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Indigo Credit Card Login, Eligibility Criteria, Registration 2023

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Indigo Credit Card

The official Indigo Credit Card Platinum is a one-of-a-kind credit card designed specifically for cardholders with or without credit scores. Credit card companies often refuse to give out cards to people who haven’t paid their bills on time in the past.

Second, even if all of your cardholders of have good credit, you may be denied based on the information on your credit report. However, the Indigo Credit Card Platinum Mastercard is aimed at aiding those who have been turned down by other card companies.

IndigoCard.com understands people’s daily needs and thus provides the best deals with lower fees. For cardholders, the card is issued by the official Celtic Bank in collaboration with Genesis FS Card Services. Second, the Indigo Credit Card is a one-of-a-kind, specialized item that was made to give people with low or bad credit scores and ratings a fresh start.

What Is Indigo Credit Card?

The Platinum MasterCard Indigo Credit Card assists all users in establishing and enhancing their credit history. There is no security deposit required for this unsecured credit card from Celtic Bank in Salt Lake City, UT. All three major credit bureaus will have access to your credit history, which will support the upkeep of a positive credit profile. When applying for loans or any other credit, having a strong credit score is crucial since it will enable lenders to lower the interest rate for the borrower.

Indigo Credit Card

Features and benefits:

  • Those who wish to raise their credit score but don’t have a solid credit profile will find this card extremely helpful.
  • Since it’s an unsecured credit card, no money needs to be deposited.
  • Three significant credit agencies will get reports on your credit profile.
  • Savor Mastercard’s ID Theft ProtectionTM service.
  • This card provides zero-liability protection against any fraudulent transactions.
  • Customers will be issued a credit limit of $300 at first.
  • Clients will have a selection of attractive card designs to pick from.
  • You will receive a chip-based card, which gives your Mastercard an additional degree of protection.


  • There are no rewards points available with this card, and there are no savings opportunities for users. If you wish to raise your credit score but don’t have access to good, rewarded credit cards, this is helpful.
  • The credit limit of $300 is really low.
  • There isn’t yet a mechanism for transferring balances.
  • The majority of card issuers currently exempt you from paying an over-limit fee of up to $40.

How Do I Apply for a Indigo Credit Card Platinum?

Applying for an Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a simple procedure.

  • Go to Indigo Credit Card  official website .
  • Select the “Prequalify Now” option.
  • Enter the necessary information, including your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth,
  • and social security number.
  • Once more, click the “Prequalify Now” button.
  • Your prequalification status will be available in a few minutes.
  • If you are prequalified, you will show up with the Indigo cards that are available.
  • After choosing a card, click “Apply Now.”

After acceptance, your new Indigo Credit Card Mastercard ought to arrive in 14 working days.

Indigo Credit  Card Portal Registration

If anyone wishes to join the community, please follow the registration procedure outlined below step-by-step. It has all of the steps that cardholders need to take in order to activate their Indigo Credit Card.

  • Go to www.indigocard.com to access the official website.
  • From the home page, click “Login.”
  • Click the “Register” button.
  • Enter your account number, birth date, and social security number.
  • Select “Next.”
  • Enter your personal information carefully, including your name, address, email address, and phone number.
  • Now, enter financial information and specific data with caution.

indigo Credit card

  • Make a distinct username and a suitable password.
  • Then select “Register.”
  • Indigo will now send you a confirmation email with all of the necessary information.
  • To verify your new account, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Return to the main page and click “Login.”
  • To access your account, enter your login username and password.

Official Indigo Credit Card Login Portal

The IndigoCard registration process is quick and simple for cardholders. There is an official qualification form on the website in specific sections, where you can provide basic but genuine details with strict guidelines. This will have no effect on your credit score at the Indigo Credit Card Login.

Following the submission of the application at IndigoCard.com, the official Indigo will notify three major credit rating agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Cardholders will quickly decide whether or not to accept IndigoCredit Card Pay. In fact, approval may take as little as 60 seconds after submitting your prequalification request.

Celtic Bank was established in 2001 and is a licenced private industrial bank. It specialises in assisting small business owners with expansion, working capital, construction, refinancing, and the purchase of the real estate, as well as renewable energy, in order to provide the best services to customers.

Eligibility for IndigoCard Login

The Indigo Credit card has a unique feature in that cardholders can pre-qualify for the card without requiring a credit score. Difficult credit card applications are part of your overall credit rating for the Indigo Credit Card Login and can temporarily harm it. Please remember that prequalification does not mean that your card has been approved to use with the IndigoCard Login portal.

indigo Credit card

After submitting the official prequalification form, you will be given one of three card options: one with no annual fee, one with a $ 50 annual fee, or one with both. It is dependent on your financial situation, and the better your financial situation, the more likely you are to be prequalified for the no-fee card at IndigoCard.com.

