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Aether Genshin Impact Profile & Best Build In 2022

by Nemo
Aether Genshin Impact

The Aether Genshin Impact is one of two main characters. Here’s all you need to know about this character, as well as some frequently asked questions. He is a male traveler and Lumine’s brother, who is on a quest to reclaim his sister. Here’s all you need to know about Aether Genshin Impact character, as well as some frequently asked questions.

Aether Genshin Impact

Aether is the story’s male protagonist. As for the game’s male or female protagonist, players can select between Aether Genshin Impact and Lumine Genshin Impact. Until the day of their disastrous encounter with the mystery goddess on Teyvat, Aether used to be a global wanderer with his sister, Lumine. After Aether’s powers were taken away, the surviving sibling embarked on a search for his missing sister. Aether Genshin Impact is a survivor whose sibling was kidnapped, leading him to embark on a quest to track down the Seven.

Aether’s personality traits are as follows:

  • 5.0 stars out of 5
  • Alternate Names (CN: Kng, JP: Sora)
  • Unknown World Traveler Organization/Circle:
  • Constellation: Viator
  • Adaptive/Changeable Vision/Element
  • Weapon: Sword
  • Gender: male
  • September 26th is my birthday.
  • Bodytype: adolescent
  • 164 cm in height.
  • Horie Shun Voice Actors:/Lù Yn Voice Actors:

Aether Genshin Impact’s Age

In Genshin Impact, Aether is one of the two major characters. He is the twin brother of Lumine. There are a few more details in his profile that you might be interested in. Aether Age Impact Genshin Aether is a 15-year-old girl. He is a little child on a quest to reunite with his twin sister. You will be sent to the coast of Mondstadt after creating your account and selecting Aether as your main character to travel in Tivat. Paimon will then follow Aether on his trip and provide him with vital knowledge.

Aether Genshin Impact Height

Aether is 5’4″ (164 cm) tall. He stands somewhat taller than his twin sister Lumine Genshin Impact, who stands at 158cm. Among the Genshin Impact players, he is of average height. He is at the center of the list in terms of height. The protagonist is short and small enough to evade several of the Hypostasis bosses’ laser strikes. In addition, he has the ability to sprint through low and small openings in underground tunnels.

2. Best Build Genshin Impact Aether

Aether is a powerful supporter. You can choose from three different elements, including Anemo, Geo, and Electro. You can only pick between Geo and Anemo elements if you establish your account before the Inazuma upgrade. If you create him with the strongest weapons and artifacts, you can make him a powerful ally.

Aether Genshin Impact

Impact Aether Sword Genshin

Aether Genshin Impact wields the sword. With a base damage of 42, the best sword for this Geo character is Iron Sting. Furthermore, it boosts elemental mastery by 36. It gives you a 6% boost in Elemental DMG. You can also employ the Festering Desire or the Sacrificial Sword. Energy Recharge is a bonus benefit for each of them.

The Best Artifacts for Aether

First and foremost, if you choose the Anemo element for Aether Genshin Impact, the Viridescent Veneer is the finest artifact set for him. The Anemo DMG Bonus is increased by 15% with this artifact. Alternatively, you can use the Noblesse Oblige or Gladiator’s Finale sets.

If you choose the Geo Traveler, you should get the Archaic Petra outfit for Aether Genshin Impact and equip it. With this artifact set, he will earn a 15% Geo DMG bonus. The Noblesse Oblige set and the Gladiator’s Finale set, on the other hand, are both excellent alternatives for him. Finally, for this Electro Traveler, the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set is the finest option.

It contributes to a 20% increase in energy recharge. In addition, the Thundering Fury and Exile sets are two further options for this character. A 15% Electro DMG Bonus is available to male travelers.

Aether Genshin Impact’s Best Team Construction

Aether can help your squad as a sub-DPS and supporter. Here are some suggested teammates for Aether Genshin Impact. Klee, Hu Tao, Fischl, Xingqiu, and Chongyun are members of the Anemo Aether. Anemo abilities and aether bursts can expand the area of influence for other characters’ elements. Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro DPS use him to assist them in applying their elemental abilities on a bigger scale.

The AoE DMG of Elemental Reactions is thus increased. The Geo Aether members are Zhongli, Diluc, Razor, Noelle, Xiao, and Bennett. To create the crystalized reactions, his geo element can react with four DPS elements: pyro, hydro, cryo, and electro.

Aether Genshin Impact

3. Frequently Asked Questions About Aether

To boost the geo damage, he will spam his elemental skills and elemental burst. It will synergize with Zhongli’s Geo attacks, resulting in a vast region of Geo DMG. Hu Tao, Yanfei, Childe (Tartaglia), Kazuha, Diona, and Jean are members of the Electro Aether. Electro Aether is a fantastic energy booster. He can work together with his teammates to create powerful hydro, cryo, and pyro reactions.

Aether’s partner can use elemental burst to deliver more damage to enemies once he applies his electro effect to them. If you don’t already have such characters, save up Primogems to buy your destiny from Wish Banners. Alternately, you might use characters that have the same elements.


Aether is causing some confusion among Genshin Impact players. Let’s see if we can uncover the answers to these questions.

Is Aether more powerful than Lumine?

Aether and Lumine Genshin ImpactIn reality, Genshin and Impact share the same strength. In terms of basic statistics, they are identical. As a result, Aether is no match for Lumine. Because Aether is taller than Lumine, he is faster at running and climbing than his sister. He is not, however, as agile as his twin sister. Aether’s assaults are slower than Lumine’s.

Lumine vs. Aether [Genshin Impact]: Travelers’ Fighting Styles

Does Aether serve as the Canon MC?

In Genshin Impact, either Aether or Lumine Genshin Impact is a Canon MC. To follow the game’s story and interact with NPCs during cutscenes while doing quests or commissions, you must choose one of them. That’s everything there is to know about Genshin Impact Aether. This male character comes in handy when it comes to helping DPS characters.

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