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Top 17 Best GoPro Editing Software For 2022

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Best GoPro Editing Software: GoPro and other action camera footage require the best gopro editing software that can slow down or speed up film, stabilize shaky footage, rectify lens distortion, produce time-lapse videos, and handle MP4 files, among other things.

While there are several video editors available like best GoPro Editing software, few have all of the capabilities you’ll need to edit your GoPro footage. And what good is it to spend all that money on GoPro camera gear if you can’t properly edit the film for others to see?

GoPro used to sell GoPro Studio and GoPro Quik for Desktop, which was dedicated to GoPro video only. Both of these video editors, however, have been discontinued. So, if you’re a GoPro user, don’t be discouraged checkout best GoPro Editing software.

What is GoPro?

A GoPro is a small camera designed for shooting action and outdoor footage. It was designed to survive harsh weather and even film underwater (its inventor, Nick Woodman, created the GoPro so he could film himself while surfing). The GoPro offers a strong built-in video stabilizer for recording film on the fly, as well as an incredibly wide-angle lens to capture more scenery in less time. In addition, you can buy a variety of mounts to attach your GoPro to your bike, helmet, chest, tripod, surfboard, and even your dog. While alternative action cameras are available, the GoPro is widely regarded as the industry standard.

Top 17 Best GoPro Editing Software For 2022

Below are some of the best GoPro editing software for you take a look please:

1. PowerDirector

Best GoPro Editing software


  • Effects of zoom and panning
  • Effect of motion blur
  • Editing in Multi cameras
  • 360° video editing

Because it is a powerful video editing tool with a wide range of action-cam capabilities, including an Action Camera Center, PowerDirector is the best GoPro Editing software on our list. Action Camera Center contains all the specialised capabilities in one spot, including one-click fixes and easy-to-use tools for GoPro video editors in a hurry. If you want to spend more time creating your action camera masterpiece, PowerDirector includes a tonne of interesting effects, templates, titles, filters, and more.

Specially created editing tools and effects are available in the Action Camera Center to help you improve your action camera video. In minutes, you can stabilize shaky action films, remove fish-eye distortion, and add interesting speed effects. We like being able to apply slow motion, freeze frame, and zoom action highlights rapidly. Furthermore, colour issues resulting from recording in the snow or underwater may be resolved in a single, user-friendly module. PowerDirector comes with everything you’ll need to edit, improve, and create amazing action camera footage.

This GoPro video editor’s noise correction and video denoise can help you make your movie crystal clear so you can see all of the action. A tool for removing undesirable audio noise from outside recordings is also included. You may monitor an item’s movement within a clip, gather the track data, and apply it to another object using the motion tracking function. You can automatically tailor background music to the duration of your final video with PowerDirector’s millions of royalty-free stock assets, which include background music and sound effects.

2. Adobe Premiere

Best GoPro Editing software


  • Numerous video tracks
  • Membership in Creative Cloud
  • Lens vignetting
  • Match the music to the video material.

For pros with expertise in developing film projects, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best GoPro editing software. It’s been used to edit Hollywood action films and TV shows, and it comes with a broad range of high-end capabilities that are perfect for action video editing. Multicam, 360-degree, and VR editing, as well as exporting to up to 8K, are among the professional capabilities.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best GoPro editing software that comes with a 7-day free trial and is rather pricey. This GoPro video editor is professional and high-quality, but it has a steep learning curve and is not suitable for novices.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro Best GoPro Editing software


  • Object locator
  • Reduced ambient noise
  • Editing in Multi cameras
  • Tools for advanced color correction

The best GoPro editing software on our list for editing 360° video is Apple’s flagship editing program, Final Cut Pro, since it includes all of the tools you’ll need to import, edit, and publish both monoscopic and stereoscopic 360° footage. To visualize, alter orientation, remove camera rigs, or correct the horizon, use the 360° viewer. With simplicity, add graphics and effects to 360° video. The Tiny Planet effect may also be used to add 360° video to conventional footage.

Electronic stabilization and noise reduction are two notable GoPro capabilities that come with Final Cut Pro, allowing you to clean up your film and improve your audience’s viewing experience. A magnetic timeline in Final Cut Pro eliminates clip clashes and speeds up the editing process.

4. Adobe After Effects

Best GoPro Editing software



  • Editing in 360°, VR, and 3D
  • The Effects of Distortion
  • Transitions
  • Repairing lens distortion

If you want to add special effects like motion tracking to your action cam footage, we found Adobe After Effects to be a superb GoPro editing software video editor. After Effects allows you to animate a graphical element by pinning it to a moving automobile, person, animal, weather factor, or the camera itself. To flow with the action onscreen, create text, logos, cartoon effects, or stickers.