Use of the Indigo Credit Card

The Indigo Credit Card Pay with Platinum Mastercard was created for people who have bad debts and want to sincerely improve them. The Indigo Credit Card has a high approval rate and may even be a card for someone who has already applied for it.

The Card is a simple, no-frills, unsecured credit card with the sole purpose of improving your credit rating, according to IndigoCard.com. Keep in mind that the official Indigo Credit Card is actually a collaboration of three separate cards, each with its own annual fee based on the cardholders’ preferences.

  • Annual fee of $ 75 for the first year, then $ 99 each year after that.
  • The annual fee for the Indigo Credit Card is $50.

Some cardholders may be wondering what the difference is between a boned card and a card with an annual fee. As a result, the concept is supported by a legitimate and official method. Since it’s pretty easy to get an Indigo Card, the official Indigo site charges these fees as a security deposit.

As a result, customers must basically pay to improve their balance and credit score without making a deposit. If you want to request credit information, this card may be your only option.

Indigo Credit Card Advantages

The official traditional method for unsecured credit cards is virtually available to people with little or no credit. These customers and cardholders frequently use secured cards. There must be a credit card security deposit, which also acts as the credit limit.

The Indigo Credit Card Platinum Mastercard does not require a deposit at the login portal. Cardholders must instead have access to a revolving credit line from which annual fees are deducted. On the other hand, if your history does not qualify you for a no-fee card but a relevant one,

The activity on the Indigo platform, like with a protected card, is reported to the major credit companies. As long as the activity is legal and good, you can use the official login portal to build a credit history. This makes it easier to get credit cards and loans.

What you should know about Mastercard® Indigo

indigo Credit card

Along with various official documents, this unique article includes information regarding the Indigo Credit Card Login. It may be quite beneficial to have specific credit cards to establish or restore credit if cardholders wish to improve their financial circumstances in order to qualify for loans. You may increase your credit score with the Indigo® Mastercard®, but before you apply, there are a few things to consider.

Rebuild credit

The Indigo® Mastercard®’s main attraction is that it caters to those who wish to repair their credit without needing a security deposit. You won’t need to make an initial payment to secure the account, unlike with secured credit cards. The bank states that the card is intended for “those with less-than-perfect credit,” but it doesn’t specify what credit score is needed to be approved.

That phrase implies that your chances of getting approved could be higher than with many other cards, even if not everyone will be eligible. Even better, you may request to be prequalified for the card, which allows you to be evaluated for eligibility without having your credit reports aggressively inquired about. Furthermore, although being prequalified does not ensure that you will be granted the card, it might offer you a sense of your chances of being accepted should you submit an official application.

Annual fee with no rewards

Although the issuer’s commitment to assist those in need of credit is encouraging, using this card will cost you a reasonable sum of money. First, there is an annual charge for the Indigo® Mastercard®, which is $75 for the first year and $99 for each subsequent year (but Credit Karma may have alternative terms). That is a typical annual credit card price, but it is expensive for a card that doesn’t provide any perks to help with the upfront payment. You will essentially have to pay annually to obtain credit.

Small credit limit may restricted

Although individuals with a variety of credit histories can apply for the Indigo® Mastercard®, it may not be affordable for everyone. The reason for this is that the card only has a $300 credit limit, which the annual fee immediately reduces. Some credit-building cards may likewise have a modest opening limit, but many of them will routinely check accounts for possible credit-line increases. But that’s not what this card offers. That low credit line can hinder your capacity to establish credit, in addition to lowering your prospective purchasing power.

One of the main factors affecting your credit scores is how much of your available credit you utilize, or your credit usage rate. Additionally, you could discover that, with a $300 credit limit (terms may vary if you apply via Credit Karma), you’re spending it in its entirety very frequently. It’s advised to maintain your credit use below 30%, which with this card may be difficult to do. You might be able to get a similarly modest credit limit with other credit-building cards, but they also guarantee regular evaluations for possible credit line rises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app for the indigo Credit card?

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard does not have a smartphone app. If users wish to manage their accounts online, they must use the website to pay their bills and do other account-related transactions.

What is the required credit score for the Indigo Mastercard?

The Indigo card has no minimum score requirement for approval, making it ideal for those with bad credit histories.

Does the Indigo Mastercard allow for increases in credit limits?

Your credit limit will rise if you are eligible for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard Credit Limit Increase Program and you make all six of the required minimum payments on time each month.

What is the Indigo Mastercard’s credit limit?

Depending on a number of criteria, including your credit history, credit limits might range from $300 to $2,000.

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