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Roborock Q5+ Review: The Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

by Julia

Roborock Q5+ budget vacuum, which will be introduced on April 22, 2022, is nearly perfect. You’ll get an autonomous robotic cleaner that can recognise and dynamically adjust to floor types and empty itself autonomously for half the price of the premium S7 MaxV Ultra. However, do not leave cables lying about.

Everyone wants a cleaner environment and to put less effort into maintaining it. The collision detection, carpet boost, and auto-emptying dock of the Roborock Q5+ are the economical updates your floors require if you have an entry-level Roomba cleaning up after you.

What are the specifications and performance like?

After you’ve set up and run an autonomous vacuum robot, the first thing you do is a marvel and assess it. “Will it get rid of that?” “Did it get jammed somewhere?” “Do you think it’ll empty properly?” You can usually form an appraisal of the bot quite soon. Here’s my take on the Roborock  Q5+: this vacuum is nearly unbelievable.

The provided quick start instructions make setting up the auto-emptying dock simple, and after you connect it in and couple the vacuum with the Roborock app (available for iPhone and Android), you’re good to go. Your Roborock Q5+ greets you with a lovely startup jingle when you switch it on, ready for you to send it off to clean through the app or with a fast click of the power button.

Rather than crashing into walls and whirling in circles, the Roborock  Q5+ navigates your house with the assistance of LiDAR and cliff sensors. That’s not to say it never collides with something, but I’ve never had to worry about my walls, dogs, or furniture being damaged. As it cleans, the Q5+ maps your house, assisting the robot in future runs and producing 2D and 3D models that you can see in your Roborock app (more on this later).

The suction power is 2700Pa, which, if you’re like me, means nothing at first glance. What this means in practice is that the  Roborock Q5+ can suck up pet hair, dust, grime, tiny leaves, crumbs, and just about everything else you’d expect a handheld vacuum to take up easily and consistently. It cleans fabrics well, such as bathroom rugs, but you may want to put the Roborock  Q5+ through a few cycles to ensure they’re as clean as you want them.

The Roborock Q5+ will work well with hardwood, vinyl, and tile flooring. Unless you have a shag rug like me, carpeting and rugs are essentially the same. In such instances, the rubber bristle brush, which is generally a strong suit of the Roborock  Q5+, becomes its undoing. Normally, it rotates 360 degrees continuously, scooping dust and debris into the vacuum and ensuring that no location is missed. The Roborock  Q5+, on the other hand, grinds to a standstill when the fabric of the shag rug coils around the rubber bristles.

Roborock Q5+

If you don’t have a shag rug or something similar, this won’t be an issue, and the Roborock Q5+ will almost certainly never get stuck when cleaning your floors. Cords and loose textiles (like the towel under my dog’s water bowl) are unfortunately something you’re likely to have. If you don’t want to risk being lured in, these must be picked up before running the Roborock Q5+.

This is why I think the Roborock Q5+ is nearly perfect. The majority of the time, you simply turn it on and let it clean, and it does it wonderfully. However, every time you want to operate the robot, you’ll have to do some babysitting in the form of pick-up and clean-up chores. No-Go Zones and Invisible Walls in the Roborock app can help with this, but they’re not infallible and may leave certain places that you want cleaned undisturbed.

The noise level and battery life

The 5200mAh battery is still functional. The Roborock  Q5+ can clean my (although small) flat three times without needing to be recharged. Even better, the Roborock  Q5+ detects low battery levels automatically and drives itself to the charging dock before shutting down, all without you having to do anything. It’s as simple as it appears.

When vacuuming, the noise level is often substantially lower than that of a handheld vacuum, averaging approximately 61 decibels—roughly the same as an air conditioner blowing cold air or having a chat with a friend. When emptying into the dust bin, however, it becomes significantly louder, reaching approximately 82 dB, roughly the same as a noisy kitchen blender. Fortunately, emptying the vacuum bag only takes around 20 seconds.

The Dock with Auto-Emptying and Charging

This autonomous vacuum’s auto-emptying and a charging dock are great benefits. Normally, you’d have to track down your robot for charging and trash removal, but not with the Roborock  Q5+. You may instead set it and forget it, with the exception of the aforementioned babysitting.

If you locate the proper site for it, the dock will have a low-profile design that will blend in with your home. You’ll need some room on both sides as well as in front of the dock, and it should be close to a power outlet. There’s not much else to do in terms of maintenance than keep an eye on the 2.5-litre dustbag and replace it when it fills up (Roborock recommends replacing it every 7 weeks).

Voice and Button Controls for the User Experience

Roborock Q5+

This robot is simple to operate. The bot has two physical buttons: power and dock. To switch the vacuum on and off, push the power button for a long time, then swiftly press it to start a thorough clean (quick press it while cleaning to pause). The Roborock  Q5+ is sent to the dock for charging with a fast push of the dock button.

The Q5voice +’s alerts inform you of power and charging status, cleaning intentions, intent to return to the dock and empty into the dustbin, and anything else that requires a rapid vocal confirmation. In the Roborock app settings, you may turn it down or off altogether, as well as change the language.

The Roborock app (for iPhone and Android) is amazingly thorough, albeit it can be a bit difficult to discover what you’re looking for at times.

After syncing the device with your phone, you’ll be greeted with a blank canvas in the app until your Roborock  Q5+ maps the region. You’ll have access to 2D and 3D models of your home whenever that happens. You can see where the robot vacuumed and what pattern it followed while cleaning right here.

You may also create No-Go Zones, which restrict the robot from cleaning the area you specify. Once you’ve gotten your bearings on the digital map, it operates quite intuitively. You may also divide rooms and zones to decide where the robot should clean. Let’s say you merely want a fast sweep of the living room before visitors come, but not a full-scale cleaning—no problem. You may also set a timetable for the robot to start cleaning automatically at certain times.

Place a pin on the map from Pin n Go and watch the Roborock  Q5+ hop to it if you want to spot clean (a five square metre radius targeted clean). This is great for cleaning up after meals under the table or near the front door after a day spent outside.

The last and most enjoyable technique for directing the robot is the remote control. You may control the robot remotely with your phone, eradicating dust anywhere you like. I didn’t use it much because it’s a little sluggish to respond to, but it’s an intriguing tool for making subtle positional adjustments.

Check out the Maintenance page to see how your Roborock  Q5+ is doing in terms of physical health. Brushes, sensors, filters, and the dust bag are all reported here.

If you’re a smart home enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Roborock  Q5+ works flawlessly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts.

Roborock excelled in this category, providing an app that has everything you need for your robot vacuum in an attractive package.

Is the Roborock Q5+ worth buying?

Finally, the Roborock  Q5+ is a good alternative if you want an autonomous robotic vacuum for a cleaner house. Roborock’s Q5+ is a must-have for anyone who doesn’t have a shag rug or wants something more from their cleaning bot, like mopping (as seen in the S7 MaxV Ultra edition). The Q5+ costs $699.99, which is a decent price for a vacuum that can be used all year.

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