Have a panoramic image of a lonely sunbather on a deserted beach? With pro-level digital rotoscoping tools, you can get rid of the sunbather. You may also use After Effects to replace missing parts. For example, add a ferocious shark or a hot air balloon over an empty field to your surfing clip.

5. Video Proc Vlogger

best gopro editing software


  • Fix a shaky video
  • Remove the fisheye effect.
  • Extractor of audio
  • Time-lapse software

According to our tests, VideoProc Vlogger is the finest GoPro editor for speed adjustment. The program employs graphical speed ramping to modify the pace of a clip in a consistent or variable manner. With over 20 speed presets in VideoProc Vlogger, you can effortlessly change the tone and cadence of your GoPro film. Advanced capabilities such as adjustable Bezier curves and automated keyframes to slow only portions of a movie without separating it are also included in this beginner-friendly tool.

You can imitate motion using tilt, roll, dolly, and truck effects in VideoProc Vlogger. Shakes, rapid zooms, and rotation may be used to quickly push in and out of your video recordings. To adjust the action of the film in post, this GoPro video editor may generate fresh motion trails, add motion cropping, or utilize one of 28 motion presets.

VideoProc Vlogger is a freeware with no watermarks or intrusive advertisements. It’s geared for novices, hobbyists, and content makers, and it’s missing several advanced capabilities that pros would desire, like video stabilization. Moreover its a best GoPro Editing software

6. iMovie

best gopro editing software


  • Tilting in real-time
  • Stabilization of video
  • Crop/rotate
  • Inventive soundtracks

iMovie is the best GoPro editing software for automated video making and is available for free on all Mac devices. With Magic Movie, you can choose video clips and have them stylized and edited with transitions, titles, and music in a matter of seconds. You may rearrange, remove, cut, and divide segments after watching your completed video. iMovie also comes with a plethora of presets, templates, and themes to help you edit your action cam footage quickly.

This program has HD and 4K video capabilities, as well as speed control options for speeding up and slowing down your video recordings. Also, because GoPro cameras are often switched on and left alone until the action is completed, your movie is likely to have random focus shifts. You may change the depth of field and focus after the fact with iMovie.

iMovie is a wonderful alternative for beginning GoPro editors who possess a Mac because it is absolutely free. However, it lacks capabilities like Multicam, 360° editing, and motion tracking that are required for action camera editing.

7. Movavi Video Editor

best gopro editing software


  • Rotate/Crop
  • VO recording
  • Animated objects
  • Video in reverse

We discovered that Movavi Video Editor is the best GoPro editing software for rapid editing since it is designed for novices and content creators who need to generate films quickly. It comes with a variety of templates, so you can apply titles, filters, effects, and transitions with a single click. It has automated video stabilization and color correction for action cam users. You may also use the built-in soundtrack library to rapidly select music and get started uploading your project.

Slow-mo and fast video effects, chroma key, and stickers are all available in this GoPro video editor to give your GoPro footage a distinctive twist. It also has vertical video capability for convenient social media sharing, as well as a sound adjuster to improve loud outdoor photos.

This program is a wonderful choice for content makers and beginners who wish to publish material to social media and YouTube quickly and easily and it’s the best GoPro editing software. However, because Movavi Video Editor doesn’t evolve with you, you’ll have to abandon it whenever you need more complex capabilities.

8. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 Windows

best gopro editing software

I haven’t used a Corel program in over a decade, but this video editor has piqued my interest.  This is the best GoPro editing software. This version includes a multi-camera editor that allows you to edit up to six separate cameras in a single project. In the same project, the less costly Pro version will edit video from up to four cameras.

Beginner presets (FastFlick and Instant Projects) as well as sophisticated options are available (stabilization, motion effects, and color correction). Each project can include up to 21 video tracks and 8 audio tracks.

9. Corel Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate Windows

best gopro editing software

This is a well-liked option. Corel also offers an iOS companion app (Basic $3.99 and Professional $17.99). There are three tiers of the desktop version (Standard, Plus, and Ultimate). This profile’s information is based on the entry-level version.

Some sophisticated capabilities (for example, 4K editing, motion tracking, and effects) are only accessible in the Plus or Ultimate editions.

10. Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16 Windows

best gopro editing software

A lot of user-friendly features are included in this consumer-level program. Direct upload, for example, allows you to submit your video immediately from the app to YouTube or Facebook. With the quick color match function, two separate scenes will appear to be filmed on the same day, at the same time, and with the same filter.

The standard (Platinum) edition includes 10 audio and video tracks, which is enough for 99 percent of all video modifications. There are also 350+ video effects and 200+ video transitions included.

11. Vegas Pro 18 Suite Mac OS X and Windows

best gopro editing software

Catalyst specializes in producing 4K, RAW, and HD video quickly. specially designed for action camera footage (including GoPro, Sony, Canon, etc). It works on both Mac OS and Windows and supports touch and gestures. The Prepare and Edit modules are included in the Catalyst Production Suite. It also includes a free trial. This is sophisticated, adaptable software at an affordable price best GoPro editing software.

12. Davinci Resolve 

best gopro editing software

This Da Vinci Resolve should be at the top of your list if you want to make Hollywood-quality films (or at the very least, have complete creative freedom). This is the only professional video editor that works on all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. This is the best GoPro editing software.

And it’s the only video editor that integrates professional online and offline editing, color correction, audio post-production, and visual effects into a single application.

13. Filmora X by Wondershare

best gopro editing software

Give your ideas wings with this fine best GoPro editing software, which allows you to personalize your films by adding text or titles. You may include music in your videos and post them on social media.

You can edit your video clips with this GoPro editor. Aside from 4K capabilities for enhanced details, you may fine-tune your travels by correcting fisheye issues, stabilizing a video, slowing it down, and even reversing the movie’s advancement direction.

14. GoPro’s Quik

best gopro editing software

If you want to learn how to edit GoPro films on a computer, here is a piece of the best GoPro editing software that will make editing video footage a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy your GoPro photographs and videos by instantly importing them, editing them, syncing them to music, and much more. You may add photographs and time-lapse sequences to your films and use panning effects to bring them to life.

It also has graphs and gauges, as well as the ability to create short video clips and edit burst and time-lapse photographs. Users can now use GoPro Plus to upload photos and videos to the cloud and share them on social media.

15. Microsoft Movie Maker 

best gopro editing software

The finest free best GoPro editing software comes next, and it supports a wide range of video input types. Before proceeding, users can import the video material that has to be altered and convert it to a suitable input format. Because it is so simple to use, Windows Movie Maker is the best GoPro video editor for novices. You can use this GoPro editing software for Windows to apply various effects to your videos and share them on social media sites.

16. Blender

best gopro editing software

Blender is the greatest and free best GoPro editing software video editing program for PC, capable of 3D modeling, photo-realistic rendering, game development, animation production, and sculpting, in addition to video editing. It has 32 slots for movies, audio, photos, and other media.

17. Lightworks

best gopro editing software

Lightworks is the finest free best GoPro editing software for Windows users, with a straightforward and simple UI and the ability to edit films in addition to timeline editing. It can also edit 4K videos and has a variety of editing options as well as export formats.

How to Make Video More Stable?

  • By selecting Import Media Files from the Import Media icon in PowerDirector, you may import the video. After that, choose the file you want to fix.
  • Drag the video onto the timeline that you want to fix. Choose Video Stabilizer from the drop-down menu after clicking Fix/Enhance in the menu above the timeline.
  • In Split Preview, choose Compare. You can now compare before and after videos and make edits without having to return to the timeline.
  • With the slider, fine-tune the stabilization level. The default degree of stabilization is 50. While a greater number improves stability, it also means more cropping, which might affect the video’s frame and resolution. To obtain immediate feedback on your outcomes, compare the before and after photos side by side.

How to Make a Video Slower?

  • Drag your clip to the editing track after importing it.
  • Toggle between Tools and the Action Camera Center.
  • Click Create Time Shift on the Effect tab at the top of the window.
  • The time shift border will appear at the top of your timeline, and you can drag it to cover the video segment you want to slow down.
  • Select Speed on the left-hand side of the screen, then Apply Speed Effect once you’ve set the effect to match your clip.
  • During your intended selection, use the Speed Multiplier slider to alter the speed.
  • As you slow down the tempo, you’ll see that the length of the total clip grows.
  • To achieve a smoother slow-mo effect, tick the Ease in and Ease out options.

Applying the Motion Blur Effect

  • On the timeline, drag your video. Right above the timeline, select Tools from the menu.
  • From the dropdown option, select PiP Designer.
  • To access the Motion menu, click Advanced above the preview window.
  • Select Motion Blur from the drop-down menu.

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