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10 Best Massage Gaming Chairs To Ease Your Body in 2024

by Julia
best massage gaming chairs

Best massage gaming chairs are entertaining, but it’s not worth the lower back discomfort and body aches that come with sitting on uncomfortable gaming chairs for long periods of time. Many best massage gaming chairs manufacturers have created an out-of-the-box solution to keep you comfy and relieve your aching back. Best massage gaming chairs are the answer. These best massage gaming chairs have vibration motors, like the ones in video game controllers. They move, making a vibration and massaging your muscles to keep them calm. A massage treatment aims to relax muscle tissue and reduce the likelihood of unpleasant spasms and contractions.

10 Best Massage Gaming Chairs To Ease Your Body

We’ll go over the 10 best massage gaming chairs and what to look for before purchasing one in this post. best massage gaming chairs are available in a variety of styles. Manufacturers have come up with a technique to build the massage feature into every style of gaming chair you can think of.

Chairs in the Racing Style

The design of racing-style chairs is noted for its race-car motif and bucket-style seats. The bucket seat winged back, and tall backrest of these chairs was inspired by the inside of a race automobile. The massage capabilities of these chairs are typically USB-powered and do not have any settings. The motors in the lumbar pillow only move or vibrate against the muscles in your lower back, not hurt them.


Recliners are armchairs that are commonly found in living rooms. These chairs have a similar design to a couch chair. These chairs have more padding and a lower seat height, which makes them good for console games and movies. The massage feature, like the best massage gaming chairs, is positioned on the lumbar pillow and has no extra settings.

Massage Chairs for the Entire Body

Full-body massage chairs are designed to look like movie theatre seats and are comparable to the massage chairs seen in furniture. When it comes to the massage feature, these chairs provide the greatest customization. Multiple vibrating motors or nodes can be found in different parts of the chair, such as the mid-back, lower back, and seat cushion. There are up to eight vibrating motors in some of these chairs! A remote or built-in control panel can also be used to customize the massage. They usually come with a variety of intensity settings, massage modes, timing options, and even heating options.

Executive Office Chairs

In comparison to other types of chairs, executive office chairs usually have better grade leather and are better padded. As a result, the adjustment of these chairs is less than that of best massage gaming chairs. However, because they look so good, they are aesthetically appealing and show off a higher status. Massage functions are available to various degrees in executive office chairs. Some massage therapists provide full-body massages, while others specialize in lower back treatments. The majority, however, may be operated using a remote control.

Overall, the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is the best massage gaming chair

The Ficmax Massage gaming chair elevates the traditional gaming chair to new heights. There is a vibration massage feature on the lumbar pillow on the Ficmax, which makes it different from other best massage gaming chairs. It has a wider seat cushion, a retractable footrest, and a thicker seat cushion. The lumbar vibration cushion is USB-powered, so all you have to do is plug it in and relax. The vibrating motors in your lower back assist in releasing tense and tight muscles. It also improves blood flow and circulation, which will help to relieve your back discomfort.

1. Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

The thickness of the seat cushion has also pleasantly surprised us. It has a 4.8-inch high-density foam layer, which offers greater cushioning for you. This relieves pressure in the area behind your thighs and buttocks. Furthermore, high density and thickness aid in the retention of its form. There are several more components that contribute to the overall seated experience. After a lengthy gaming session, users may kick their feet up with a retractable footrest and recline up to 180 degrees. This allows you to take a relaxing snooze while recharging your batteries for the next game.


  • Retractable leg rest that allows you to kick your feet up
  • A lumbar massage pillow comes with the mattress to help you relax the muscles in your back.
  • An affordably priced gaming chair
  • The backrest may be reclined to a maximum of 180 degrees.
  • For added comfort, the seat cushion is comprised of 4.8-inch high-density memory foam.

2. GTRACING Massage Gaming Chair

GTRACING Massage Gaming Chair

The biggest difference between the Dowinx gaming chair and the other best massage gaming chairs is their carbon fiber upholstery. The majority of the best massage gaming chairs are made of PU leather, which isn’t of the highest quality. Carbon leather is lighter, more durable, and has a more polished, antique appearance. Furthermore, the use of carbon leather gives your chair a more sumptuous and less gimmicky appearance than other chairs. With the Downix, you can also choose how far back you want to recline and how far back you want to rock. For example, you can recline 170 degrees backward and rock 15 degrees. The pressure on your spine that comes from being in an upright position might be relieved if you recline backward. It comes with a USB-powered lumbar massage cushion, much like the other chairs, to help relieve back discomfort. With the massage feature, you’ll be able to sit for the whole day without feeling bad about it.


  • It supports a maximum weight of 350 lbs.
  • Prime Retro leather has better flexibility and abrasion resistance than regular leather.
  • It allows people to slumber by reclining up to 170 degrees.
  • The lumbar massage function helps lower back strain and stiffness.
  • To relieve pressure and improve comfort, the chair has an 8-inch high-density foam cushion.

