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Pokemon Go Raid Schedule – Latest Updates and Times

by Nemo
Pokemon Go Raid Schedule

June is looking to be super fun for Pokemon Go fans. Lots of exciting Pokemon Go raid schedule events are happening. This month includes things like Stadium Sights, Slumbering Sands, and the Pokemon Go Fest Madrid. These are all part of the new season, Shared Skies. A big Community Day event will take place on June 9 and another on June 22.

For Raid battles, players everywhere will see some amazing Pokemon. This includes Zapdos, Yveltal, and Ho-Oh in 5-star Raids. Also, Mega Alakazam and Mega Charizard Y will pop up in Mega Raids. Don’t forget about Shadow Raikou in Shadow Raids. And, at the end of June, Mega Rayquaza will make a powerful comeback in Elite Raids.

Key Takeaways

  • June will have many cool Pokemon Go raid schedule events to enjoy, from Legendary to Mega to Shadow.
  • Players will get to battle and catch awesome Pokemon like Zapdos, Yveltal, and Ho-Oh, along with Mega Alakazam and Mega Charizard Y.
  • There will be Community Day events and an Elite Raid with Mega Rayquaza as well.
  • Pokemon Go raid schedule Hours on Wednesdays will make it easier to catch 5-star Raid Pokemon.
  • To win against the Raid Bosses, trainers will need to plan and use smart strategies.

Upcoming Raid Events and Updates

June is getting ready to thrill Pokemon Go fans. There are many exciting Pokemon Go raid schedule events coming up. This includes two Pokemon Go Community Day Classic events. The first is on June 9 and the second on June 22.

During these Community Days, you can catch a Pokemon from the past. Plus, you’ll get extra XP, Stardust, and more. It’s a special time for players.

pokemon go raid schedule

Community Day Classics

Don’t forget about the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours. Each Wednesday from 6 PM to 7 PM, special Pokemon will show up more often in the game. This is a great chance to add new Pokemon to your collection.

At the end of June, something big is happening. The mighty Mega Rayquaza will be back in an Elite Raid. This will be a tough challenge. Be ready to catch this legendary Dragon-type Pokemon.

pokemon go raid schedule

This month, Niantic’s given us a jam-packed schedule for Raids in Pokemon Go. Trainers will face many challenges and meet Legendary and Mega Raid Bosses. It’s a great chance to add powerful Pokemon to your team.

Mega Raids

In June, the Mega Raid bosses are tough ones. Look out for Mega Alakazam and Mega Charizard Y. You could get the chance to use their amazing power.

5-Star Raids

Trainers will test their skills against Legendary Pokemon like Zapdos, Yveltal, and Ho-Oh. You might catch these rare Pokemon and add them to your collection. Each battle will be exciting.

3-Star Raids

The 3-Star Raids will change throughout the month. From Galarian Weezing to Turtonator, you’ll face different powerful creatures. This is your chance to make your team stronger.

1-Star Raids

June’s 1-Star Raids have some beloved Pokemon. You’ll see Paldean Wooper, Hisuian Qwilfish, and others. This makes the game fun and lets you catch cool Pokemon.

This Pokemon Go raid schedule is detailed. It helps players get ready for the legendary raids in pokemon go and mega raids in pokemon go. Make sure your team is strong enough to win and catch these rare Pokemon.

Raid Guides and Strategies

pokemon go raid schedule

If you need help with Raids in Pokemon Go, this guide is for you. We’ll show you how to tackle Legendary Pokemon Raids and Mega Evolution Raids. You’ll learn the best team, counters, and strategies to beat and catch Raid Bosses. This info will prepare you for fights with Zapdos, Yveltal, and Ho-Oh in 5-star Raids. It’ll also help in facing Mega Alakazam and Mega Charizard Y in Mega Raids.

Legendary Pokemon Raid Guides

Defeating and catching Legendary Pokemon can be both thrilling and tough. We’ll talk about the best teams, which counters to use, and strategies to win. This is handy for Zapdos, Incarnate Forme Landorus, or Yveltal. With our help, you’ll be ready to win and collect these powerful creatures.

Mega Evolution Raid Guides

Mega Raids are a unique challenge. You’ll face Mega Gyarados, Mega Alakazam, and others. Our guides will give you the best counters, teams, and tactics. By learning these strategies, you can beat Mega Raid Bosses. You’ll be ready for the challenges in June 2024.

Optimal Raid Counters

Knowing the best Raid counters is key to your success. We’ll go through type matchups, moves, and team building. With this knowledge, you’ll have a strong team. You can beat tough Raid Bosses, like Shadow Raikou coming up.

Understanding Raid Battles

What are Raid Battles?

