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15 RabbitMQ Alternatives and Free Competitors that Works

by Julia

RabbitMQ is a multipurpose broker with a flexible message architecture. However, it occasionally fails due to its high latency and slow processing speed. The setup and management of the system RabbitMQ Alternatives take way too long. It cannot be installed as a module and must instead be installed on machines before being utilised in a live environment. Because message delivery is not guaranteed, data loss happens. The interaction between each piece of equipment should be well-managed.

What is RabbitMQ?

RabbitMQ is a free and open-source message broker developed in Erlang. Message-oriented middleware is software that supports the AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol). It has a plug-in design that allows it to handle MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Streaming Text-Oriented Messaging Protocol (STOMP), and other protocols. RabbitMQ is extremely scalable and has a fault-tolerant design that assures data availability at all times.

RabbitMQ supports a wide range of programming languages and may operate in a variety of cloud settings and OS systems. It includes a browser-based UI to aid in monitoring and management, as well as HTTP UI and CLI tools for operations. It is lightweight and simple to implement on-premises and in the cloud. Furthermore, it may be implemented in both distributed and federated configurations to suit business needs for high scalability and availability.

Benefits of Using RabbitMQ

  • The ease with which messages may be routed across the system exemplifies RabbitMQ’s benefits. It is due to the many sorts of exchanges accessible.
  • It supports the cloud and provides adequate security.
  • As with other message brokers, the developer and application have greater control over message transportation through the system than the broker administrator.
  • Messaging with RabbitMQ enhances system speed and scalability while also encouraging loose coupling.
  • Cross-language communication is possible with RabbitMQ. For instance, if the producer creates a message, both a JavaScript consumer and a Python consumer may consume it.
  • It may be run as a cluster, making it fault-tolerant, highly available, and fast.
  • It sends out message acknowledgements. A message in a queue remains there until the consumer notifies the broker that it has received it.

15 RabbitMQ Alternatives and Free Competitors

So, many people are finding it hard to search for better alternatives to RabbitMQ AWS. If you are one of those, this article is right for you. Down below are some of the amazing Rabbit MQ Alternatives.

1. Cloud Pub by Google


cloud pub by google

As a result, Google Cloud Pub is the first RabbitMQ alternative. This option is scalable, straightforward, and has a strong reputation in terms of its analytics frameworks for direct computer systems. The software is known for providing significantly superior support and for having capabilities that are not available anyplace else. In a nutshell, this alternative is a strong RabbitMQ GitHub rival.

2. Amazon MQ (Message Queue)


Amazon MQ (Message Queue)

As a result, Amazon MQ is a viable alternative to download. Apache ActiveMQ serves as a managed information broker. It offers a simpler installation approach and operates a message broker in the cloud without a hitch. Furthermore, the program is very low maintenance and does not require any additional message administration, which adds to the convenience of the users. The software is mostly used to transmit bulk mails.




Another name on the list of finest RabbitMQ alternatives is IBM MQ. This option is well recognized for reducing the time it takes to integrate several applications and share data across multiple platforms. To share information, the software uses a message queue and provides a unique messaging service for cloud systems, mobile environments, and IoT devices. Furthermore, IBM MQ connects pieces from a single device to more complex industrial applications. IBM MQ is also noted for its responsiveness, grace in the face of adversity, and lower threat and control costs. Finally, IBQ MQ is noted for its creativity and remarkable variations.

4. Mulesoft Anypoint


Mulesoft Anypoint

Mulesoft Anypoint Platform is another excellent RabbitMQ alternatives option. With the use of an Application Program Interface and a light emitter diode connection, this option is primarily for enterprises to understand business transformation.

5. Active MQ (Apache)


Active MQ (Apache)

One of the most popular and prominent open-source RabbitMQ alternatives is Apache Active MQ. This messaging service also serves as an Integration Patterns server, and it promises to provide the finest customer service possible. However, the software is more expensive.

6. Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka

Another software that provides functionality similar to RabbitMQ tutorial Java is Apache Kafka. It is an open-source platform that is managed and governed by the Apache Software Foundation and is written in Java and Scala.

7.  MQ Software


MQ Software

MQ Software

This RabbitMQ alternative is known for providing a versatile service and is utilized in both scattered and parallel applications. The best thing about the No MQ software is that it doesn’t require a broker. It also supports a variety of display languages, including C#, Python, C, and Java. The program is also known for providing a variety of network architectures with minimal reliance on Android apps. Finally, No Mq is extremely convenient and adaptable when it comes to doing various fast middleware tasks. The finest flex is that it can’t be implemented without the help of a broker.

8. Azure Scheduler

Azure Scheduler

Azure Scheduler

Users can utilize Azure Scheduler to describe how tasks should be completed in the cloud. It also automatically schedules the functions. Furthermore, it allows users to create tasks in the cloud and perform services both inside and outside of Azure’s external policies, such as HTTP endpoints, Azure storage queues, message sharing, and so on.

9. Qpid (Apache)

Qpid (Apache)

Qpid (Apache)

The Apache Qpid is the next best Rabbitmq port replacement on the list. It’s also an open-source messaging system that was created with Advanced Message Queuing Protocol in mind. The most significant flexibility of this option is the ability to conduct a large volume of messaging services online.

10. TIBCO Enterprise Message Service


TIBCO Enterprise Message Service

This option was primarily created to share JMS version 1.1 and 2.0 calibration messages immediately in order to test the compatibility of other applications. It enables continuous integration for a variety of platforms, reducing procedure bottlenecks and, as a result, boosting scalability and support.

11. Pubsub Solace +

Pubsub Solace +

Pubsub Solace +

Following that is Solace Pubsub +. This message broker primarily allows users to build instantaneous back-and-forth communication between microservices in a heterogeneous cloud and application. It accomplishes this through the use of an open-source Application Programming Interface (API).

12. Queue Storage in Azure


Queue Storage in Azure

Azure Queue Storage is well recognized for providing interaction between queue storage and cloud app components, allowing users to send asynchronous messages that queue for interaction between installed and linked pieces that run in the cloud environment, including desktop and mobile.

13. IBM MQ on the Cloud


IBM MQ on the Cloud

IBM is primarily a business messaging solution that provides secure and reliable messaging. This option is simple to use, readily available and has a comprehensive set of combination tools.

14. MQ Iron

MQ Iron

MQ Iron

Iron MQ is well renowned for providing the most efficient means of interacting between part and service applications. It is well-known for its availability, on-time delivery, and lack of stuck latency, and, most importantly, it is preferred by industrial users that rely on cloud-native solutions for modern application infrastructure.

15. Alibaba Cloud Message Queue

Alibaba Cloud Message Queue

Alibaba Cloud Message Queue

It’s the last app on the list of Rabbit alternatives. It was primarily designed as a decentralized communication line with no dependencies, and it is hosted by Alibaba’s cloud platform. Alibaba Cloud is a fantastic middleware queue with a lot of scalabilities. Last but not least, Alibaba cloud transports data without inflicting any harm; it is also quite profitable. It provides a consistent service for message-based asynchronous communication between microservices, serverless applications, and scattered systems with less coupling and increased accessibility.

Final Thoughts:

All of this RabbitMQ tutorial Java provides excellent customer service. However, the client must choose one based on what they are seeking and what is most convenient for them. The reliability and consistency of an option should always be taken into account while making a decision.

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