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21 Best Sukebei Nyaa Alternatives – Best Torrent Websites For Free

by Julia

When NYAA shut down in May 2017, other sites became alternatives to NYAA providing anime torrent resources for users to download. Before it shut down, sukebei users were frustrated as they could not imagine life without NYAA. But the truth is said that there are still many sukebei Nyaa Mirror options that serve the same function as sukebei.Nyaa Torrents. In this article, we are going to discuss 21 of the best anime download sites as alternatives to NYAA where you can always jump in and continue enjoying.

If you are indeed an anime fan, then you are also bound to love some websites mainly providing cartoons for you to stream online. In addition, if you encounter some excellent BGM during the watching period, you can go to anime music sites to download it for free! Then what’s sukebei.Nyaa? If you are a fan of anime and love downloading anime shows, then there is a possibility that you have come across Sukebei Nyaa proxy.

Before it shut down, Sukebei Nyaa was a popular anime torrent downloading site used by millions of web users. As a public torrent tracker, it provided its users with resources ranging from Japanese TV shows to Korean TV shows. It had Asian content as well, which made it very easy for you to download sukebei Nyaa and watch them wherever you were.

Best Nyaa Proxy and Nyaa Mirror Sites 2022

SL. No.Nyaa Proxy/MirrorsStatusSpeed
1.Nyaa.pants.catOnlineVery Fast
2.Bypass Nyaa OnlineVery Fast
3.Sukebei.nyaa.siOnlineVery Fast
4.Knaben.cc/nyaa/OnlineVery Fast
5.Nyaatorrents.infoOnlineVery Fast
6.Nyaa UnblockedOnlineVery Fast
7.Acgnx.seOnlineVery Fast
8.Sukebei.pantsu.catOnlineVery Fast
9.Torrents. meOnlineVery Fast
10.Nyaa BypassedOnlineVery Fast
11.Nyaa.mrunlock.funOnlineVery Fast
12.Unblockproject.XYZOnlineVery Fast
13.No censor.xyzOnlineVery Fast
14.Prox4you.ICUOnlineVery Fast
15.123unblock.proOnlineVery Fast

21 Best Sukebei Nyaa Alternatives – Best Torrent Websites For Free

here are some of the Sukebei Nyaa proxy alternatives which are as following:

1. Horrible Subs

Perhaps the most suitable alternative to sukebei website that the torrent industry could come up with is Horrible Subs. It has been a fierce competitor of NYAA’s 1 million daily visitors and an Alexa ranking of 2,797. It is a user-friendly website where you can download the latest anime content.

2. Anime Sharing

As the name suggests, Anime Sharing is a media-sharing website that has a similar layout to sukebei .nyaa It has many anime contents for viewing. The website also has the ability to download and upload anime series instantly. It has an Alexa rating of 3,445.

3. Anime Bytes

Another alternative to sukebei. NYAA website is Anime Bytes with the presence of a large amount of anime content but is no match to the sukebei This website would require registration before you can view the content. The downside of this website may include the prevention of new users when registration is full.

4. Pirate Bay

Considering the largest torrent hubs, there is only one name that instantly pops up to your head i.e. PirateBay. Although the website has faced various shutdowns, it still manages to emerge as a popular torrent website. It also contains a huge amount of anime content that is available for download

5. Extra Torrent

Lastly, ExtraTorrent is next in line to PirateBay that offers a wide variety of animated series, movies, and shows available for downloading.sukebei nyaa The search engine is well-designed for easier navigation.

6. AniSearch

AniSearch is an alternate of the famous sukebei.Nyaa Torrent that was shut down in 2017, focuses on Anime torrent aggregation.

7. BakaBT

BakaBT is also a very good sukebei alternative and is highly recommended by Anime fans. It is a private torrent tracker providing high-quality anime content.

8. AniDex

AniDex is a tracker and indexer for Anime torrents that focuses on Anime in the English language mainly with other languages as well.

