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How to Become a Freelance SEO Expert In 2022

by Nemo
Become a Freelance SEO Expert

Do you know how to become a Freelance SEO Expert? You’ve likely seen the acronym “SEO” if you’ve spent significant time on the Internet, particularly if you’ve written online content. Many business owners and marketers who hire copywriters for their websites or blogs want them to know or have experience with SEO.

How can you, as a freelancer, add SEO to your skill set? Why do businesses and clients specifically seek SEO writers? How become a Freelance SEO Expert professional in this industry?

In this article, we’ll talk about what is SEO, what is freelance SEO, and how to become a Freelance SEO Expert?, whether you want to do it part-time or full-time.If you’re searching for a concise guide to learning how to become a Freelance SEO Expert?, you’re at the right spot.

What is Search Engines Optimization (SEO)?

The process of optimizing a website for search engines is known as SEO. As part of a larger digital marketing strategy, it refers to the process of optimizing material published on the internet so that consumers may rapidly access it when using a search engine. You are likely accustomed to using search engines such as Google and Bing. They are widely used for information searches.

Using complex algorithms, the search engine makes an educated estimate as to which websites contain the material you seek and displays them in order of relevance. When you write an article or other piece of content for the internet, you want it to rank high so that people can find it quickly, which will increase your organic traffic.

The problem is that there is already a great deal of stuff on the internet, and a significant portion of it is likely to be similar to what you have produced. SEO is the process of ensuring that visitors can find your blog post or website. When a user does a search, the algorithms that decide what results to show are complicated and always changing.

Become a Freelance SEO Expert

Consequently, a successful SEO strategy requires a specific degree of experience and skill. This is why businesses are willing to pay freelancers who know how to navigate this landscape and develop content that will improve their search engine rankings.

How to Become a Freelance SEO Expert?

A freelance SEO professional creates and optimises website content. When generating this content, they employ a range of strategies to increase its likelihood of ranking among the top search results. Their aim is to lead people to the required webpage.

Become a Freelance SEO Expert employ several strategies, including:

  • Keyword research is, at its most basic, the process of finding the search terms that will bring people back to your website.
  • Once you’ve discovered the words and phrases people are using, you can use them in your article’s title, headers, and content.
  • The goal is to use these keywords in a smart way in your post to make it rank higher on Google.
  • Competitor analysis compares your website’s content to that of your highest-ranking rivals.

A technical SEO audit can help you decide which keywords are most important for your SEO strategy by showing you which terms you already rank for and if there are any gaps between your rankings and those of your competitors.

On-page SEO services: On-page SEO refers to SEO techniques that can be used on a website or webpage where content is published. Some ways to optimise a page are to use detailed meta tags, to include structured data in your text, and to provide relevant internal links.

Link building: is the act of obtaining other websites to link to your content. Reaching out to the media is what media outreach is all about. These links are often called “backlinks.” Links are seen as votes of confidence by search engines, and if your site has sufficient links from other sources, it will likely rank higher.

Backlinks: There are many ways to get backlinks, such as pitching your content to magazines in the hopes of getting an article with a link to your website and looking for opportunities to guest post. SEO talent is in high demand among businesses and individuals that rely on online traffic.

Some businesses, especially those that do business online, rely on internet traffic to get customers or make more people aware of their websites and services.

What actions are required to become a freelance SEO expert?

You are not alone in wanting to become a Freelance SEO Expert. This is a popular freelance alternative and a field with strong demand. Any company with a website wants its pages to rank highly in search engine rankings. It might make or ruin their company or money stream. We will guide you through the steps required to become a Freelance SEO Expert with a steady flow of clients.

The following are some SEO-related resources:


A class can provide you with the chance to immerse yourself in the study of SEO concepts, whether online (the norm) or in-person. There may also be opportunities for collaboration and questioning. Courses may be provided at no cost or for a price. Grammerly, Coursera, Udemy, SEMrush Academy, and more platforms provide online SEO courses.


Consult your local bookstore or library for SEO writing reference resources. Numerous industry professionals have published how-to guides that outline the fundamentals of SEO. For instance, check out the most recent edition of Search Engine Optimization for Dummies. Additionally, consider subscribing to the Search Engine Journal (SEJ).


High-quality websites that teach SEO techniques are an additional valuable resource. Google provides an SEO guide for beginners, while MOZ has The Beginner’s Guide to SEO and further resources.

