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How to Use Web Video Downloader Chrome Extension 2022

by Julia
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Chrome is arguably the most popular browser, holding a whopping 65.13% of the browser market share worldwide as of July 2022, according to StatCounter. Its good user experience is one of many merits that makes video downloader chrome favorable.

At this point, the best video downloader for Chrome’s seamless integration with third-party video downloaders is one of the typical examples. With video downloader chrome extension 2022 installed on video downloader chrome, the entire video downloading experience becomes all the more convenient.

There are a plethora of the best video downloaders for Chrome extensions. So what is the best video downloader chrome extension 2022 to download videos with the video downloader chrome extension? No need to find it somewhere else.

Here we share a handpicked list of the best Chrome video downloader extensions, which allow you to download videos in the video downloader chrome extension browser without a hassle.

Are video downloaders for Chrome legal?

Video downloaders like the Chrome extension are perfectly legal to use if you are downloading videos for your personal use or if you want to create transformative content from them. However, downloading videos that are protected by stringent copyright laws without permission from the original owner is considered a serious offense.

Are Chrome video downloaders free?

Most video downloader chrome extensions are free. Some offer premium plans with added features, while some offer a tool that is free for use only for a limited period of time.

Which is better—free video downloaders or paid downloaders?

 Free all video downloader chrome extensions are recommended for users who can’t afford to pay out of their pocket, or simply need a downloader for one-time use. However, you would be better off paying for a tool to enjoy an ad-free experience, with added useful features.

Plus Video Downloader

Video Downloader Chrome Extension Plus is an excellent video downloader chrome extension that you can use to download videos from literally any website. This tool has over 400,000 downloads and has a super impressive 4.5-star rating after over 4000 reviews on the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Video Downloader Plus Extension - Best Chrome Video Downloader

Chrome Video Downloader Plus Extension – Best Chrome Video Downloader

The good thing about this youtube video downloader chrome extension 2021 is straightforward to use. You just need to install it on your video downloader chrome extension browser. Once you visit the page from where you want to download the video, click on the extension icon from your video downloader chrome extension browser’s toolbar.

Video Download Center by Silvestri Kronvalds

If, for any reason, you are facing problems with the tool mentioned above or maybe simply want a video downloader chrome extension that is very easy to use. In both scenarios, all video downloader Center by Silvestri Kronvalds is going to be a superb choice for you.

Video Download Center

Video Download Center

The youtube video downloader chrome extension 2020 Center lets users download videos from a wide range of internet websites. You can go to Facebook, DailyMotion, Twitter, and other web platforms. However, like Video Downloader Plus, it cannot help you download YouTube videos due to privacy policy issues.

Good Video Downloader by Create4u

chrome download video extension is another excellent lightweight video downloader chrome extension 2021 that allows users to download videos from a bunch of popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Dailymotion. It is an easy-to-use, two-step video chrome download video extension that can help you download videos on your Chrome browser.

Stream Video Downloader

The stream is Freely Available for all Windows, Linux Users with an Average Rating of 4.3 and More than 6,00,000 Monthly Active Users. The stream video downloader chrome is one of the Most Popular chrome download video extensions and their Top Most Priority is to be Compatible with the Variety of Sites with almost all the Video formats Like MP4, AVI, ASF, and so on with Many Resolution Options.

Video Downloader Helper

It is Freely Available for All Windows, Linux Computers with More than 2,00,000 + Users and an Average Rating Of 4.3, it allows the user to Customize the Format Of downloaded chrome download video extension Even You Can Rename It.

Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader is Best for 6X faster online video downloading. Leawo Video Downloader is a tool for downloading 720P/1080P videos, music videos, etc. It has functionalities for downloading live stream video downloader chrome. It will let you download videos from more than 1000 sites. It provides 6X higher speed. The tool is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

MiniTool uTube Downloader

MiniTool is first and foremost a powerful video processing tool that is primarily known for its robust editing and video conversion feature. However, it is a rather fantastic fast as well, exclusively for YouTube.

