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Bitcoin Bounce Review In 2022 | Techlion

by Nemo
Bitcoin Bounce

Bitcoin Bounce is an arcade-style game made by Thndr Games. Instead of paying each time they see a “Game Over” screen, players are entered into a daily contest where they could win anywhere from 25 to 5000 satoshis.

In a word, Bitcoin Bounce is yet another clever technique to stack satoshis – and the greatest part is that you don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin or the Lightning Network to participate in this video game revolution.

After installing the Bitcoin Bounce app on your Android or iOS smartphone (it requires TestFlight installation because it’s still in development), you’ll be greeted by a dazzling neon-lit screen that begs you to tap it to begin playing. It seems like a throwback to 1980s arcade games, complete with parallax scrolling and a lot of purple.

 Overview Bitcoin Bounce:

Bitcoin Bounce is a basic arcade game that falls under the category of crypto games, or bitcoin games. In such games, you may win real money, bitcoins, or other cryptocurrencies, which you can then pay out. Later, you may exchange your sats for etherium, XRP, Cardano, Stellar, USD Coin, Chainlink, Uniswap, Polkadot, Dogecoin, or any other cryptocurrency recommended by cryptodesk.

You can also exchange your Bitcoin for an NFT or just plain cash, but we at THNDR strongly advise you to stick with Bitcoin! This game has a prize draw where you may win bitcoin via a raffle, which is paid out over the Lightning Network. To enter the draw, you must be at least 18 years old.

Bitcoin Bounce’s Aesthetics and Gameplay

Bitcoin Bounce has a hopeful, futuristic feel because the main character, Bitcoin, overcomes all problems, defies gravity, and has meteoric runs that send it further into the future. Only when you don’t land on a good platform and either fall into the bottomless pit or get your bounce taken away by spikes does the metaphor fall apart.

Your aim is to increase the number by moving from the left side of the screen to the scrolling and always surprising right side (thus the game’s classification as a sidescrolling platformer). The higher your score, the better you manoeuvre the Bitcoin ball past barriers and gravitational hurdles-and if you’re skilled enough and gather enough thunder, you basically win lottery tickets for the daily draws.

Because the levels are produced at random, you’ll never have the same experience twice. This may make your success a game of chance, as the difficulty level changes on the go, and you never know if you’ll lose early due to spikes or establish a new personal best score.

Because there is nothing to memorize, the random element not only gives players more reason to try again, but it also takes away the learning or skill element (unlike other arcade games where everything is about learning and mastering every detail on the game map).

At the conclusion of the day, Bitcoin Bounce pays you a prize that can range from 25 to 5000 satoshis, depending on your luck and ability. which isn’t terrible given you’re doing something that’s innately enjoyable and isn’t recognised for its financial rewards.

Bitcoin Bounce Prizes and the Lightning Network

Bitcoin Bounce features one of the prettiest and simplest Lightning-powered micropayment system integrations. You click the “Claim” button when the daily draw (which decides your prize in satoshis) ends and are instantly taken to your primary Lightning wallet. In my situation, Blue Wallet took care of everything: it prepared an invoice for the 25 and 50 satoshis I won, sent it to Thndr Games for verification, and then deposited the funds into my wallet.

Everything happened in a moment, without requiring me to do any complicated processes—meaning that any video gamer with no prior knowledge or comprehension of the Lightning Network will be able to claim their reward. It was fascinating to note that the game chose Blue Wallet instead of Satoshi’s Wallet automatically, but there was nothing to complain about because the procedure was seamless and quick.

The two Lightning wallets are quite similar in style and are also very straightforward to download and use—to the point where avid nocoiners are unlikely to have any issues. As a result, any gamer who has never used Bitcoin before will learn how to set up and use a wallet.

The LApp browser and marketplace inside Blue Wallet

This might be a watershed moment when newcomers learn about new and interesting ways to utilise the digital cash they’ve earned via gaming (most notably, Bitrefill gift cards). Seamless interfaces are necessary to enhance Bitcoin and Lightning’s acceptance, and Thndr Games performs a wonderful job in this aspect with Bitcoin Bounce.

Unlike prior initiatives like Satoshi’s Games, you won’t have to put in any extra effort to earn your SATs and figure out how they function, and the entire experience is built around well-designed user interfaces.

What can be made better?

For the time being, Bitcoin Bounce is still in beta, and users are invited to test out various features before the official launch. Because of this, it’s safe to assume that as the game goes on, more gameplay elements and systems will be added. However, there are two major enhancements that Thndr Games’ Bitcoin Bounce should make: pleasant music that makes the game more memorable and interesting; and additional visuals for combinations and techniques that take more expertise.

In a 1980s TRON-style (the movie, not the shitcoin) atmosphere, the music and sound effects are meant to boost dopamine levels by making players feel good about themselves when they pull off a hard move or start a memorable precision streak. The visual effects are also meant to boost dopamine levels by making players feel good about themselves when they pull off a hard move or start a memorable precision streak.

If not, it would be better if the game showed the satoshi payouts in a big way so that casual gamers could see the benefits and be more likely to try Bitcoin Bounce. If not, the game could get lost among the hundreds of other App Store games that look and play the same. It should be clearer that Bitcoin Bounce has a good incentive structure, and this method would help raise awareness and, eventually, acceptance.

A Bounce in Bitcoin Monetization

How can Bitcoin Bounce’s creators be profitable if they’re giving out over 26000 satoshis each day (roughly $2.62 at today’s BTC valuation)? The explanation is simple, and it’s quite prevalent in mobile video games: it’s all about advertisements. You have the option of watching a 30-second advertisement if you desire an extra life in your game or more thunder tickets for the daily draw.

On a large scale, this technique earns considerably more than 26000 satoshi every day while maintaining the operation’s profitability. Furthermore, if Bitcoin Bounce’s popularity grows, we should anticipate witnessing a rise in incentives (more small prizes or bigger top prizes, depending on the approach that Thndr Games decides to pursue). After all, we’re all playing a game of economic incentives in which supply and demand are equal.

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