9. Anime Tosho


anime tosha

Anime Tosho which you can see as another alternative to NYAA does have a great directory of NYAA-like content extracted from thousands of torrent resources. Users can find high-quality torrent files in small sizes, making the downloading process very easy and interesting. The only problem is that its user interface is outdated for it uses a very old blue-colored theme totally not appealing.

10.  Anime Layer


anime layer

Anime Layer offers all the popular titles in a beautiful and presentable manner. This NYAA alternative site has a professional design; however, you will find a lot of Russian written on the site. Don’t panic, it is because the site is Russia-based. Together with anime series, music, manga, and drama, the site also offers live radio, which is very unique. What’s also good about the site is that all the content is offered in high-quality but packed in small file sizes for easy downloading.

11.  Shana Project


shana project

This new torrent site for users to download anime can also offer you a similar user experience to NYAA. Shana Project offers a variety of popular anime shows available in multiple languages along with subtitles. There is a comprehensive search option available which makes finding torrents very easy. The site can automate your torrent downloads so that your client can automatically download torrents of your choice.

12. The Hylia


the hylia

The Hylia is an amazing NYAA replacement site for downloading the most of anime and hentai content. The best thing about the site is that it does not allow any ads and affiliate links to show up and only provides you with simple working torrents. The site has a simple interface which is good for browsing through the website. The only restriction is that there is a limit to how many files you can download at one time.

13. AcgnX Torrent


acgnx torrent

If you are looking for everything in anime, then AcgnX Torrent is the site you have to visit. This site offers anime games, comics, novels, and much more. However, the site needs to add more content if it wants to stay in business. Otherwise, the site works great just like any other NYAA alternative.



Among the top torrent anime sites, Nyaa inevitably holds the peak place because of the amazing benefits that every user can take. Its easy-to-use interface gives the most admiring user experience.

15. GGBases



GGBases is a Japanese anime site full of great stuff. The content is neatly organized into categories. Since it is a Japanese site, it can be very difficult to browse this site. So you need to understand the language before you can fully browse the site.

16. Animeworldbd



Animeworldbd is an amazing platform that allows its users to download anime torrents easily. Within seconds, you can find and download the anime torrents on it. The interesting factor is the job offers that this site provides.

17. 9Anime



9Anime is a streaming service and doesn’t give you the option to download the files. It’s not always possible to get the files downloaded on mobile devices. So in that case, it becomes difficult for you to watch your favorite series right away, their streaming service can help you a ton. Its UI offers a grid of varied available tiles, and you can pick the preferred quality by picking it right there.

18. TorrentDownloads


torrent download

TorrentDownloads is the site where you will find the best user interface and not the hectic one, as usually found in other sites.

19. Shana Project


shana project

Yet another impressive site is Shana Project that tempts you to visit over & over again to this platform for more anime content. The search bar makes it even more useful that helps you get the material of your choice quickly out there. Many videos are in HD quality that let you enjoy the movies anytime and anywhere. This well-organized site provides super easy ways to download the files. It gives all the access to the anime community’s latest series.

20.  Anime Ultime


anime ultima

Anime Ultime is catching the attention worldwide and letting the users get their best videos quickly in their devices. This effective solution is a torrent tracker that allows the user to become a part of the anime fan community, which will let them get more content than before.

21. 1337x



Can’t find the anime you’re looking for in any of the above-mentioned sites? If so, check out the rich collection of anime titles that 1337x has to offer. Similar to TPB, it isn’t an anime-centric torrent site. It does feature a dedicated category for all the latest and older anime shows, though. The 1337x torrent site also features different subcategories that make looking for dubbed or subbed anime content easier.

22. Crunchyroll – The Best for HD Anime Torrent



This is a little different from all the other NYAA alternatives on the list because it is legitimate. It is actually the top of the anime streaming sites in the USA that requires a subscription. It has in its library over 900 anime shows, 200 Asian dramas, and over 50 manga titles. There are titles such as Attack on Titan, Naruto Next Generations, Amazing Stranger, and Monster Strike, among many others.


These 21 sites are surely the best ones that promise for better experience quality-wise. You can take advantage of any of these sites and get the benefit by downloading your favorite videos right away. Visit these sites and tell us in the comment section, which one gives you the best experience.

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