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Top 17 OneDrive Alternatives That can Be Used In 2021

by Julia

OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage service created by Microsoft to provide users with the possibility to store multiple photos, videos, text documents, and other data without cramming their PC space. Cloud storage is not limited to storing data only. You can also create links for sharing and set individual access passwords to use the storage for work and business purposes. Below you can find information about the best OneDrive login UK alternatives, compare their pros and cons, and choose the most suitable variant for your needs. It is among the very best applications that allow you to use the OneDrive and SharePoint mobile apps to stay innovative and collaborate no matter where you are.

The app is free to use on all mobile phones, consisting of Android, Windows Phone, and Apple Phones. You rapidly open and save files in Office apps like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and so on OneDrive 365. Similar to other similar applications that allow users to view files without an internet connection. Get notifications, share albums, a basic and simple user interface, store all types of information, and automatic tagging are the most popular functions of the one-drive alternative. It also consists of an online full-screen editor that allows users to view and edit their important files in clear text format. This application was specially created for those who wish to access their information at any time, anywhere.

Top 17 OneDrive Alternatives That Can Be Used In 2021

Here are the following OneDrive alternatives where you can easily save files on OneDrive Office 365.

1. Mega

OneDrive Mega is a secure cloud storage option that offers users up to 50GB of free storage. According to the company, all files uploaded to the server are encrypted, so the developers of the service have no chance of accessing this information. Using the Mega extension in a browser and mobile applications, you can view archived files, downloads, perform searches, etc.

mega interface onedrive alternative

mega interface onedrive alternative

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service in the world, launched by OneDrive for Business and valued for its reliability, ease of use, and fast setup. Your files are stored in the cloud, and you can access them at any time. The service offers multiple apps that you can download absolutely for free. If you use a free personal account, be aware of the 2 GB space limit.

dropbox interface onedrive alternative

dropbox interface

  • Numerous apps for all OS
  • Amazing co-op features
  • Great tools for Pro users

3. pCloud 



pCloud is another onedrive storage application that permits you to store files from multiple devices in one spectacular and instinctive storage area. It is a safe and secure platform that provides more than 20 GB of complimentary storage space and allows you to access all your information anywhere and collaborate with good friends and coworkers by sharing files and folders even if they do not have a pCloud account. It uses all the innovative features and settings that can be carried out in your OneDrive macOS and folders to deliver the very best service that you desire. It permits the users to upload any data, including pictures, images, pdf files, word files, etc.

4. Amazon Drive 

Amazone drive

Amazon drive


Amazon Drive is a onedrive storage mobile application readily available for use on iOS and Android gadgets established by Amazon. The platform provides secure OneDrive macOS storage, document backup, file sharing, and far more. It also permits users to use an Amazon account to transform or handle their files and folders from numerous gadgets, including mobiles and tablets. Amazon OneDrive for macOS offers fast and straightforward access to the files, images, and music that you have stored on your drive. Store your important stuff anytime, anywhere in the world, with no limitations. It also lets users edit their files right on Amazon Drive, just like other services that do the same thing.

5. iCloud



iCloud is a cloud storage and fog computing service introduced by Apple Inc. on October 12th, 2011, and has more than 782 million users worldwide. The service offers its users the means to save information such as documents, videos, music, and other digital files on remote servers for download to iOS, macOS, or Windows Google OneDrive to share and send out information to other users. It also allows you to wirelessly back up iOS devices to iCloud rather than relying on manual backups to the host Mac or Google OneDrive computer using iTunes.Users can share images, music, and games quickly by linking accounts through AirDrop wireless.

6. BoxCryptor



BoxCryptor is a freemium software solution that permits you to encrypt your cloud storage for added security quickly. It has end-to-end file encryption technology for higher security. With the help of this software application service, you can quickly work together with other individuals on files while keeping your encryption and security. BoxCryptor is a total software service and works with all gadgets, varying from mobiles and tablets to home computers. The most amazing fact about this software application solution is that it does not keep any records or information that would permit personal privacy and security.

7. Viivo



Viivo collaborates immaculately with Windows and Mac and naturally finds which cloud OneDrive URL is presented, making the establishment smooth. Viivo consists of another organizer that can be utilized to drop files into. This device connects to Dropbox and sends these encrypted files to a folder in Dropbox, where they can be found.

Encoded information gets another file augmentation, and Viivo will show the original record name. The administration accompanies highlights referred to as “encrypted sharing,” which lets ideal and safe material be imparted to different customers. Viivo protects your archives before they are synchronized to your Dropbox, Box, Drive, and OneDrive options.

