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Viooz Alternatives: 25+ Sites Like Viooz To Watch Free Online Movies In 2022

by Julia

Still, hunting for the best Viooz alternatives online but having little luck? Viooz was a great site for watching movies and TV series online, but it’s no longer available. But don’t worry, for your search has come to a conclusion! We offer a solution to your unquenchable need to watch movies and TV series for free every day.

Yes! You can now watch the latest episodes of Stranger Things, Westworld, Game of Thrones, and Supernatural without having to pay for a subscription to a premium streaming service. It’s not to mention that you may view a variety of recent films in the comfort of your own home for days on end! “Wait. How? “

Here’s a list of the finest Viooz alternatives that will enable you to watch movies and TV episodes online for free in HD quality! Furthermore, since many of these Viooz alternatives are legal and safe to use, you won’t have to worry about copyright infringement. So, without further ado, let us get started.

25+ Sites Like Viooz To Watch Free Online Movies

Here is the list of the 27 best alternatives sites like Viooz to watch free movies online.

1. SolarMovie


SolarMovie does not, first and foremost, need registration. You can visit the website right now and begin watching hundreds of new movies and TV shows in 720p HD.

Another reason we suggest SolarMovie is that it has a large library of HD movies and TV episodes that cater to all types of movie fans. Overall, SolarMovie is one of the greatest Viooz alternatives for individuals who dislike registering for free streaming services.

2. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is a great alternative to Viooz because it has movies in almost every genre. Not to mention, Popcornflix is at the top of the game due to its vast catalogue, which includes everything from obscure classics to the most recent blockbusters.

You may also utilise the site’s basic search box to browse movies by genre, such as Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Thriller, Comedy, and so on. Additionally, TV programme addicts may enjoy the latest episodes of their favourite documentaries, such as Game of Thrones, The 100, The Walking Dead, and others with simplicity and elegance.

3. FMovies


Despite their feuds with copyright holders, movies continue to be at the forefront of giving full HD movies to their legions of admirers all over the world. The site has gained a reputation for sporadically launching new domains in order to avoid being shut down, and voilà, we have a reliable archive of the most recent movies uploaded by the minute. You may use domains like Fmovies.to, Movies.is, Fmovies.io, and others to access movie material, and choose the one that works best in your country.

4. PutLockers


If you’ve ever watched free movies online, you’ve probably come across PutLockers, which allows you to view and download your favourite Hollywood and foreign films from the comfort of your own home.

The site’s huge movie library is constantly updated with new digital content, ensuring that you will always be able to locate recently released films. PutLockers, which has been in charge of streaming the free films for some time, also allows you to bookmark your favourite movies in a list style for easy access.

5. Crunchyroll


Fans of anime and Japanese films, rejoice! If you’re searching for an excellent Viooz alternative to satisfy your anime demands, then Crunchyroll‘s massive collection will keep you hooked for days. It may also keep you up to speed on the most recent news and events in the world of anime and manga. Furthermore, you may pick from over 25000+ free Japanese anime movies for unlimited streaming access. However, you must sign up for a premium subscription, which starts at $6.95 per month.

6. BigStar Movies


BigStar Movies is your go-to site if you’re looking for distinctive material such as independent films, film festival winners, award-winning documentaries, or foreign films. Finding films that are a welcome diversion from the usual hackneyed Hollywood fare is difficult.

BigStar Movies, on the other hand, allows you to browse through hundreds of free oddball movies that are updated weekly with fresh additions. All of these movies are also available to watch on a variety of platforms, including Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, and more. If you want complete access to the catalogue, you may upgrade to premium.

7. Vumoo.life


Vimeo.Life also offers free full-HD movie streaming online. Furthermore, you can rapidly explore and view a wide range of movie genres, as well as top-rated IMDB videos and trending videos, without having to register. You may also watch the most recent episodes of TV shows like Game of Thrones and Supernatural. So much so that you may read the description of a movie or TV show before watching it or just utilise the preview option to screen it. Vimeo, all at once. If you’re addicted to full HD movie streaming, Life is a good Viooz alternative.