Raid Battles are a major feature of Pokemon Go, where players team up. They do this to face off against powerful Boss Pokemon that control local Gyms. This feature allows players to work together and tackle tough opponents.

pokemon go raid schedule

Raid Tiers and Difficulty

In Pokemon Go, Raid Battles are split into four categories: 1-Star, 3-Star, 5-Star, and Mega Raids. The raid tier shows how strong the Raid Boss is. The higher the tier, the harder the battle. Knowing this helps players get ready for the tougher challenges.

Preparing for Raids

Obtaining Raid Passes

In Pokémon GO, to join Raid Battles, you need a Raid Pass. You can get these for free by visiting a Gym and spinning its Photo Disc once per day. This grants you a daily chance to jump into the Raid action. If you want more, you can buy them from the in-game shop. This way, you can build up your Raid supply with ease.

Remote Raid Passes

This section will discuss remote raid passes in pokemon go. They let you take part in Raid Battles from afar. This is great for players who can’t go to physical Gym locations. It opens up the Raid experience to more people, allowing you to play from your home sweet home.

Catching Raid Bosses

Premier Balls and Catch Mechanics

After beating a Raid Boss in Pokemon Go, you’ll try to catch it. You get Premier Balls to do this. How many you get depends on things like the Raid’s Tier and your efforts. This includes how well you fought and your team’s work.

Increasing Catch Rates

To better your chance at catching the Raid Boss, follow a few tips. Do lots of damage during the battle. Keep control of the Gym. Use the right Berry items. These will help you earn more Premier Balls. Also, make sure your throws are accurate and use curveballs. This really helps catch the Pokemon. Knowing how to catch raid bosses in pokemon go and using premier balls in pokemon go right can improve your catch rate.


This article is a complete guide to the Pokemon Go Raid schedule. It covers upcoming events and ways for players to deal with different Raid challenges. It talks about Raid tiers, Raid Bosses, how to get Raid Passes, and ways to catch Pokemon more easily. This guide helps trainers excel in the exciting world of pokemon go raid guide.

Players can face off against powerful Pokemon like Mega Rayquaza. They can also fight legendary Pokemon such as Zapdos and Ho-Oh. Additionally, they can try to catch special shiny versions of Raid Bosses. This pokemon go raid schedule ensures everyone is ready to overcome the changing Raid scene in Pokemon Go.

By keeping up with the latest Raid events and strategies, trainers can do better and win more often. This guide also suggests using the right tools and resources. It aims to help every player become a top Raid champion in their area. With this guide, winning in Pokemon Go Raids is clearer than ever.


What exciting events are happening in Pokemon Go during June?

June will be full of fun with events like Stadium Sights and Slumbering Sands. Players look forward to Pokemon Go Fest Madrid in the new season. There’s also a Community Day on June 9 and another on June 22.

What Pokemon can players expect to face in Raids during June?

In Pokemon Go raid schedule, you’ll see Pokemon like Zapdos, Yveltal, and Ho-Oh. Expect Mega Alakazam and Mega Charizard Y too. Plus, for Shadow Raids, there’s Shadow Raikou and Mega Rayquaza for Elite Raids at the end of the month.

What are the details of the upcoming Community Day Classic in June?

On June 22, a special Community Day Classic event is happening. Before that, on June 9, there’s a regular Community Day with a surprise Pokemon. Also, watch out for Spotlight Hours weekly, featuring a specific Pokemon.

What can players expect from the Raid schedule in June?

Niantic shared the June Raid schedule. Join Mega Raids with Mega Alakazam and Mega Charizard Y. 5-Star Raids will have Pokemon like Zapdos, Yveltal, and Ho-Oh. Plus, expect changes in 3 and 1-Star Raids for special events.

Where can players find guides and strategies to tackle the upcoming Raids?

There will be detailed guides on tackling Legendary Pokemon and Mega Evolution Raids. Learn the best teams, counters, and strategies for defeating Raid Bosses. This will help catch the most challenging Pokemon.

What are Raid Battles in Pokemon Go, and how do they work?

Raid Battles let players work together to battle powerful Boss Pokemon at Gyms. They come in 1, 3, 5-Star Raids, and Mega Raids. The higher the star, the tougher the challenge.

How can players obtain Raid Passes to participate in Raid Battles?

For Raid Battles, you need a Raid Pass. Get one free daily by visiting a Gym, or buy one. Also, the article will cover Remote Raid Passes, allowing you to battle from afar.

What happens after successfully defeating a Raid Boss, and how can players increase their chances of catching it?

Beating a Raid Boss lets you try to catch it. The article will explain how to use Premier Balls. Learn tips on catching the Pokemon, such as doing a lot of damage and using the right Berries.

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