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Smeg Coffee Grinder Review Updated For 2022

by Julia
smeg coffee grinder

The Smeg CGF01 50’s style smeg coffee grinder features a die-cast aluminum body and conical stainless steel grinders for a homogenous grind that maintains all of the excellent coffee aromas without changing the flavor. The convenient lever makes it straightforward and obvious to select the grind setting. There are up to 30 different levels to choose from, allowing you to achieve the correct grind for any equipment and taste: the Smeg coffee grinder can grind the perfect espresso for Moka stovetop pots, American coffee makers, and French presses. The machine’s safety system prevents the machine from being unintentionally turned on if the bean container is removed from its location, and the removable grinding burrs allow for easy, precise cleaning. Smeg coffee grinders for espresso machines with a pressured filter basket, which do not require the finest espresso grinding, function best with espresso grinding (i.e., Smeg espresso machines).

Smeg Coffee Grinder Review Updated For 2022


The stainless steel conical burrs on the Smeg CGF01 have 30 distinct grind settings ranging from coarse to fine. You can grind directly into the portafilter or into a grinds container. The smeg coffee grinder white CGF01 is a good grinder. The grounds are quite consistent. Burrs grind at 450 revolutions per minute, which theoretically means they won’t heat up and extract flavor from the beans before brewing.


The die-cast aluminum powder-coated body of the smeg coffee grinder cream CGF01 50’s retro design burr grinder. It has a weighty (in a good manner) and well-made feel about it.

Grounds container and bean hopper

The bean hopper contains 350 g of beans, while the grounds container holds 130 g of coffee grounds. Both the hopper and the container are manufactured of static-free Tritan.


The smeg coffee grinder manual CGF01 has a knob that allows you to set the number of beans to ground (from 1 to 12 cups). There’s also a manual setting, which allows you to grind by pressing the button inside the knob. A lever controls the coarseness of the grind.b Overall, the Smeg CGF01 is easy to use, and the controls are similar to those found on many other burr grinders, so if you’ve used one before, you’ll find them intuitive.

Help! It’s early in the morning

To get the maximum flavor out of your smeg coffee grinder, grind the beans right before you use them. However, if you want to brew fresh coffee first thing in the morning when your brain is only partially functioning, dealing with buttons, levers, and dials as soon as you wake up can feel like trying to land a light plane in a storm. However, this device is incredibly simple to operate. Fill the huge hopper at the top of the machine with beans, select a setting, and press the button to make coffee. A concussed bear could probably do it. That is, in fact, my morning persona.

Coffee grinder by Smeg

The coffee grounds are automatically funneled into the provided container or, if you have the corresponding smeg coffee grinder green machine, directly into the filter holder. The huge hopper on top can contain 350g of beans, which is enough for 50 shots of espresso, according to the manufacturer. I must confess that I did not put this to the test. I’m going to take their word for it.

Availability and price

When it comes to Smeg appliances, you get the impression that you’re paying a premium for their elegant appearance. This isn’t a cheap gadget, though, at £200. For a lot less money, you can acquire a pretty good grinder. If you’re buying in the UK, there’s not a lot of price flexibility, with the grinder costing between £199 and £200, depending on the shop. If you’re in the US, Verishop has the greatest deal right now, selling it for $239.96 in a variety of colors. However, this is a one-time offer. It’s also available through Amazon.com for the standard $299.95 price. This smeg coffee grinder for expresso grinder, on the other hand, completely outperforms the competition. It makes a significant difference in the taste of coffee you can prepare at home, and it’s definitely worth the money if you can afford it.

Best Used For 

With a capacity of 12 cups, the SMEG CGFO1 coffee grinder green is best when used to grind coffee grounds of a small to moderate family.

  • Quantity

    1-12 cups

  • Dimension

    38.3 x 21.3 x 14 cm (L x W x H)

  • Grinding Grades


  • Settings

    30 levels

  • Capacity

    0.35 kilograms

  • Weight

    31.5 kilograms

  • Power

    150 watts

  • Voltage

    220 volts

  • Material

    Aluminum, stainless steel, plastic & rubber

Attractive Reasons To Purchase

If you want to give your kitchen a boost, the SMEG coffee grinder, which comes in three colors, is the way to go. The grinder looks really attractive when combined with the retro design from the 1950s. It’s proven to be a great grinder, and you’ll be able to produce many delicious cups of coffee with it.
Smeg CGF01CRUK Coffee Grinder, Cream, Aluminium Construction, Retro Style Aesthetic, 8 Programme Settings and 3 Grinding Grades

Effortless to Use

A SMEG coffee grinder is simple to use. The owner’s manual is simple to read and has all of the necessary information for operating the machine. With the help of an integrated “twist and lock” system, secure the hopper and burr, set the ground level with a rounded steel lever, dial the number of cups you wish to brew, and click the start button. You can also grind by hand by pressing down on the knob.


To complement your preferred brewing method, the smeg coffee grinder CGF01 allows you to grind coffee to your desired texture. For an espresso, fine coffee grounds are used, but for a cafetiere, coarser grounds are used. You also have 30 different settings to change the texture of your coffee grinds. Safety The machine has been designed with safety considerations in mind. It can’t work without the bean container, which keeps it safe.


Is the Smeg CGF01 burr grinder a good investment? It is debatable. There are cheaper burr grinders that grind just as well, but the Smeg CGF01 has no static, is incredibly well built, grinds quite quietly, and is a very attractive appliance, whereas most other burr grinders are a bit plain. Smeg CGF01 is worth the money if the benefits outweigh the costs.

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