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Top 10 Best Business Intelligence Tools & Software In 2022

by Nemo
Best Business Intelligence Tools

Best Business Intelligence Tools: (BI tools) are software programs that collect, organize, display, and analyze business data in order to find trends and patterns that can be used to make decisions based on the data. Are you thinking about putting the best business intelligence tools in place?

Then you’ll be relieved to learn that there are several solutions available. Best business intelligence tools aid in the understanding of patterns and the extraction of insights from data so that tactical and strategic business choices may be made. They might also help you find trends in the huge amounts of data your business creates.However, how can you decide which business intelligence product is right for your business?

And which best business intelligence tools can assist you in achieving your online objectives? You’re not the only one looking for a solution like this. Especially as the use of big data spreads, many SMB organizations are jumping on the BI bandwagon. In fact, Mordor Intelligence says that the market for business intelligence will grow to be worth USD 40.50 billion by 2026.

What are the benefits of using best business intelligence tools?

For starters, data discovery, which was previously confined to advanced analytics professionals’ abilities, is now something that anybody can perform using these best business intelligence tools. Not only that, but these tools also give you the information you need to grow, deal with urgent problems, put all of your data in one place, predict future results, and do a lot more.

In this post, we’ll go through the best business intelligence tools for 2022 and perhaps get you on the right track to finding the ideal product for your company. Keep in mind that different business intelligence tools vary in how well they integrate, how easy they are to use technically, and, of course, how much they cost.

Top 10 Best Business Intelligence Tools

In this post, we’ll go through the top 10 best business intelligence tools for 2022 and perhaps get you on the right track to finding the ideal product for your company.

1. MicroStrategy

Best Business Intelligence ToolsMicroStrategy is an enterprise business intelligence platform that offers dashboarding, data analytics, cloud solutions, and “hyperintelligence.”Users may use this solution to spot patterns, spot new possibilities, boost productivity, and more. Users can connect to one or more sources, whether the data is coming from a spreadsheet, the cloud, or business data software. It may be accessed from a computer or a mobile device. Setup, on the other hand, might need the participation of several parties and a thorough understanding of the application in order to get started. This software is included in the list of the best business intelligence tools in 2022.

Website: www.microstrategy.com

2. Datapine

Best Business Intelligence Tools

Datapine is an all-in-one business intelligence tool that makes even non-technical individuals comfortable with the difficult process of data analytics. A full self-service analytics strategy makes it easy for data analysts and business users to quickly combine different data sources, run complex data analysis, create interactive business dashboards, and get actionable business insights from Datapine’s solution.

Website: www.datapine.com

3. SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects is a business intelligence software which offers comprehensive reporting, analysis and interactive data visualisation. The platform focuses heavily on categories such as Customer Experience (CX) and CRM, digital supply chain, ERP and more. What’s really nice about this platform is the self-service, role-based dashboards its offers enabling users to build their own dashboards and applications. SAP is a robust software intended for all roles (IT, end uses and management) and offers tons of functionalities in one platform. The complexity of the product, however, does drive up the price so be prepared for that.

Website: www.sap.com

4. SAS Business Intelligence

SAS Business Intelligence

SAS is best known for its excellent predictive analytics, but it also has a strong business intelligence platform.This well-established self-service technology, which dates back to the 1970s, helps users make educated business decisions by using data and metrics. Through their APIs, SAS gives users a lot of ways to customise their software. SAS also guarantees high-level data integration and powerful analytics and reporting.They also have a great option for text analytics, which gives you more information about the context of your data.

Website: www.sas.com

5. Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin BI is a visualisation, machine learning, and collaboration-focused business intelligence tool and an “end-to-end” analytics platform. You can also quickly sort through large amounts of data by using simple filters like checkboxes and radio buttons. Dashboards can be opened from almost anywhere (mobile, website, etc.) because this tool is easy to use. The great thing about this BI solution is that you can easily take dashboards and visualisations to the next level by using a no-code or low-code development environment.

Website: www.yellowfinbi.com

6. QlikSense


QlikSense is a full-featured data analytics platform and business intelligence tool developed by Qlik. QlikSense may be accessed from any device at any time. QlikSense’s user interface is optimised for touchscreens, making it a popular BI tool. It is all the more appealing because it has a one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine, advanced AI, and a high-performance cloud platform. The search and conversational analytics features of this platform are especially interesting because users can use natural language to ask questions and find new insights.

Website: www.qlik.com

7. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

For in-depth reporting and data analysis, Zoho Analytics is an excellent BI solution. This business intelligence tool automatically syncs data and can be set to do so regularly.Using the integration APIs, you can quickly create a connection. Create relevant reports by combining and merging data from many sources. You may create customised reports and dashboards using a simple editor, allowing you to hone in on the relevant facts. It also has a unique comments feature in the sharing choices, which is ideal for teamwork.

Website: www.zoho.com/analytics

8. Sisense


Sisense is an easy-to-use data analytics and business intelligence platform that lets everyone in your company work with large, complex datasets, analyse and visualise them, and do all of this without involving your IT staff. It also allows you to combine data from a number of sources, such as Adwords, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. Furthermore, because it uses in-chip technology, data is handled much more quickly than with conventional tools. Several experts in the field, such as Gartner, G2, and Dresner, have said that this platform is a well-known cloud analytics platform.

Website: www.sisense.com

9. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a set of web-based tools for business analytics that are especially good at making data easy to understand.It has brand-new connections that can help you improve your game in campaigns and find patterns in real time.Microsoft Power BI may be accessible from almost anywhere because it is web-based. Users may also link their apps and offer reports and real-time dashboards using this software. This software is included in the list of the best business intelligence tools in 2022.

Website: www.powerbi.microsoft.com

10. Looker


Looker, a data discovery software, is another business intelligence tool to keep an eye on! This unique platform, which is now part of Google Cloud, interacts with any SQL database or warehouse and is ideal for startups, midsize enterprises, and enterprise-level businesses. Ease of use, useful visualizations, extensive collaboration tools (data and reports can be shared through email or USL, as well as connected with other apps), and dependable support are just a few of the characteristics of this product (tech team).

Website: www.looker.com


Based on user reviews and key features, we’ve made a list of the best business intelligence tools or best business intelligence software. In the chart below, you can compare the best BI tools, and read on to discover more about how these data analytics tools may help your business. Try our Product Selection Tool at the top of the page for a bespoke set of suggestions for the finest BI software for your firm.

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