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How To Set Voice In Among Us Voice Chat Game Online 2022

by Julia
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Among us, voice chat we play, voice chat appears to be an important component of the experience. In the multi-player game among us voice chat online, there are a few different ways to set up voice chat among us voice chat discord games. The Among Us Proximity Chat Epic Games does not include a built-in voice chat capability.

When people are physically playing the game, though, the basic need for voice conversing is not as important. If the participants are participating in the game virtually, the among us voice chat online chatting element is a must-have. Only then will the imposter be able to slip in amongst everyone and add tension to the game.

Among us voice chat online is a game that is arguably entirely about player involvement and communication. Sure, crewmates must run around completing jobs, while impostors must simulate completion of those activities in order to safeguard their identity while removing the other players.

However, most of these actions can be accomplished by hitting a single button, whereas the game’s true complexities arise from your ability to communicate with other players during emergency meetings in order to determine who is innocent and who is guilty. To put it another way, you need to be able to communicate your point quickly and convincingly.

How can you set up voice chat in Among Us Using Bluestacks?

Method 1: Bluestacks

Bluestacks can be used by the crew for voice communication in the game. By following the instructions outlined below, you can enable voice chat in the Proximity voice chat.

  • Install the Among Us application.
  • Then, in the bottom left corner of your screen, tap on the group voice call.
  • Start a group call by pressing the Start button.
  • Tap on the Start group call button after entering your nickname.
  • Additionally, press on okay after selecting the speaker or microphone.
  • Your call will begin, and you will be given the opportunity to share the COPY ID with your crew members.
  • Return to the bottom left corner of the group window call.
  • To join the group, provide your ID and a nickname.
  • Select, Join the call, then choose whether to use the microphone or speakers.
  • Then click okay to join the call and have fun! The microphone can be muted by clicking the green button.
  • When the microphone is muted, the green button turns red, and when it is unmuted, it returns to green.
  • By clicking the arrow on the green button, you can change the audio settings.
  • After selecting the microphone or speakers in the audio options, you can exit.

Method 2: Using Proximity Chat Mod to Use Voice Chat Among US

The Mod is primarily designed for PC use, and the noise may be heard clearly and loudly. The gamers get the Mod via Steam, and the PC version costs $5 to download.

For additional fun and suspense in the Among Us voice meme game with crew members, download the mod for the PC version only. Refer to this page before downloading the mod and then downloading and installing it. Install the executable file (.exe file) that you downloaded.

How do you start a group chat In Among Us?

The first thing you should know is that among us voice chat online currently lacks a built-in audio chat system. There is a text chat room available throughout the game, but that is all that is available at the time of writing. You’ll need to host a third-party audio call if you want to voice chat with other players.

You can use Discord, Google Meet, Messenger, WhatsApp, or even Skype, depending on what works best for you and your buddies. If you’re using a PC, you can just open it in your browser and play it alongside the game. The Among Us voice meme app version should work fine alongside among us voice chat on mobile.

If you’re playing on Nintendo Switch, you can either use one of the third-party methods we recommend on a separate device, such as your phone or PC, or use voice chat in the Nintendo Switch Online app if you’re playing with other Switch players.

If you’re playing on PC, we recommend setting among us voice chat online to windowed mode rather than the full screen to make switching between the two easier. To do so, open the game, go to settings (click the wheel icon – the second one on the bottom of the screen), then graphics, and toggle full screen to ‘off’.

How to use the audio chat feature in Among Us

Everyone will need to have the software installed on their computer or phone, as well as a working microphone on whatever device they’re using. To eliminate in-game sound effects being picked up via the microphone, we recommend wearing headphones.

If you’re playing with strangers from an online community like the among us voice chat Discord server, we recommend using Discord for voice chat because you can easily use a pseudonym and won’t have to give out any sensitive information like your email address, complete name, or phone number. If you want to be extra cautious, you can just use the built-in text chat.

If you’re streaming the Among Chat APK game on Twitch, double-check that our sound output settings are picking up your audio call, and make sure the volumes of your mic, the players on the call, and the in-game sound effects/music are all balanced. If you’re streaming the game on Twitch, double-check that our sound output settings are picking up your audio call, and make sure the volumes of your mic, the players on the call, and the in-game sound effects/music are all balanced.

Finally, while you’re not in the elimination phase of the game, get into the habit of muting yourself! If you don’t want to accidentally ruin the game (like this author has done in the past), either use the mute button on your call program or manually mute your microphone if possible.


When you add voice chat to the mix, it’s a very different experience from playing Among Us with only text chat, especially if you manage to get an entire game lobby in your voice call. Matches become more frantic as participants no longer have to wait for group meetings to communicate and may simply toss suspicion around, making every match frantic and interesting. What are your thoughts on the Among Us voice chat online feature in BlueStacks? We’d love to hear your ideas and criticism in the comments section below!

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