Video Downloader Professional

Best for chrome download video extension integration chrome download video extension Professional is just one in a line of smart tools that easily integrate with the best video downloader for chrome browser to make the entire video downloading process fairly intuitive and simple. The videos playing on any chrome download video extension are automatically detected by this ingenious software.

You simply have to click the green arrow available on the top of your browser right beside the address bar, upon which a professional video downloading menu will open. You then have the option to choose the video you would like to download, and what resolution you would like to download it in.


FBDOWN.net solves the monumental problem posed by Facebook by helping you download the videos playing on its timeline without any issue. Yes! it is one of those tools that enable downloading content from social media platforms, which would have otherwise been impossible. It is also very simple to use. You simply copy the URL of the Facebook video you would like to download, paste it in the concerned text box available on FBDOWN, and hit the download button. The chrome download video extension will start downloading and will eventually find its way to your destination folder on the device.

It also comes with a youtube video downloader chrome extension 2020, which makes the download process on the browser considerably easier. Once integrated, the extension will automatically detect videos on Facebook, thus bypassing the entire copy-paste process to skip right ahead to the downloading.

Video Downloader Pro

Best for easy video download across the web. Downloader Pro is a very smart tool that easily passes as a robust fast for downloading videos. The tool easily identifies videos on any content platform and prompts the user to download videos in the format in which it is present online.

The tool helps you by automatically identifying the format output and does away with any manual striving from the user. This can be both a good and bad thing depending on who you ask. Plus, it can download chrome download video extension from almost all content platforms online, with the notable exception of YouTube. This can stick out like a sore thumb, considering YouTube is a giant platform.


Best for downloading royalty-free videos for editing. FlexClip is an easy stream video downloader chrome on the eyes, a full-service video editor that goes out of its way to create videos to serve a variety of purposes. Although it doesn’t qualify as a video downloader in the conventional sense, it does offer a huge gallery of royalty-free videos that you can download to help with the editing of your video downloader chrome download video extension. Not only do you get a gallery of video footage to play with, but FlexClip is also home to thousands of royalty-free audio clips, stickers, images, and video transition effects that all work together to offer a personalized experience missing from all the other tools on this list.


Best for full-service high-quality video processing. Out of all the video downloaders, flash video downloader chrome has to offer, SaveTheVideo is perhaps the most divisive of them. At first glance, the tool isn’t blessed with a good look. Add to that, the constant advertisements on its platform are sure to turn people away from it. However, it is still quite spectacular in the features it offers, and its overall performance. SaveTheVideo allows you to edit and convert videos apart from downloading videos. It is fairly simple and superfast in its execution.


Best for automated YouTube video downloader. SaveFrom.net is a fascinating video downloader where you do get the option to simply copy-paste a URL on its dashboard for quick downloading. However, you also get the option to download the tool which enables you to directly capture a video from the source website itself.

SaveFrom.net works phenomenally well for YouTube. Once added to, you will always find a download button below each and every YouTube video you play. You simply have to click the button, choose the resolution and output format from the mini scroll bar that appears, and click download.


Best for downloading HD videos online. As the name suggests, Catch video is quite a useful online tool to capture videos you desire from literally any content platform available on the web. As such, YouTube, Dailymotion, TikTok, Facebook are all fair game.

Chrome Audio Capture

Chrome Audio Capture is a video downloader chrome that allows users to capture any audio playing on the current tab. Multiple tabs can be captured simultaneously. Captures can be saved as either .mp3 or .wav files. Users will have the option to mute tabs that are currently being captured.  To begin capture, click on the Chrome Audio Capture icon and use the interface or hotkeys to start and stop the capture. Once the capture is stopped, you can save and name your audio file


video downloader chrome has become quite mandatory today, thanks in large part to the phenomenal rise of independent content creators online. As such, it only makes sense to have a video downloader ready to go, when and if you need it. If you are a video downloader chrome user, then you are already blessed with a number of great options when it comes to selecting the best video downloader. So if you are looking for a downloader that offers more than just simple video downloading, then we suggest you go with Video Downloader Plus.

If you are looking for a simple tool that also performs other video processing functions impeccably, then do opt for MiniTool uTube Downloader.

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