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How To Create Instagram Qr Code In 2022 – techlion

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Instagram has added a new feature to its app that allows users to create Instagram qr code for their personal profiles. When you tell someone your Instagram handle, they usually can’t find it because there are so many profiles with the same name. This difficulty has been overcome by the development of Instagram qr code generator with logo, which allows users to scan the QR code with their smartphone and gain access to their profile.

Businesses who rely on Instagram for sales will appreciate this function because it allows them to broadcast their QR code and invite more customers. You may also share your Instagram qr code generator with logo with your friends and request them to follow you if you have a strange username with a lot of symbols in it. These code Profiles save you time by eliminating the inconvenience of inputting usernames. In this case,  In this guide, we are going to show you how you can generate a code profile. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

Instagram QR Code

QR codes will soon be available on Instagram. Users may now create codes that can be scanned with any third-party camera app that supports QR codes. Last year, it debuted the device in Japan. Businesses can print their QR code and have customers scan it to easily access their Instagram account. People can view store hours, purchase things, or simply follow the account from there.

To create your code, go to your profile’s settings menu and select the code for business card Nametag may still be present, however, it will eventually be replaced with code. The image can then be saved or shared. Instagram used to use a system called Nametags, which consisted of internal QR-like codes that could only be read with the Instagram camera. It is now completely deprecating the feature.

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify are just a few of the apps that use a code for authenticator app-like system. (Only Twitter allows you to use real QR codes.) With the pandemic, it’s understandable that Instagram would embrace a more open system. Restaurants are now using QR codes instead of paper menus, and some businesses need customers to scan a code to access their website. While Nametags may have worked in the past, QR codes make it easy for visitors to scan and obtain information without having to use the Instagram camera.

Why do I need an Instagram QR Code?

When it comes to social media, using Instagram as a promotional platform is the greatest choice if your brand is focused on visual material. However, becoming a viral sensation is no easy task. It takes not only compelling material but also the digital tools and know-how to help you grow your Instagram following and market your account both online and offline. Here, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of creating a Code for Instagram, as well as all the reasons why you might want to do so.

1. A flexible marketing tool

These days, contactless marketing is everything — which is why Instagram launched its own in-app Code generator in August 2020, to make it easier for users or companies to share their profiles. However, there are a few reasons why you might want to create a code for business card Code for Instagram outside the app.

Instagram’s Code customization options are limited to a background with their brand colors or an emoji — fun, but perhaps not the Code that would be best suited to your business or brand. With our Generator, you can customize every aspect of your QR Code, such as the frame, colors, and CTA. It’s even possible to create a code with a logo.

The images below highlight the differences between the two kinds of QR Code:

A flexible marketing tool


2. Easily gain followers with seamless access to your Instagram profile from print

Easily gain followers with seamless access to your Instagram profile from print


Why do you want to make a code, especially if you’re using print media? Consider this: the more people have access to your profile, the higher your chances are of increasing engagement rates. Higher engagement rates often correlate to more conversions and a boost in business growth.

3. Complete QR Code customization options for your brand

Complete QR Code customization options for your brand


Want to take your marketing even further? We have the perfect solution: the Dynamic URL QR Code. This allows you access to the full range of customization options that will help you match your Code to your branding, along with scan data and the ability to edit the URL after the Code has been created. If you have multiple Instagram profiles and wish to link to a different one than the one you originally used, then it’s possible to do so with the Dynamic URL QR Code.

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4. Holistically align your Instagram campaigns with QR Code tracking & editability

Holistically align your Instagram campaigns with QR Code tracking & editability


There are two further benefits to creating your as a Dynamic URL QR Code: editing and tracking. With a Dynamic URL QR Code, you get the option to update the link at your code anytime without needing to reprint — saving immensely on time, money, and stress!

How to create a QR Code for your Instagram Profile:

Step 1: Open the Instagram App on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Go to your profile and tap on the three lines from the top right corner. Doing this will bring up a new menu. Tap on “QR Code” from the menu to continue with the process.

Step 3: Customize your code by making changes to the background. You can choose between different colors and emoji patterns to make changes to your background. Background colors can be changed with a single tap whereas Emojis can be selected from the Emoji Picker section that can be accessed by swiping up from the screen.


Step 4: Take a screenshot to save your QR Code on your device. That’s all now you can share it with your friends and family.

Can I see how an Instagram QR Code is used?

Social media can help transform any industry — and for those companies or brands where aesthetics take center stage? Then Instagram is indispensable. We show you how your generator might help your business reach its full potential.




Foodies love finding inspiration for new restaurants by scrolling through mouth-watering images on Instagram. And if a friend, family member, or colleague posts about their favorite new place to eat on social media, that’s the best free marketing a restauranteur can hope for. Get in on the act by turning your menu into a QR Code menu by adding a restaurant QR Code linking to Instagram — the perfect excuse for happy customers to follow your profile, snap pictures, and share their praise about your food!




People travel for sun, new experiences, beautiful vistas — and there’s a good chance they’ll want to share it on Instagram. In fact, this visual appeal makes it the perfect platform for businesses in the tourism industry, such as tour operators and travel agents, to maximize their audience reach. Pack your Instagram full of inspiring shots from the tours and destinations you offer, and create a window QR Code display or promotional poster linking to your company’s Instagram. When prospective travelers see the sights they’re missing out on, more bookings are sure to be coming your way.

Fashion Retailers

instagram qr code


With Instagram’s exponential rise, one beneficiary stands out in particular: the fashion industry. For consumers, it’s ideal for staying on top of trends, styles, and seasons — and there’s ample opportunity for retailers to stay ahead of the curve by using a shop Code. Beef up your marketing strategy with a packaging or product QR Code linking to your Instagram profile, or create a giveaway or QR Code raffle to incentivize fashionistas to get on board with your brand. In either case, you have the opportunity to reach out to shoppers across the digital divide, and keep them informed of your latest looks.

Musicians & Artists

instagram qr code


The music industry is no stranger to the power of Instagram. It offers bands and artists the chance to speak to fans directly and to keep them informed about fresh releases or upcoming tours. Why not let your band reap the benefits of Instagram by using a QR Code for music? Try adding a QR Code linking to your Instagram profile to concert tickets or promotional posters to boost your following and build your base of devoted fans.

Photographers & Videographers

instagram qr code


If you’re a photographer or videographer, there’s a chance that Instagram either has or could become your de facto portfolio. And why not? With Instagram’s over one billion users, your work can reach one of the biggest audiences on the planet. Use a QR Code linking to your Instagram profile to take full advantage of the platform — you could add it to and create a QR Code business card, so prospective clients have an instant overview of your skills and abilities.

Wrapping Up

That’s all, folks! It is to be noted that this feature is being rolled out in phases so if you still see Nametag instead of QR Code it means that it isn’t available for you yet. In addition to this, make sure you update your Instagram app to the latest version before you try it out.

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