Specialists in the field

Locate and follow SEO professionals on social media. You will then receive their most recent insights, links, and ideas in your newsfeeds, allowing you to remain current on changes to SEO best practises and new learning opportunities. The SEO has produced a list of 140 leading SEO professionals to follow:

Compile your work samples into a portfolio:

When a potential customer engages an SEO expert, they want to know that they will receive value for their investment. Providing samples of your work is the most effective way to establish your value. This becomes more challenging as you go, but you may begin by creating your own blog and contributing content. A portfolio enables prospective clients to see samples of your work and assess whether it meets their needs. In this view, it is more valuable than a list of qualifications or a CV.

Examples of Impressive Portfolios:

Include your first and last name, phone number, and email address. This information should be at the top of your portfolio so that potential clients can easily find it and contact you.

Your clients:

Include a list of your current or prior clients so that prospective clients may see who you have worked with in the past. You may also offer links to articles or pages that you have written or optimised for each of these clients.

Your most effective search terms:

Provide a list of the optimised search terms you’ve employed, together with the number of results and your page’s ranking. It is also advisable to provide a link to the rated page.

The performance statistics of a website:

Include any evidence demonstrating how your SEO optimization improved the performance of a client’s website. Keep note of before-and-after data, if possible, and share it as well.

Examples of connection construction

Include instances of how you’ve utilised link building to enhance website traffic and click-through rates (CTR). other projects on which you have worked. Include an illustration of how you adopted a plan to increase site traffic or other key metrics. You want prospective clients to be able to quickly scan your portfolio and get a sense of the sort of work you’ve done, as well as how that work appears in terms of content quality and crucial SEO enhancements.

Get references and testimonials:

In addition to a portfolio, client testimonials give further evidence of your skills and worth. Request that clients offer testimonials, and ensure that these testimonials are accessible to other possible clients. Requesting feedback may appear unusual at first, yet it is common practise. Consider creating a properly designed email template for this purpose.

It is advisable to begin with compliments about the customer, such as how cooperative they were. Make it clear that they are not required to submit a review, but that it would be greatly appreciated if they did. The objective is to make the consumer feel valued. Consequently, they feel obligated to return that value expression.

If it makes sense given your connection with a customer to post a review for them, you may also offer to swap reviews. You may post reviews on your personal website or any other client-acquiring platform, such as Upwork. You may also add them to your portfolio or share them on social media.

Make a website:

Creating a website serves several purposes. To begin with, it generates an internet landing page where interested parties can find you, learn about your services, examine your portfolio, and contact you. Second, it might provide you with an opportunity to showcase your work prior to acquiring clients. You can create and publish your own SEO content on your website. Prospective clients will view your personal website as extra evidence that you are the best fit for them if it is appealing and uses effective SEO strategies. Using a content management system (CMS) platform like WordPress or Wix can simplify this procedure.

Use social media:

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be used to advertise your job, display your skills, and find potential employment opportunities. Numerous firms provide freelance opportunities on their social media pages. In Facebook communities for freelancers, individuals may also post about possibilities they’ve discovered. If you follow SEO professionals on social media, they may often publish opportunities. Additionally, you may boast about your numbers on social media. If you’ve recently done a significant SEO overhaul, publish an article comparing the site’s traffic before and after the change and add a link to your portfolio for those who are interested.

Get the most Effective SEO tools:

Numerous SEO solutions are available on the market to help you improve your SEO strategy. Some are free, while others have a cost attached to them.

Some Common Alternatives:

The Google Search Console is an instrument for managing search results. The Google Search Console is a free tool that allows anybody with a website to track and report on a variety of SEO metrics. This company offers a single platform that combines SEO, content marketing, competition analysis, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and social media marketing.

Price plans: There are price plans available for businesses. This SEO keyword tool helps uncover long-tail keywords and provides backlinks and SERP analyst reports (SERPs). There are pricing tiers ranging from basic to agency. MOZ Pro is the upgraded version of MOZ. This popular all-in-one SEO tool package includes features like site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword research. You may even try it for free for thirty days to determine whether it’s the right fit.

Utilize job boards: Creating a website and declaring your availability on social media may be the first steps in gaining clients, but you’ll find many more chances on websites and job boards specialised for freelancing employment. Upwork is among the accessible websites. Based on your skills and expertise, our online talent network will link you with the most desirable clients

SEO Freelance Career: Begin your independent SEO freelance career as soon as possible. Hopefully, this post has provided you with a solid foundation upon which to build your freelance SEO career. Techlancer is used by several businesses in need of SEO freelancers to locate in-demand skills. Hundreds of organisations rely on Techlancer, which posts a large number of jobs every week. You may create an account for free and immediately begin bidding on contracts, allowing you to portray yourself in the best possible light to potential clients.

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