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Roborock S5 Max Review In 2022

by Julia
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Roborock has pleased us with hybrid vacuum/mop robots that perform on pace with the category’s major manufacturers since its inception a few years ago. The roborock s5 max is the company’s most recent and, dare we say, best product. The S5 Max appears to be the successor of the Roborock S5, which we evaluated more than a year ago. However, some new features outperform even the best-of-the-best. The roborock s5 max The most important is the addition of a larger electric water tank. With each model, the robot’s mopping function has become more advanced.

While the S5 had no control over how much water was dispensed during each cleaning job, the S6 introduced a simple switch that allowed you to choose how much water moistened the mopping cloth. Mopping is fully integrated with the S5 Max’s other sophisticated capabilities, and the Mi Home companion app allows for more exact water management. Selective room cleaning is also accessible on the S5 Max, which was previously only available on the S6. Aside from these enhancements, the roborock s5 max retains the majority of the functions and design characteristics from previous generations. This incorporates LiDAR mapping, 2000Pa suction, zone cleaning, and voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant.

How did the S5 Max perform as a mop?

The roborock s5 max stood out as being better able to clean up where its cousin fell short. Attach the cloth cover to the bottom of the vacuum to enable the mop, and it simply snaps into place. You’ll also need to fill up the 290 ml water tank in the back, which stores a lot of water. You’ve been told not to use detergent or hot water in the tank because both can harm the vacuum.

Just make sure you moisten the cloth and wring it out before attaching the mop so the robot can start mopping right away. At the same time, the S5 Max runs the vacuum attachment and the handles mopping. The vacuum sweeps up and then glides over the same location with the cloth in the back. We discovered that the roborock s5 max not only pressed out more water, but it also gathered up more dirt. And that’s impressive for smart vacuums, which have a tendency to struggle when mopping. When we go over the area with a moist paper towel, we usually see a lot of dirt left behind. What the S5 Max didn’t leave behind impressed us.

We relate this to the roborock s5 max advanced settings in the Roborock app. There are four distinct settings to select from, including low-flow, high-flow, and even a dry mop mode. This is fantastic, since it allows you to saturate floors with more water in high-traffic areas or if the surface requires more attention. That feature made a difference when cleaning our floor, according to what we witnessed, and made the S5 Max more effective at this work.

Set up and design

The roborock s5 max is distinguished by its robot vacuum cleaner design. It’s disc-shaped and comes in black or white, with a raised Lidar tower in the center. It includes a single spinner on one side that collects hair and fluff, allowing the robot to clean all the way to the room’s edge. Unfortunately, the spinner collects hairs, which wrap themselves around it and must be taken off from time to time. It’s not an enjoyable job. The S5 Max stands under 10cm tall, which is rather ordinary for a robot vacuum.

Still, if you’re thinking about getting a robot vacuum, make sure you evaluate the clearance height under your large furniture. If it can’t clean beneath the sofa, you’ll be upset, and much more so if it can, but keeps getting stuck. It’s simple to get started. Once the S5 Max is connected, you can customize how it cleans by following the onscreen prompts. You may also utilize Alexa to use voice commands and set up cleaning schedules. In the app, there’s even a tutorial on how to connect.


58dB four suction settings with a maximum suction of 2,000 Pa. The S5 Mac can vacuum and mop at the same time, but in actuality, it’s more like a regular vacuum followed by a fast wipe down. The suction settings on the S5 Max include quiet, balanced, turbo, and max. It has a noise level of 58 decibels. Being in the same room in a quiet setting isn’t too bothersome, but if you’re watching TV, it will make it difficult to hear the dialogue. In any event, one of the best features of a robot vacuum is the ability to program it to work while you’re away. However, the effectiveness of this is dependent on a few conditions. The first is your way of life. If you have a lot of stuff on your floors (kicked-off shoes, wire nests), the S6 Max V, which can detect and avoid objects, would be a better choice.


3 different water level possibilities
Only gently effective 290ml water tank

What about the mopping feature? The roborock s5 max has more mopping choices than most robot vacuums and is simple to operate. Simply fill the reservoir, clip on the mop bracket, and it will go into mopping mode immediately. There are three water level options to pick from (plus a no-water option), and I discovered that I needed to utilize the highest to obtain any type of effect. The mop function on the S5 Max is the best I’ve seen in a dual-purpose robot vacuum, but it’s still not amazing. It’s not overly effective, but it will improve the appearance of your floor and give it a beautiful gloss. It can’t, however, scrub a tea stain out of a floor. Because the dustbin is just 460ml, I would prefer more space within the machine for a larger dustbin. The 290ml water reservoir, on the other hand, takes up very little space and maybe handy to some.


The Roborock S5 Max retails for $599.99, although we’ve seen it advertised for a variety of rates online. It’s advisable to go to a few other websites, such as Google Shopping or Amazon, and see what the current price is.


With each successive edition, Roborock’s robot vacuum/mop combination improves. The S5 Max is the greatest ever, thanks to thoughtful feature enhancements and speed improvements. If you have various floor surfaces in your home, you can dramatically reduce your cleaning time. It also wins our vote for the best robot mop/vacuum combination, while the iRobot Roomba 960 is still our top robot vacuum.

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