8. Yidio


Yidio is a unique search destination that brings the best of all worlds under one roof, making it one of the best Viooz alternatives for individuals who wish to stream material from numerous sites at the same time. It allows you to watch movies and TV episodes from Hulu, Netflix, and other digital content providers all in one place, eliminating the need to open several tabs. As a consequence, there’s a huge collection of free movies and TV episodes to choose from, as well as live streaming possibilities.

9. Kiss Anime


KissAnime is an unending reservoir for anime enthusiasts where they can view and download all the latest episodes of classics like Attack on Titan and more. Kiss Anime also offers you the most up-to-date news and feature pieces from the world of anime. This is without a doubt one of the greatest Viooz replacements available.

10. Tubi TV


Don’t want to pay for monthly premium memberships to watch movies and TV episodes on the internet? Tubi TV is a dependable answer to your problems. Simply create a free account on the site and begin watching your favourite movies and television shows anytime you want. Oh, and if you enjoy watching movies for free on your Android smartphone, Tubi TV offers a specific app for that.

11. 123Movies


123Movies is a viral site that has become synonymous with watching free movies online. It is a goldmine for unrestricted streaming of movies and TV shows from a wide range of genres. Perhaps the most important reason why 123Movies is one of the greatest Viooz alternatives is that the site seldom slows down and is generally reliable and bug-free, even when traffic is heavy. However, because 123Movies has had multiple run-ins with copyright concerns, it is recommended that you use a VPN service to view it.

12. Viewster


Viewster is a fully free streaming service that has gathered a massive library of digital material in the last several years, offering an assortment of movies and TV series covering genres such as horror, anime, thrillers, action, and more. Viewster is a fully free streaming service that has gathered a massive library of digital material in the last several years, offering an assortment of movies and TV series covering genres such as horror, anime, thrillers, action, and more.

Viewster is constantly updated with new releases, and you can now view documentaries on the site. Viewster, on the other hand, is one of the greatest Viooz alternatives since it is available in more languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French.

13. Cmovies


Even though it is identical to all of the other sites on our list of the top Viooz replacements, movies can be used as a backup source if other sites are unavailable. In all honesty, Flicks does provide a diverse selection of horror films that are hard to get across on other free streaming services. Fans of horror films should certainly check it out.

14. Watch free


Many consider WatchFree to be the indisputable internet centre for viewing a plethora of documentaries, movies, and TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The 100, Supernatural, and others. There will be no-nonsense. Navigation on WatchFree is simple because of its immersive and ultra-clean UI. Furthermore, you may comb through a huge movie collection, which includes a section dedicated to the week’s or new month’s releases. There’s also an IMDB area where you may view top-rated movies depending on their IMDB scores.

15. Niter Movies


Niter Movies brings searching for movies, anime, TV series, and high-quality videos online to a whole new level with only a basic search box on its site. Niter Movies has a snappy UI that makes navigation a breeze, and it also offers a plethora of free streaming alternatives. You may watch movies in a variety of genres, from action to comedy, as well as TV episodes and anime.

16. Netflix


Netflix’s catchphrase “Netflix and Chill” is still going strong, as the company has grown into the largest centre for free internet viewing (free for 30 days). From Grey’s Anatomy to The Walking Dead to Supernatural, you can watch it all right here. This famous streaming service also has a wide selection of movies and TV episodes, but they are only available for a month of free viewing. Your complimentary membership will thereafter expire.

17. Sony Crackle


Crackle has become a key participant in the free streaming sector after emerging to notoriety as the site that delivers unedited Director’s Cut versions of movies. Crackle, other than its free streaming programming, very much covers everything that made Viooz so great. You can watch everything from hit TV episodes to your favourite movies in its huge video collection, which is organised by category.

18. Hulu


Hulu, yet another fantastic option for watching episodes of TV classics like Modern Family, South Park, and Saturday Night Live, has come a long way. Hulu, which has been following Netflix for a few years, now has a list of various live streaming channels as well as the ability to view the latest blockbusters. As a result, if Viooz is unavailable, it might be considered a viable alternative. Hulu, on the other hand, provides free in-house content but requires a $5.99/month membership to access limitless streaming services.

18. YTS


One of the reasons why YTS is a good Viooz alternative is that it allows you to download full HD 1080p films for free. YTS, or Yify Movies, is a trending area with all of the most recent movies and TV series. On this enormously popular site, you may also search for movies by completing a chronological A-Z search. However, YTS is restricted in several countries owing to copyright difficulties.

