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Top 20 Best Drawing Apps Free You Should Try In 2022

by Julia
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Best drawing apps for artists: Drawing is a very popular activity. It has been done by people from all civilizations throughout the world since before recorded history. Since the ancient days, we’ve come a long way. We now have phones, iPads, and laptops to sketch on instead of cave walls. We wish to assist everyone who has been bitten by the artist bug. Take a look on below the Best drawing apps in 2022.

Top 20 Best drawing apps in 2022

The best drawing apps for Android are listed here.

1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

best drawing apps

Adobe has two best drawing apps: Adobe Illustrator Draw and Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Layers, five distinct pen tips with varied customizing capabilities, and the ability to zoom in up to x64 to apply finer details to your work are all available in Illustrator Draw. When you’re finished, you may share it on your smartphone or save it to your desktop for use in other Adobe programmes. Photoshop Sketch offers its own set of capabilities. Both apps can also communicate with one another, allowing you to import and export projects back and forth. They’re free to download, but you can upgrade to a Creative Cloud membership to gain access to additional features. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

2. ArtFlow

best drawing apps

ArtFlow is one of the more comprehensive best drawing apps available. Its greatest claim to fame is the insane quantity of brushes it gives. Make your artwork sparkle with one of the 70 brushes, smudges, and other tools available. Layers are also included, as well as layer blending. You may save it as a JPEG, PNG, or PSD file, which you can then import into Photoshop later. To top it off, if you have an Nvidia device, you’ll have access to Nvidia’s DirectStylus functionality. It’s an excellent all-around choice for both children and adults. You may test it out for free by downloading it. If you have a Google Play Pass, ArtFlow is also free to use.

3. Dotpict

best drawing apps

One of the most unusual and best drawing apps is Dotpict. You can do pixel art with this one. It provides a grid on which you may zoom in and move to construct little scenes or characters by simply filling in the pixel boxes. After that, you may zoom out to see your entire design. You may also use the app to auto-save, undo, and redo your work, as well as export it when you’re through. Aside from that, it’s not overly feature-rich and remains out of the way while you sketch. It’s a fantastic app for anyone who likes making pixel art. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

4. Ibis Paint

best drawing apps

Ibis Paint is a painting app with a lot of entertaining features. Over 140 different brushes are included in the app, including dip pens, felt tip pens, real paintbrushes, and other interesting items. You may even videotape your drawing so that you can see how you got there. It does support layers, and you may use as many as your device will allow. It also contains capabilities tailored to certain drawing styles, such as manga. You may try out the free version, with the premium version available as an in-app purchase for $4.99. It’s one of the more serious, in-depth best drawing apps available. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

5. InspirARTion

best drawing apps

InspirARTion is a less well-known drawing app, yet it appears to be well-liked by certain users. If you wish to use it on many platforms, this one also offers an online version. The app includes a number of tools, such as brushes and drawing tools. Asymmetry mode, the option to import existing photos, and the ability to choose the colour by using the colours already on the image are all included. It isn’t the most advanced drawing app on the list. It is, however, completely free, and it is more than adequate for hobby usage or jotting down a fast idea. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

6. LayerPaint HD

best drawing apps

One of the more extensive best drawing apps on the list is LayerPaint HD. Pen pressure support, PSD (Photoshop) compatibility, and a layer mode are just a few of the features. You may also use the layer mode to apply a number of effects to your creations. If you have a keyboard linked to your smartphone, it even enables keyboard shortcuts. This one is basically suitable for folks who have bigger smartphones. On smaller devices, the many controls and choices might take up a significant amount of useful area. The main app will set you back $6.99. LayerPaint is still available for $2.99. However, based on the date of its last update, we believe that the version has been abandoned and do not suggest it.

7. MediBang Paint

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One of the finest free best drawing apps is MediBang Paint. It is well-known for its cross-platform compatibility. The app is available for download on mobile, Mac, and Windows. All three offer a cloud-saving function that allows you to start a project on one platform and finish it on another. That’s very amazing. A good number of brushes, tools for both free drawing and comics, and a range of other interesting tiny tools and add-ons are also included. It’s an incredibly fantastic app for the price of nothing.

8. PaperColor

best drawing apps

PaperColor (previously PaperDraw) is a drawing app that aims to mimic real life as nearly as possible. It comes with the essentials, such as several brush types, so you may draw as you like. Its tracing feature is what sets it apart. You can use a photo that has been converted to translucent mode. The original photograph may then be traced from there. As a result, it’s both an excellent way to draw and a good way to learn. It’s a lot of fun to play around with, especially if you’re a beginner. It’s free to download, and you can make in-app purchases to unlock more features. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

9. RoughAnimator

best drawing apps

RoughAnimator is a drawing app that can be used to make animations. RoughAnimator allows you to generate full-fledged animations instead of still images that can be exported and shared. You may sketch it frame by frame and then put it all together to make little cartoons. It offers controls for frame rate and resolution, as well as some basic drawing tools. GIFs, QuickTime videos, and picture sequences may all be exported from finished projects. Because it’s $4.99 upfront, we recommend giving it a try before the return time expires. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

10. Sketchbook by Autodesk

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Autodesk’s Sketchbook has been around for a long time. It’s been a long-time favourite for artists seeking decent best drawing apps. It does, however, come with a solid collection of features. There will be 10 brushes in all. Each brush may be tailored to meet your specific requirements. There are up to three layers, six blending settings, a 2500 per cent magnification, and simulated pressure sensitivity. Those that upgrade to pro will have access to all of this, as well as over 100 more brush types, layers, blending choices, and other features. It’s a really strong app that was created with serious artists in mind. The price tag has been removed in recent versions, so everyone receives everything from the pro version for free. After the 7-day trial, you’ll need an Autodesk account.