8. Cloudfogger



Cloudfogger is a file encryption tool that plays an essential role in securing your information when sent straight away to the cloud. It is a free tool that is ideal for use in the generation’s personal privacy series. Hence, it is to be mentioned that it uses some fantastic 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Requirement) that is all effective to encrypt the information on the PC or the OneDrive URL platforms. As a result, the software application file audience required for IOS and Android ensures that you can scan your files.

9 . Wuala



It makes use of AES-256 encryption, RSA 2048 for signatures and essential exchange when sharing folders, and another SHA-256 for stability checks. Its “bells and whistles” consist of file syncing, backup and versioning, safe file sharing, and partnership. Significantly, the internet services that you supply will supply complimentary storage for your files there. Nevertheless, a couple of us provide us with such integration on your desk as Wuala. Wuala is a free multiplatform application with which you can keep your information on the internet and share it with your friends and family easily

10 . Tresorit



Tresorita is a OneDrive URL-storage service created to provide you with secure, end-to-end encrypted protection and sharing of your files and all other personal data. It is also known as a huge file-sharing service, and you can use it on both your computer and your phone. With the help of this OneDrive URL, you have a platform that ensures the safety of all your files, files, and other delicate details that you don’t want to save on your server, which prevents data breaches and unauthorized access from other celebrations. Tresorit keeps your files, documents, audio, images, and more away from the hands of hackers and government firms that wish to snoop on your details.

12. Sync



Sync is a cloud-based OneDrive and SharePoint platform developed for small-to-mid-size organizations. The platform is a quick and secure file sharing service that assists services and groups to keep, easily share, and gain access to their folders, files, and files anytime, anywhere with any internet-enabled gadget. It operates as a cooperation platform that allows users to share files with their customers and employees. The ultimate objective of the forum is to increase the productivity of the team. They deal with jobs as office-based employees or remote workers from anywhere around the world.

13. TeamDrive



TeamDrive is a next-generation file synchronization, partnership, and sharing application that keeps your OneDrive and SharePoint synchronized between different computers and smartphones rapidly and automatically. It is quite easy to use an app like a child’s play to share music, images, folders, or files of any sort with good friends, family, or coworkers. TeamDrive is a feature-rich application and is offered for all standard operating systems.

14. Cryptomator



You will be offered full permission, which you can choose to encrypt the whole of your data on your series of workstations or on top of any OneDrive, SharePoint gadgets, or any storage media. It will be working all through the development of the virtual gadget right through which the encrypted content can be readily displayed. It can, later on, be enhanced as well as edited too. If you consider using this software on any shared piece of the gadget, you need to avoid taking into account the numerous user-edited sets of files on the one drive options platform. You can make better use of the data to manage it than the 4GB of Windows storage space.

15. Citrix ShareFile


Citrix Blogs

Standard Plan: $55 per user per month | Advanced Plan: $85 per user per month | Premium Plan: $135 per user per month | Virtual Data Room Plan: $375 per user per month

Storage space is limitless.

Security: standard encryption and SSL/TLS. recovery sites in both the US and EU.

Features include collaborative and productivity-boosting tools, as well as a custom electronic signature tool.-versioning features. Citrix’s enterprise-class cloud storage solution is Sharefile, and they’re well-known in the commercial OneDrive, SharePoint, and service industry. Notable features of Sharefile include an auditing system that generates activity reports, integration with Single Sign-On, download alerts, and two-factor authentication. This cuts down on the amount of time it would take to print out a document, sign it, and scan it to the cloud.

16.  Qualys

Founded in 1999, Qualys is a leading platform that offers cloud security, compliance, and related services. The cloud solutions and their integrated applications help businesses simplify all kinds of security operations and lower the cost of compliance by providing critical security intelligence on demand, automating the full spectrum of auditing compliance, and protecting IT systems and web applications.

17. Verizon Cloud


Verizon cloud

Verizon Cloud is an all-in-one cloud solution that lets you back up your contacts, videos, photos, music, messages, and all other important documents to secure cloud storage so that you won’t lose your valuable content. The application even makes sure nothing gets left behind when you move to a new phone.


There is, of course, no one-size-fits-all EFSS option, but we hope that this helps your enterprise, company, or organization make a better and more informed decision about which EFSS solution is best for you. If you have any questions about our FileCloud solution, we are always happy to answer them. Just pop over to our main site and strike up a conversation with any of our live chat specialists!

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