19. MovieZion


Without even joining up for Movie Zion, which has over 40,000 videos in high HD, you can enjoy some of the best films in cinema history! Not only that, but MovieZion also has some intriguing lists, such as the “Top 200 Comedy Films of All Time.” Furthermore, you may see movie trailers before deciding to watch a film. Overall, MovieZion is an innovative platform that is similar to Viooz.

20. Vudu


Vudu has established itself as a superb Viooz competitor because of its well-known “Movies on Us” option, which allows you to view hundreds of high-definition and free movies online. Furthermore, Vudu updates the site with new content on a regular basis to ensure that loyal customers do not get dissatisfied. But wait, there’s more: Vudu is completely free because it does not require a membership.

21. SnagFilms


SnagFilms, another good alternative for aficionados of old western masterpieces like Cowboy sagas, etc., allows you to stream over 10,000+ old western classics for free. Wait, there’s more: you can relive the zeitgeist of earlier decades by watching epoch-defining vintage television series that are no longer available on cable. All you have to do now is create an account and keep an eye on all the old gold.

22. Kodi


Kodi is an open-source streaming platform that is available for both Android and desktop users. It has a large number of third-party add-ons that provide customizations and a choice of streaming alternatives for watching free movies and TV shows. Because Kodi isn’t an official service, it’s possible that it’ll be geo-restricted in your country. Nonetheless, for many individuals, Kodi remains an excellent virtual cinema option for free digital stream entertainment.

23. Cartoon Crazy


Want to catch up on the latest season of Attack on Titan? Say no more, because Cartoon Crazy Net is your one-stop shop for free anime action on the internet. Cartoon Crazy Net is probably one of the greatest alternatives to the Viooz genre, with over 25,000 high-quality animes dubbed into English. Don’t worry about updates; the site’s video library is constantly updated with the most recent anime episodes, so you won’t need to go anywhere else.

24. Classic Cinema Online


Classic Cinema Online is a comprehensive resource for watching iconic movies of the past, with an appealing interface for streaming ancient masterpieces in HD resolution for free. Classics include films such as From Here to Eternity, Gone with the Wind, Django Unchained, Guns of Navarone, and all of Charlie Chaplin’s films, among others. You can immediately recreate previous recollections with Classic Cinema Online at the helm.

25. Top Documentary Films


Top Documentary Films, as its name suggests, is a fantastic site with over 4,000 documentaries and hard-hitting films that are hard to get online for free. If you want to view documentaries on almost any subject, it is one of the greatest viooz movie alternatives. Only Top Documentary Films subscribers will be notified when a new documentary film is released.

26. TV Series Net


If you want to find out who dies next in the latest Game of Thrones episode, TV Series Net is a free streaming portal that will satisfy all of your interests. Aside from Game of Thrones, you can watch the most recent episodes of other TV shows like The Walking Dead, Supernatural, The 100, Grey’s Anatomy, and so on. Furthermore, you may enjoy lag-free high-definition video streaming for the best possible experience.

27. findtv


Findtv is another excellent free Viooz alternative. You can watch TV series for free on the internet. You can watch as many high-definition TV shows as you want!HD Streaming is compatible with your TV, PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, and Android phone! Findtv offers over 600 HD TV dramas with no commercials. Every day, before 7 a.m. in Los Angeles, www.findtv.net refreshes the TV series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have inquired about Viooz Alternatives. As a result, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Viooz Alternatives.

Do I have to pay anything for a Viooz Alternatives trial period?

No, you do not have to pay anything to use the trial time. If you want to keep your membership for the following month, you must pay; otherwise, your subscription will be cancelled.

Where can I find Viooz substitutes?

The simplest approach to receiving Viooz Alternatives is to come here every day.

Is it safe to utilise the Viooz alternatives?

Yes, Viooz Alternatives is completely safe to use and has no dangers.


All of the greatest online alternatives to Viooz movies on our list include a large library of HD films to keep you engaged in your spare time. Simply go to any of the websites listed above and start viewing tonnes of movies and TV series online over and over again—no need to rely on any shady downloads or seeding.

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