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Logitech G923 Racing Wheel Full Review – Techlion

by Julia
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You can spend as much money as you want on your gaming PC’s racing sim setup. I’m not only referring to exorbitant costs for the latest graphics cards or processors. The monitors, shifters, and pedals are all to blame. Perhaps you want a full logitech g923 UK racing seat setup, or you want the wheelbase and steering wheel to be fully modular.

Affordability is traded for realism, immersion, and input on the track in high-end systems. While there is a significant difference between McLaren’s top-secret F1 simulator and the $400 logitech g923, you’d be shocked at how much realism can be found in a low-cost racing simulator.

Because of its popularity, the logitech g923 UK is a wheel I’ve been wanting to try for a while. It’s based on the Logitech G29/G920, a popular racing wheel for PC/Xbox/PS4, and there aren’t many differences between the two. They’re nearly identical, in fact. It’s no surprise, then, that if you own a logitech g923 or G920 racing wheel, you won’t find a suitable upgrade route in the logitech g923. I’d recommend checking out the Fanatec CSL Elite or its upcoming CSL DD wheelbase. You could even go the whole hog and step up to a more pricey direct drive option.

Logitech G923 Racing Wheel – Full Review

There was a lot of enthusiasm when Logitech unveiled the logitech g923 vs g29, but it was shortly followed by disappointment when it was revealed that there was “nothing new” from the G29 and G920. That’s partly true: the G923 borrows heavily from its forerunners. However, the logitech g923 ps4 business has wisely avoided making superfluous changes to the G29 and G920, which are largely regarded as the best entry-level wheels available.

What has changed is that both the PlayStation and Xbox variants now have the same model name, which will undoubtedly cause confusion if the wrong model is purchased. If you’re purchasing for PC use, it doesn’t matter which one you choose because they both work. Previously, there were a few differences in buttons with the Xbox/PC version lacking shift lights and a rotary dial (that’s often used to adjust brake bias). Now, though, it’s the same layout on both models, with only the console-specific buttons at the bottom being different, as well as the symbols on the four ‘game pad’ buttons.

The wheel houses the pedals and power supply, as well as a single USB port for connecting to your console or PC. Two L-shaped prongs on the underside fasten to your desk or setup, which you tighten with the hand screws on top. So, aside from the blue center marker and logitech g923 ps4 style button layout on the Xbox version, there’s nothing to indicate that you’re looking at a new wheel. Except for the Trueforce branding on the side, that is.

The driving system within the wheel is essentially the same as previously, thus this is more of a software modification than a hardware one. TrueForce works by directly hooking into a game’s engine and using the data available, rather than relying on a profile and a library of haptic effects, as has been the case for the past 20 years or so. This is combined with a higher polling rate of 1/1000 second.


Swap straight from using a logitech g923 vs g29 and you might initially think it was a slightly pointless exercise. In non-TrueForce games, such as Assetto Corsa, you won’t notice any real difference. Obviously, you’ll benefit from the rev lights and the new buttons, but the biggest improvement is that brake pedal.  It’s much easier to apply the right amount of force without damaging your foot or spending time fiddling around with brake power settings in your games. 

Since the internals, particularly the two motors are the same as before, force feedback feels the same and although it can feel ever-so-slightly notchy, the wheel still feels good quality, helped by the stitched leather instead of plastic as you find on some entry-level wheels. It’s when you fire up a logitech g923 uk TrueForce-supporting title that you’ll really feel the difference. In Grid 2019, for example, feedback is completely different to, say, Assetto Corsa. There’s a tangible sense of engine idle through the wheel when you’re sat on the grid waiting for a race to start and a real difference in how things feel, from riding over saw-tooth curbs to contact with other cars. 

Because logitech g923 ps4 uses the game’s sound engine, there’s a peculiar hum from the FFB system that changes when the engine revs and overall speed climbs, at least in Grid. If you use speakers instead of headphones, this is much more visible, and I’m not persuaded it adds anything to the realism. TrueFacet isn’t a great step forward in my opinion; it’s just different. Because TrueForce support will not be identical in every title, my opinion may change if other devs add it. However, it is not a strong enough incentive to upgrade from a G29 or G920 at this time.

Price & Availability 

The fact that the logitech g923 for sale is more expensive makes an upgrade an even trickier decision, but as far as RRPs go, there’s only £20 between the new and old models. In the US, there’s no difference at all: they’re all $399.99, but at the time of review, the G29 and G920 were discounted to $249.99, a big difference.  You can buy a G923 direct from Logitech, but you may find discounts elsewhere such as Currys and Amazon in the UK, where it was logitech g923 price of £300.  For alternatives, see our roundup of the best racing wheels. 

If you already have a G920 or G29, there’s little point in upgrading until more titles have logitech g923 UK support. Even then, you might prefer to jump considerably higher to an entry-level belt-drive wheel. But for anyone looking to buy their first racing wheel, the G923 is an excellent value and should be on top of your shortlist. 


I was ready to start racing simulators in earnest after plugging in the logitech g923 ps4 TrueForce Racing Wheel. After all, I’ve spent far more time behind the wheel of this device than I have in my own car over the course of the year. The wheel is fantastic, with a fantastic collection of features and a fantastic overall experience. It may not be the most realistic, but it is really immersive and provides a good exercise.

However, while it may appear to be a good idea, Although there are a lot of supporting games available, there aren’t many that fully support the logitech g923 bundle experience. And, in the end, this could be a very telling concern. With a retail price of R6,999, it’ll be difficult to sell, especially because it doesn’t have significant endorsement from some of the more popular racing games.

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