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Top 7 XML Editor For Productive Development | techlion

by Julia
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The XML editor windows 10 authoring systems (XML editor online free) are used by software and application developers in all industries to modify technologies. These are pre-programmed elements that are required for the development of interactive technology or software. Depending on the DTD (document type definition) or editor tree, these may offer features like tag completion and other choices seen in xml editor. Establishing a customized editing environment with a unique interface that generates correct code is crucial. Oxygen, Emacs, TextEdit, Code Browser, and others are examples of such editing environments.

The Extensible Markup Language or free download is a language that is used to describe the rules for encoding texts in a specific manner. That format can be read by both people and machines. However, the xml editor windows 10  files appear to be overly complex, leading some to believe that once created, such files cannot be easily changed or modified. But this is just not the case. The files can be changed in the same way as any other form of a file. We’re going to share a list of The 7 Best Free XML editors windows 10 with you today so you may download one without spending any money. Let’s take a brief look at this list.


XML editors are distinct from word processors in that they include the ability to edit XML files. The best free xml editor can be done using any plain text editor, with all of the code visible, but with the added functionality of tag completion and the integration of menus and buttons for tasks that are usually online. These are based on information from a DTD or XML tree. In addition to standard free download, are multiple graphical editors as well that are integrated with the functions of hiding the code of any file in the background and presenting the content to the users in a more non-disruptive format, approximating the rendered version or editing forms.

Top 7 XML Editor For Productive Development

The top xml editors are listed below for you to download and use to modify your documents.

1. Adobe FrameMaker XML Author

Adobe XML Editor framework

Adobe XML Editor framework

Adobe FrameMaker XML Author is an authoring tool. It helps a user to edit and publish multilingual content. It enables a user to create bidirectional best xml editor content easily. It comes with a very intuitive user interface, multiple views, merging scopes, MathML equation supports, XSLT, and Xpath, also has new DITA 1.3 support. Overall it has everything an authoring and application development and publishing suite should include.

2. EditiX

Editi XML Editor


EditiX is a cross-platform powerful and easy-to-use XML editor designed to help web authors and application programmers step on utilizing the latest xml editor open source and XML-related techs such as XSLT/FO and XSD Schema. It has an extensive range of XML functionality embedded inside its IDE that will guide you with intelligent entry helpers. It comes with real-time Xpath location and syntax error detection.



Notepad++ is a free text editor that comes with a plugin for editing XML files. The Color Coding feature of this software is used to differentiate the code and the content of a microsoft xml editor file. You can also launch Notepad++ with the help of the Command-Line Arguments very conveniently. Just like any other good text editor, you can easily Highlight, Copy or Paste text within your file by making use of this software. It also allows you to work on multiple XML files simultaneously.

4. Oxygen XML Editor

Oxygen Editor

Oxygen Editor

Oxygen XML Editor is designed to accommodate many users, ranging from beginners, intermediate to XML experts. Oxygen is a comprehensive suite of open-source authoring and developing tools and a standalone application (also can be used as an Eclipse plugin).

5. Emacs

Emacs XML Editor

Emacs XML Editor

One of the most popular XML Editing tools for development and authoring tools for editing XML documents. Emacs supports the editing of Well-formed XML documents and provides schema-sensitive editing. Developers love Emacs as it features efficient commands for common but complex actions, and plugins and configuration hacks have developed a lot over forty years. It is viewed as a complex XML editor.

6. XmlPad



XmlPad is a free for the Windows and Mac operating systems. This software offers us three different types of views for our XML files i.e. Grid, Table, and Preview which provide improved functionality. You can also open your XML files through their URLs with the help of this software. The Color Syntax Highlighting feature of this software allows you to highlight the text of your microsoft xml editor files. You can also enable Line Numbers for every line within your XML file for enhanced readability.

7. TextEdit



TextEdit is another free text editor that can edit XML files as well as a variety of other file types. This program lets you open and modify numerous XML files at the same time. TextEdit’s Syntax Highlighting tool can be used to make the content of your XML files stand out more. You can also save your microsoft xml editor as bookmarks for future use. TextEdit supports extremely big file sizes, allowing you to edit your XML files without restriction.

You can also use Line Numbers to improve the visibility of your XML files. Within an XML file, you can use Find and Replace. TextEdit has an unlimited amount of Undo and Redo actions, so even if you’re using it for the first time, you’ll find it easy to use. You can also utilize the software’s Drag and Drop capability to make changes.


On the xml editor open source software program market, there are a plethora of XML Editors. Any top ten or fifteen list does not do justice. Nonetheless, we did our best and solicited the help of robust and widely used developers, code authors, and editors. There are numerous free available. If you’re purchasing a for personal use, we recommend that you start with a free and subsequently upgrade to a licensed one.

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