11. Krita

best drawing apps


Krita is a free, open-source painting programme that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It’s a pen-based app, like other sketching apps, but it’s especially great for making comic art using prepared panels.

Krita has predefined templates and supports animation features, including audio. You may import textures from third-party sources to get the most out of this free software. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

12. MediBang Paint Pro

best drawing apps

MediBang Paint is popular among anime makers, but it also has uses for graphic designers of many genres. It also has a cool community component called “Art Street,” which hosts competitions for the best artwork. One of MediBang’s outstanding features is its social component, but it also provides excellent tutorials that lead you through a range of comic effects. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

13. Fire Alpaca

best drawing apps

FireAlpaca is a simple drawing tool for Windows and Mac that is free to use indefinitely, or you may pay to eliminate the advertisements on Steam. This app is best for vector graphics and lacks the texturing capabilities of its competitors. Its advantages, on the other hand, include a fairly basic design that anybody can learn over time. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

14. Autodesk 

best drawing apps

Consider a draw-only app like Autodesk’s Sketchbook if you don’t need to edit pictures or polish existing images. It includes simple-to-use tools that will assist you in bringing your huge graphic ideas to life.

On your iPad, Mac, or desktop PC, use Sketchbook to sketch. When you’re finished, you may export your creation to Photoshop without losing any layer data. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

15. CorelDRAW

best drawing apps

Corel is well-known in the graphic design industry, and its products, such as CorelDRAW Standard, continue to astound artists. This app is included with Corel PHOTO-PAINT and has capabilities for both pros and amateurs.

This is the gold standard for anybody interested in professional commercial or graphic design, including hundreds of brushes, vectors, picture editing effects, and typography tools. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

16. Adobe Photoshop

best drawing apps

For budding artists, students, and professionals, Adobe Photoshop is a must-have tool. It allows you to simply create, modify, and share your work in the cloud or with others on social media sites like Behance. Smart sharpening filters, colour correction tools, and picture retouching are some of Photoshop’s best features for making work seem even better.

Photoshop, on the other hand, is a powerful tool with a higher learning curve. It’s also a little pricey when compared to other items, but you can pay for a monthly subscription instead of buying it altogether, which is more doable. Photoshop is available on both the iPad and the PC. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

17. Procreate

best drawing apps

The iPad Pro only has the Procreate app, which works with the Apple Pencil. Many of the effects you’d find in desktop software, such as layers, brushes, and filters, are included. You may quickly export the final Procreate creation to other apps, such as Photoshop if you don’t want to conduct major editing on your iPad.

This simple-to-master drawing alternative will appeal to Apple fans who desire a convenient, powerful, and portable drawing tool. It also allows you to make your own brushes and sell them to others. Procreate is available for a one-time price of $9.99. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

18. Blender

best drawing apps

Blender is a free 3D animation programme that can be used to create 3D models and big-budget movie animations. It is, nevertheless, growing in favour among individuals who just wish to sketch.

The “grease pencil mode,” which enables you to make artwork from basic lines, is one of Blender’s most interesting features. The mode may be used to create vector-based artwork, sculptures, storyboards, animations, comics, and more. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

19. Inkscape

best drawing apps

Inkscape is a vector-based drawing application that allows you to create and modify objects. It’s also great for making logos and creating shapes. It’s also open-source and fully free, and it’s grown popular among nonprofits and businesses alike.

Clip art, typography, flowcharts, graphs, and infographics, as well as basic cartoons, are all popular among users. Inkscape creates SVG files, but you may also export them in PNG, OpenDocument Drawing, DXF, SK1, PDF, EPS, and PostScript formats. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

20. Artrage

best drawing apps

With Artrage, you can use just your stylus to create realistic-looking paintings. Create oil, watercolour, or pastel finishes using the many brush customization choices. You may also videotape your work as you go so that you can show off the complete workflow.

Artrage has blending modes and makes it feel like you’re working on a real canvas. The Lite version of the app is available for iOS and Android, or you may download the full-featured desktop version (Vitae) for Mac or Windows. This app is listed as the best, in our best drawing apps list.

How do you choose the best stylus drawing app?

Consider the following factors when deciding whether an app is suitable for you:

  • Begin with your device, which, depending on its processing power and/or operating system, may decide which app is the best fit.
  • Look through the galleries on each app’s website to see what’s possible.
  • Examine tutorials to determine how long it will take you to master all of the features.
  • Keep in mind your financial constraints. Many of the art apps on our list are free, but some of them have “lite” versions that cost half as much as the full-featured desktop tools. Also, check for free trials so you can get a feel for the product before purchasing it.

Keep in mind that the stylus tool you employ is also important. Some computers come with a stylus, while others must be purchased separately. Stylus pens can also have their own unique features, such as shortcut buttons and extra-comfy grips. Check to see if your pen is compatible with your computer or laptop so you can get the amount of detail you desire.

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