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11 Best Spotify Bots To Grow Your Plays And Followers In 2022

by Julia
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Spotify bots are the best site to listen to music. It’s grown in popularity in recent years, and many musicians are now available on Lolify – Spotify Streaming Bot, where you can listen to them as much as you like. Both well-known and lesser-known artists aspire to become more well-known. Using spotify bots to draw attention to yourself is a wonderful place to start. As a result, many people register a huge number of Spotify accounts and utilize bots to play their music, resulting in a lot of traffic and money. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful and popular spotify bots.

11 Best Spotify Bots To Grow Your Plays And Followers In 2022

The following spotify bots are as follows:




This is yet another spotify bots for Discord that allows you to listen to music while sharing it with your friends. It’s a free bot that’s simple to use and reliable enough to keep you listening for a long time. Because it features a smart visual player to control what you listen to, there are no complicated commands. This Pesukone Spotify bot is easy to use, with a dashboard that lets you control your playlist, replay songs, directly search for them, and add them to your Discord server. This bot’s features include playing without interruptions, 24/7 activity, volume-boosting, looping, seeking, and more. Users in your Discord channel can also vote, skip tracks, and do a number of other things. A list of simple Discord commands for changing, clearing, queueing, and adding songs to your playlist is included on the bot’s website.

2. Hydra 2

hydra 2

hydra 2

This AIO Spotify bot allows you to listen to a spotify bots playlist that you’ve added to your channel. You can enhance your play count on a variety of compatible audio outlets, such as SoundCloud. Hydra has its own song request channel, which allows you to create a custom player for the bot that you can completely manage. Some of the commands accessible are: show lyrics, get help, play a song or file, start a playlist, queue, and search songs. Hydra’s free edition contains a lot of useful features, even though the Premium account has more commands and capabilities. Notably, the program is now available in over ten languages, making it bilingual.

3. FredBoat 3



You can use this Spotify play bot GitHub bot to listen to a spotify bots playlist you’ve added to your channel. A multitude of appropriate audio channels, such as SoundCloud, can help you increase your play count. Hydra has its own song request channel, allowing you to build a bespoke player for the bot that you can fully control. Show lyrics, get help, play a song or file, start a playlist, queue, and search songs are some of the commands available. Even though the Premium account has more commands and capabilities, Hydra’s free edition provides a lot of useful features. Notably, the software is now bilingual and available in over 10 languages.

4. UseViral

Use viral

UseViral is a well-known spotify bots that makes use of social media marketing to boost Spotify followers, engagements, and music plays. Currently, the bot works with TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, among other platforms. They also offer a large network of 5k+ influencers who can promote targeted content on various websites and mobile apps. Your Spotify follower bot free social proof index, monthly playlist followers and listeners, and revenue will all increase as a result of this.

5. Media Mister


Median Mister


  • Offer: Spotify followers/listeners/plays/saves
  • Cost:  Start at $2/100 Spotify followers

Media Mister isn’t just another spotify bots. It is capable of assisting you with any social media activity. It has no effect on the services you provide. Above all, it can help you develop a successful music career on Spotify and other platforms. They diversified their Spotify follow bot GitHub account growth offers into several services such as followers, listeners, playtime, and saves. You can choose one because each is necessary for expanding your account and boosting playtime in order to begin earning money.

6. Stormlikes




Are you on the lookout for the best spotify bots available? Storm likes is a great place to start. They are passionate about what they do, and it shows in their number of followers and Spotify bot buy plays. They appear to be committed to serving their customers on their website. Each service can be purchased separately, ensuring that you only get what you pay for.

7. Followersup

Followersup spotify



  • Offer: Followers, Plays, playlist plays, monthly listeners, podcast plays, and playlist followers.
  • Cost:  Starts at $3/100 Spotify followers.

For a long time, Followersup has been available as a social media bot. It is safe to utilize because they have kept their reputation. spotify bots will not block or ban your account if its services meet all of the standards. They’re one of the greatest Pesukone Spotify bot service providers, and they know what their consumers want. Their pricing is very flexible, and they can work within your budget. They provide precisely what you paid for. They provide genuine fans and games.

8. Mr.Insta

Mr.Insta spotify



Mr. Insta is a spotify bots that runs on a website. The platform provides services to help people expand their social media followings. Automate Spotify plays followers are their key goal in this category. Your audience grows as a result of the followers, and your account rises in the ranks of the popular Spotify platform.

9. SidesMedia




Followers, playlist followers, monthly listeners, and plays are all available.
Starting at $10 for 500 Spotify artist followers, it’s a good deal.

More about what people think about it on SidesMedia. There are the greatest spotify bots we should include in our study. SidesMedia is a fantastic solution for creating automatic Spotify profiles. They provide the most genuine, organic, and genuine follows and plays on the market. This distinguishes them from other Pesukone Spotify bot on the market.

10. AIO Stream

Aio stream

Aio stream

The original spotify bots, AIOStream, are still available on the market. They are successful at redefining and selling music marketing tools. They can provide you with the greatest and most genuine likes, views, and followers on your Spotify account in a short amount of time. It can play, follow, and like a lot of music, users, and playlists at the same time. Developers update the app on a daily basis to increase its efficiency while increasing the visibility of your Spotify profile. They provide a variety of services, including plays, follows, account saves, exporting and importing, and account shifting. They have monthly, annual, and lifetime options available. The cost of the monthly package is $88.2.

11. Somiibo

spotify bots


Somiibo is a spotify bots that works automatically. It might assist you in gaining more organic followers as well as music streams. Because they automate every activity to raise your plays, followers, and streams, this is the finest tool for growing your Spotify account. Aside from that, if you sign up for their beta version, you’ll get free followers, plays, and likes.

Tips to Use Spotify Bots



Before using a spotify bots, you should exercise caution and be aware of the possibility of account suspension. It is strongly advised that you avoid this at all costs. Every operation on the Spotify platform may now be automated thanks to smart technologies. Spotify, on the other hand, is zealous about deactivating accounts that have fake streams. As a result, the computer predicts that you will dislike it almost immediately. Your account will be canceled or suspended, and you will have to start afresh. It would be advantageous if you could avoid it. How do you go about achieving it, though? This is how you do it:

If you abuse the spotify bots on a regular basis, the anti-bot will detect it and take action. Select a credible and reliable merchant whose services comply with all of Spotify’s terms and regulations.
Finally, if you want to reach a larger audience, make sure your tracks are top-notch. Nobody likes to listen to boring material.


The above list consists of the most reliable spotify bots. These bots can help you market your content by increasing traffic, playtime, and followers. When you have sufficient time, you can create relevant and attractive content. Thus, use this third-party software to jumpstart your journey and increase engagement. Never settle for any Pesukone Spotify bot; go for reliable and genuine suppliers. Again, before purchasing, check out for the free trials. Get the best quality and make your account stand out from the rest.

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