unlimited bandwidth and a free trial for handheld devices. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its premium plans, including the famous 12 Months + 3 Months free annual subscription. Meaning, you will get a complete 30-days to try the service, and if you are not satisfied with the performance, you can initiate a money-back request.

2. Windscribe

free vpn for netflix


Windscribe is another great VPN that works with Netflix free as it can unblock Netflix in the US, UK, CA, GR, and FR. It is a secure and trustworthy Netflix VPNs free that offers 10 GB of data per month. If you provide an email address when signing up, you can get an additional 2 GB of great data for streaming shows on Netflix.

3. HotspotShield


 free vpn for netflix


Hotspot Shield’s free US server works with Netflix. The app does display a pop-up message warning you that the connection might not work — but Hotspot Shield didn’t have any issues accessing Netflix shows like Lupin and Bridgerton. The Hotspot Shield does throttle bandwidth, but it’s still fast enough to stream with minimal buffering.

4. Hide.me

free vpn for netflix


Despite its website claiming that the free account doesn’t allow streaming, Hide.me’s servers successfully accessed Netflix libraries in the US, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. However, the connections are inconsistent, and not every free server will access the site.

5. Surfshark

free vpn for netflix


Surfshark is one of our favorite services in the Netflix VPN free India market, not only because it’s the best cheap VPN, but also because of its genuinely free 7-day trial. It’s fast, easy to use, and affordable – what more could you want? It can be a little complex to access Surfshark’s free trial.

6. CyberGhost

free vpn for netflix


CyberGhost is a great VPN for beginners. It is a Free VPN for Netflix Japan works with Netflix in six countries: the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. This isn’t the highest number of libraries we’ve seen, but it covers a lot of the most important ones. The service also differs from and Windscribe Free, in that CyberGhost uses specific streaming-optimized servers.

7. PrivateVPN

free vpn for netflix


While Opera VPN Netflix and CyberGhost offer money-back guarantees. PrivateVPN offers a genuine 5-day free trial. The length of the trail is shorter, but you can still claim it without a subscription. You don’t have to pay anything upfront, you don’t have to submit payment details, or remember to cancel before the trial period expires.

8. VPNhub


free vpn for netflix


One big advantage of using VPNHub Free for Netflix VPN free Chrome extension rather than Windscribe Free is that VPNHub gives you an unlimited data allowance. You can stream as many movies and TV shows as you like, without having to worry about reaching your limit.

9. ZenMate VPN

free vpn for netflix

ZenMate VPN

The free trial gives you access to high-speed servers at Zenmate, making it one of the best Netflix VPN free apks that works with Netflix. With high-quality servers in over 30 countries, which includes the most important locations for Netflix content availability, Zenmate provides a great offering. Here, you can simply connect to whatever country you prefer and gain access to their Netflix selection. Zenmate is known to be able to bypass the Netflix VPN ban over and over again.

10. Trust.Zone

free vpn for netflix


In terms of free trials, Trust.Zone is another good option. Its free trial period is for 3 full days. Some would argue that this trial is too short to be reckoned a free how-to watch Netflix with VPN, but still, it can be utilized for specific events or simply just a one-time usage. With high-speed servers worldwide, Trust.Zone is a good option even with its shorter trial period.

11. HomebrewVPN

free vpn for netflix

Home brew vpn

HomebrewVPN is a totally free VPN that works with Netflix US. This free VPN unblocks Netflix in the US, Japan, and South Korea only. However, there is no dedicated app for HomebrewVPN. Instead, users have to set it up using the OpenVPN GUI or other methods manually.

12. TunnelBear

free vpn for netflix


TunnelBear is another Netflix VPNs that does not block. It does not restrict server access like other how-to-change VPN for Netflix free and offers the same servers to premium users. However, with its free plan, you only get 500 Mbps data per month, which is very little as you can only stream for an hour or so on Netflix in SD. That said, you can get an additional 1 GB of data for free if you just Tweet about TunnelBear.

13. PureVPN


With a high level of privacy and military-grade encryption protocols, PureVPN Free VPN for Netflix Chrome extension comes in the top results of best Netflix VPN. It makes sure that your records of browsing activity, DNS requests, original IP address, and VPN session timestamps won’t be logged or leaked.

14. Buffered VPN

Buffered vpn

Buffered used to be one of the VPNs that could unblock how to watch Netflix with a VPN, but not anymore. Now it is easily detected by the VPN blocker, hence it is not a recommended VPN for Netflix.

15. Hola VPN

free vpn for netflix


Hola is not a recommended VPN by most tech reviewers. At first, this VPN does not block, and secondly, the reputation of this VPN is not good, according to its users. It has a history of distributing pirated materials and other things.


In the search for a Free VPN for Netflix Reddit, there are some options. However, there’s no perfect solution. If you want you to have to opt for temporary use or tolerate unreliable connections. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with unreliable unblocking, slow speeds, and substandard security. PurevpnWith the high level of privacy and military-grade encryption protocols – PureVPN comes in top results of best Netflix VPN. It makes sure that your records of browsing activity, DNS requests, original IP address, and VPN session timestamps won’t be logged or leaked.

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