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Isolved Benefit Services Overall Review (Updated 2023) – Techlion

by Julia
Isolved Benefit Services

If you’re looking for the best HR software to manage and organise your employee benefit obligations, isolved Benefit Services might be the right fit. Isolved Benefit Services offers a variety of benefit and payroll services to small and medium-sized businesses. These services help you lower your tax bills, follow all laws and rules, and make payroll management easier. In our review of isolved Benefit Services, we look at the company’s pros and cons to see if it is a good investment for your business.

What are Isolved Benefit Services?

A few aspects of payroll software are included in isolved Benefits Services, which is specialist software for managing employee benefits. These features include employee self-service, direct payments and pay cards, and easier tax filing. An improved choice is AME Payroll if you require support for all tax forms. Try Accura if you pay both hourly and salaried staff and require your payroll to be automated. Try Dayforce HCM or Accura for deductions. Dayforce HCM and Isolated Benefit Services don’t readily post their prices online.

Remember that although Dayforce HCM and isolved Benefit Services have extremely similar feature profiles, isolved Benefit Services offers an employee self-service portal and email assistance. Gusto, our top payroll solution, is available for $40.00 plus $6.00 per employee each month if your payroll requirements are more complex than employee benefit management. TriNet Zenefits, which starts at $10.00 per employee each month and needs clients to pay for at least five individuals, is another option that is worthwhile to take into account.

Isolved Benefit Services

Products & Services

  • Attracting and Hiring, Onboarding, and Development of Talent
  • HR Management: Payroll, Benefits, and Human Resources (HR and Payroll) Admission and Management
  • Workforce Management: Scheduling, Expense Management, Time and Labor Management, and Workforce Scheduling
  • Talent Management: Teach and Learn, Develop and Succeed
  • Volunteering: Insurance, Retirement and Financial Wellness

Features of Isolved Benefit Services

  • Just enter your username and password from the health benefits website to access the user-friendly app (or follow any other instructions that may be supplied).
  • On your mobile device, important account information is never kept.
  • Log in to the mobile app quickly with Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Check available balances quickly. All the time.
  • View the account(s) summary charts.
  • Examine assertions that call for receipts.
  • Click to contact customer service by phone or email.
  • Examine your notifications and statements.
  • Scan barcodes on products to find out who is eligible.
  • Make a claim for your HRA and FSA.
  • Take a picture of a receipt or upload one, then submit it with a new or current claim.
  • Examine, participate in, and share HSA transactions.
  • Add a payee and pay invoices from any account.
  • Organize your spending by inputting medical expenditure data and the accompanying paperwork.
  • Examine and oversee your HSA assets.

What advantages and disadvantages exist when downloading an APK directly?


  • Any version of the software may be downloaded directly from third-party websites. The majority of the software versions may be archived there; you may download the one you want.
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  • APK files may include viruses that corrupt or steal data from your phone.
  • Because the Google Play store often does not have access to it, your apps will not be updated automatically.

How to open or install Isolved Benefit Services APK file on Windows 7/8/10/11 PC?

With Android emulators, Android apps may be easily utilized on Windows desktops. They provide a great user experience, expedited processing, and many other advantages. To enjoy full-screen functionality similar to that of your Windows applications, install Android emulators like LDPlayer, BlueStacks, etc. With these emulators, you’ll be able to use your Windows environment with higher performance and faster processing speed, as well as a full desktop experience.

From where can I obtain the APK file for Isolated Benefit Services?

Isolved Benefit Services

Typically, APK files are downloaded straight from the Google Play Store onto any Android device using the Play Store app that comes pre-installed. Google automatically downloads and saves the APK file locally before installing any program when you open the Play Store and click the install button. In addition, a lot of developers provide the APK versions of their programs via different app stores, such as ApkPure, APKMirror, etc.

These sources provide APK files for download. Since the Google Play Store is an official Google service, we heartily advise getting Android apps from there. Files may be tampered with by malware and spyware, and third-party app stores may be compromised. Thus, unless the necessary app isn’t accessible on the Play Store, please try to avoid app shops. To get the isolved Benefit Services app straight from the Play Store, click the button we’ve put above.

