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How To Mute Zoom On Desktop Or Different Devices In 2022

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how to mute zoom

Do you know how to mute zoom in 2022? You may wish to mute yourself or others on Zoom, especially if you are in a large group meeting. With the various options on both the desktop and mobile app, you can choose how to mute yourself on Zoom, an individual caller, or all participants on the call. The process looks a bit different on either app but involves tapping or clicking the mute symbol.

You can also open the “Manage Participants” menu to mute or unmute all members. It’s important to note that you will only have the ability to mute Zoom audio or unmute others if you are the host of the meeting. Participants do not have the ability to mute others, though they can, of course, mute themselves.

Depending on the settings, your participants will get pop-up alerts that read how to mute zoom reddit, “The host would like to mute or unmute your microphone.” As a participant, you’ll have the option to stay muted or to unmute yourself.

how to mute zoom

How To Mute Zoom On Desktop Or Different Devices In 2022

On a desktop Zoom call, move your cursor for options to appear on the Zoom participant squares. This will also reveal the bottom toolbar.

1. Click the “Mute” microphone option in the bottom left corner.

2. Click again to unmute. This is how to mute a zoom meeting your own microphone — others on the call will no longer be able to hear you.



3. Hover over a participant for options to appear on their rectangle. Click the blue “Mute” button to how to mute a zoom meeting this participant. You can also right-click or click the three dots to open a pop-up menu. Click “Mute Audio.” Once a participant is muted, you can follow the same steps to unmute.



4. To manage all of your participants as the meeting host, you can click the “Manage Participants” tab at the bottom toolbar. A number will indicate how many people are currently on the call.

image3 mute

image3 mute

5. This will open a sidebar with each of the participants next to the microphone and video icons. The host will be labeled as well.

image4 mute

image4 mute

6. As the host, you can hover over a microphone to mute that individual participant. A blue can manage your participants if you’re the host” or ” zoom mute icon button will appear.

image5 mute

image5 mute

7. You can also click the “ou can choose to mute an individual. All” or ” zoom mute icon All” options at the bottom. This will open a pop-up. You can check the box which will allow participants to unmute themselves. If so, callers will receive a message that reads, “The host would like to mute/unmute your microphone,” when you make changes.

8. Click “Continue” to complete the change.

image6 mute

image6 mute

How to Mute Zoom on Android

The Zoom app functions pretty much the same, whether you’re using it on an iPhone or an Android device. This means the process is identical to the one described for the zoom mute icon on iPhone. As an addition, let’s explain how to mute others on Zoom. You can only do this if you are the host of the meeting. There are two methods to do so:

1. Mute Everyone on the Zoom Call

In the menu that appears when you tap your screen during a call, you’ll see the Participants option. Tap on it to enter the list of people included in the call. Below the list of participants, you’ll see the Mute All option at the bottom of the screen. When you tap it, there’ll be a pop-up where you can confirm the action.

Also, in the pop-up, you’ll see the checked option to Allow participants to how to mute zoom reddit themselves. If you uncheck this, the other participants won’t have the option to re-enable their audio for the conversation.

2. Mute Individual Participants

If you’d like to how to mute zoom reddit audio-only for certain individuals in the call, you’ll need to enter the Participants page again. Once there, tap on the name of the person you’d like to mute and pick the Mute Audio option. You can unmute them whenever you want by choosing Unmute Audio from the same menu.

How to Mute Zoom on Mac

As was the case for a Windows PC, the keyboard shortcuts can be used to how to mute zoom reddit audio Zoom on a Mac as well. The same broad palette of commands is available on Mac, with the only difference being the default keys.

To mute Zoom on a Mac, you’ll need to press Command + Control + A. If you’d like to change the combination from the default setting, you can do that following the same method described for Windows devices.

Some of the other keyboard shortcuts for Zoom on Mac are:

  1. Start or stop video: Command + Shift + V
  2. Switch view to the active speaker: Command + Shift + W
  3. Mute and unmute audio for everyone but the call host: Command + Control + M
  4. Start or stop screen share: Command + Shift + S

How to mute all participants in Zoom

Webinars. Presentations. Conferences. Co-working sessions. Team meetings. All of these events have a host who’s not exactly going to enjoy the occasional interruption. That’s why Zoom hosts have the freedom to decide who can speak and who should be on how to mute yourself on zoom during a call. Got too much noise on one channel? As a host, you can handpick a specific participant either because they’re disturbing the Zoom call or they might simply prefer to stay on mute but don’t know how to do it. Go to the list of participants [in the toolbar] and you should be able to how to mute a zoom meeting individuals manually:

From the same screen, you can choose how to mute a zoom meeting participants. Make sure you don’t leave the Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves option on if you don’t want people to jump in during your presentation.

Remember you can always change this setting at any point during the Zoom meeting. So if you’re taking questions at the end of a webinar, head over to the three settings dots on the right side of the Mute All option. Select Ask All to Unmute to send a message to every participant when it’s ok to unmute themselves.

You can also have everyone start the meeting on how to mute a zoom meeting When scheduling a meeting, select Mute participants upon entry from the Advanced Options:

Example: If you’re hosting a webinar, you might want everyone on mute throughout the session but still let them unmute their audio later when they have a question.

Getting consent to mute a Zoom meeting participant

For obvious legal and ethical reasons, how to mute a zoom meeting host can’t unmute a participant if the latter hasn’t given their consent. This is why the first option to unmute someone is to Ask All to Unmute and send the pop-up request:

An alternative is to go to your In Meeting (Advanced) settings and turn on the Request permission to unmute option.

Now the option will appear every time you want to schedule a meeting:

With this in place, when a host wants to unmute someone, the participant will receive a message prompting them to allow the host to unmute at any time.

Tip: Paid plans allow you to group participants and establish this request only for specific groups. This lets you send the pop-up consent request only to people you’ve selected beforehand.

Once a participant has allowed the host to unmute them, they won’t be asked this a second time. So for every meeting scheduled by the same host that got the initial approval, the participant can have their microphone unmuted when needed.

What if a participant wants to revoke consent for this?

They can go to the Audio settings and manage/remove the hosts that received approval from the People who can unmute your section.

Muting Zoom Audio without Turning Down the Computer Volume

The effortless technique you need to learn to make your Zoom experience more efficient is to plainly use Windows 10’s ‘Volume Mixer’ feature more elaborately. When your Zoom call is on, just right-click on the sound icon on the bottom-right side of the Windows Taskbar and click upon the ‘Open Volume Mixer’ option of the expanded menu.

open volume mixer

open volume mixer

The Volume Mixer interface with several customizable volume options for different applications would appear. Select the Zoom Meeting volume bar among them and click on the Sound icon at the bottom of the vertical bar. This would mute your Zoom meeting audio without hampering your computer volume or audio on any other application.

volume mixer

volume mixer

Such hacks can sometimes be a lifesaver under certain situations and thus learning them can never be futile. While you are on a Zoom call next time and the need to mute your Zoom meeting arises, just follow the discussed instructions and get your Zoom Meetings to sail more smoothly.


Keep a running list of best practices to hand out to participants or to use as a virtual backdrop. Make it a rule for your team or event participants to know how to mute a zoom meeting while they aren’t speaking. Decide how a contestant will grab the attention of the host. They could raise their hand, type a message in the chatbox, or unmute themselves immediately.

Another regular occurrence is when speakers forget they’re on mute. The initial inclination of a host should be to inform the speaker that the other participants are unable to hear them. If they miss your first cue, only use a pop-up to ask them to unmute.


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