Isolved Benefit Services: Plans and Pricing

isolved Benefit Services

Instead of listing prices for its services online, the company provides customized quotes for each business based on its specific needs and employee count. The fastest way to get a quote is to fill out the online form with as much information as possible, such as the number of people you hire and the types of benefits services you need.

Using a company like isolved Benefit Services will usually pay off in the long run. It will not only make audits less stressful, but it will also help you attract top-tier talent due to your streamlined and generous benefit structure. In a nutshell, it’s beneficial to business administration and organizational culture.

Features of iSolved Benefit Services

Now, we’ll go over some of the most important compliance services that isolved Benefit Services offers to businesses. Keep in mind that the benefits of the company’s services can appear intangible. The value your company receives is the absence of costly penalties and litigation, rather than more clearly identifiable cost savings or productivity increases. We like to think of it as human resource management insurance.

COBRA Assistance

isolved Benefit Services

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is one of the most important but also most complicated benefit laws in the United States. It provides continuous healthcare coverage for employees and dependents in a variety of situations, but it can be a logistical nightmare for businesses to manage. This is because it necessitates complex timeframe tracking and frequent notices.

Fortunately, isolved Benefit Services has always focused on assisting businesses with COBRA compliance. In fact, the company was originally known as COBRA Compliance Systems when it was founded in 1998. Since then, the company has handled more than 8 million COBRA notices, and it is proud that none of its clients has ever failed an audit.

Employee Transportation and Parking

isolved Benefit Services make it simple to reduce employee transportation and parking costs. This makes it easier and less stressful for employees to get to work. Rather than paying for transportation and parking with their own money and then waiting for reimbursement, iSolve allows employees to pre-authorize deductions (pre-tax) and then purchase parking or public transportation passes with a company debit card. With isolved Benefit Services, setting up this program is simple. The company will supply you with a pre-filled Section 132 Transportation Reimbursement Plan and will assist employees in enrolling in the program.

isolved Benefit Services

Interaction with and utilization of iSolved Benefit Services maintains separate platforms for different services. On the one hand, this makes it simple to compartmentalize benefit programs for both business leaders and employees, and it eliminates any confusion about which benefit policy is being viewed.

However, this complicates the process more than we believe is necessary. Isn’t it possible to create a simple, easy-to-use dashboard with only the most important information for each benefit policy?

iSolved Advantage Services: Ad Support

isolved Benefit Services

Employers and employees can use the iSolved Benefit Services website to access an extensive library of resources. These resources cover the many different types of benefits services offered by the company, as well as specific support for COVID-19-related issues.

During business hours, the company can also be reached by phone or email, and there is an online help form for other issues.

Benefit Services Resolved: Security

ISolved Benefit Services has been in business for a long time, and we believe the company has earned its reputation for providing high-quality services. You can trust the company to keep your information safe and make sure you are following all the rules.

There aren’t any major security concerns with this type of service. However, you should always send sensitive information (such as financial information or employee information) through secure and encrypted channels. This will help to protect you from cybercrime.

The challenge

The lack of an integrated interface is our main criticism of isolved Benefit Services, so it’s no surprise that our favourite competitors succeed in this space.

Companies like BambooHR offer integrated, user-friendly, and powerful software platforms that allow employers and employees to view and manage their benefits online. Bamboo HR’s main strength is that it also offers a suite of other HR services, making it a one-stop shop for business HR management.

Similarly, Employment Hero offers an appealing online interface for both employers and employees, as well as the ability to combine multiple services on a single platform, though the breadth of its support falls short of that of iSolved Benefit Services.

Final word

If you’re a small or medium-sized business concerned about how to manage your benefit obligations while also ensuring your employees are well taken care of, consider iSolved Benefit Services. For over thirty years, the company has assisted businesses (over 17,000 of them) in streamlining their benefit frameworks and making IRS and DOL audits less stressful. Isolved Benefit Services is a good investment for the right company, and it is definitely one of the best HR programes for businesses that do well.

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