3. Dowinx Gaming Chair with Massage

Dowinx Gaming Chair with Massage

The best massage gaming chairs for big and tall people is the GTRACING Massage Gaming Chair. One of the most well-known gaming chair manufacturers is GTracing. Their massage chair, on the other hand, has been updated to give gamers a better all-around gaming experience. This GTracing chair has a broad seat and backrest, making it ideal for people who are tall or have a bigger frame. The wide seat design also doesn’t have a lot of side bolsters, so you can sit cross-legged and not have any problems. The GTracing also has a massage feature comparable to the Ficmax gaming chair. By inserting the USB cord into the chair, you may activate the vibrating massage. Long periods of sitting might cause your back muscles to stiffen. The vibrating muscle function will help you relax your lower back muscles.

Also, rubbing your back helps you keep good posture because it releases endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel better. Previous features, such as the 3D adjustable armrests, are found on other GTracing models. You can modify the height, sideways angle, and backward and forward movement of the 3D armrests. This allows you to carefully place it to relieve stress on your neck and shoulders.


  • This chair has a broad seat that is ideal for cross-legged seating.
  • The lumbar cushion has a USB massage feature that helps to relax and treat lower back discomfort.
  • Leather upholstery is simple to clean and keep in good condition.
  • When the backrest is fully reclined, it can be locked in any position. It can be pushed back as far as 150 degrees.
  • People can rest their feet on the leg rest of the chair.

4. Homall Gaming Recliner

Homall Gaming Recliner

Best massage gaming chairs may be found not just in computer chairs but also in couch recliners. Sofa recliners are versatile in that they may be utilized at a desk or in a living room environment. The chair features a stylish gaming design that goes well with any gaming setup. Gamers will appreciate the thick and comfortable headrest and lumbar cushion. These pillows are rather large, making them suitable for people of all sizes. Having a sofa recliner instead of a computer chair is better because they are usually a lot roomier and have more cushions. This Homall gaming chair has a deep, high-density, high-resilience sponge cushion that is meant to bounce back when you sit down.

The Homall recliner’s adjustable features were very appealing to us. Three distinct backrest reclining settings are available, ranging from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. You may alter the posture to fit your requirements, whether you’re gaming or viewing a movie. You may even lift your feet with the help of a retractable footrest. It also has two side pockets where you can keep things like your phone, wallet, keys, and game controller. When moving the recliner about, the Homall chair even has padding on the legs to prevent damage to the hardwood flooring.


  • Sofa recliner at a reasonable price
  • Before going to bed, it may be able to recline to a full 180 degrees for a nap.
  • Two side pockets are included for storing your phone, wallet, keys, and controllers.
  • It comes with non-marking pads to save hardwood floors from being scratched.
  • The headrest and waist cushion of the Homall recliner is also adjustable.

5. LENTIA Executive Massage Chair

LENTIA Executive Massage Chair

In comparison to the other best massage gaming chairs covered thus far, the Lentia is an office chair with a more advanced range of massage features. It has six distinct massage nodes that give consumers deep tissue massage treatment. Two of the nodes are on the seat cushion, and four of the nodes are in the lower and mid-back of the chair. As a consequence, users can get a massage on their back, hips, and waist, and beneath their thighs as a consequence. Furthermore, when you use the massage feature for extended periods of time, it will begin to heat up.

Heat has been shown in studies to help relieve muscular discomfort and stress. Heat also helps to relieve muscular spasms and improves range of motion and flexibility. Users may adjust their massage using a remote control for added convenience. The Lentia has five massage modes and two intensity settings. High or low power intensity levels are available. Press, pulse, auto, wave, and normal are among the five modes. We enjoyed the cushioned big foam cushion and the trendy, sleek leather style in general. When it comes to comfort and elegance, the Lentia executive massage chair is hard to beat.


  • Both the lumbar and thigh regions are massaged by the Lentia.
  • To meet your demands, the vibrating function offers two degrees of intensity and five kinds of vibration.
  • For all-day comfort, it incorporates soft leather and dense foam cushioning throughout the chair.
  • It comes with a remote control that allows you to change the message settings.
  • Arms may be flipped up to save space.

6. Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

Goplus best massage gaming chair is the best reclining massage gaming chair. The Goplus is a swivel massage gaming chair that’s best for console gaming. The swivel chair features a pedestal base instead of legs or wheels, allowing users to rock back and forth and swivel 360 degrees. These chairs are far more comfortable than computer gaming chairs since they are much lower and have more cushioning. They are more comfortable than PC gaming chairs, and they are better for your back than a couch. The Goplus massage chair, like other massage chairs, has four vibrating motors in the backrest to help you relax your back. These motors are found in the lower and midback regions of the body.

Using the included remote, customize the message settings. We were taken aback by the variety of options available with the massage function. There are eight massage settings, a back and waist massage switch, massage strength adjustments, and even a time adjustment on the chair. Users may set the vibrating motors to move at a fast, slow, or medium pace using the time adjustment. The Goplus, like other swivel gaming chairs, has a built-in cup holder and side pockets to store all of your valuables. They come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, grey, pink, and red. These hues will complement any interior area and will undoubtedly attract people’s attention.


  • A practical cup holder is included in the armrest.
  • Small objects can be stored in the side pockets of the chair.
  • There are four vibration points and eight massage settings in the massage function.
  • Both the backrest and the footrest may be adjusted.
  • Spill and scratch resistance are both features of PU leather.

7. Shiatsu Full Body Massage Game

Shiatsu Full Body Massage GameThe Shiatsu best massage gaming chairs is made to look and feel like a professional masseuse. This chair features a futuristic design that seems like something out of a sci-fi space movie. It has a dome-like look and will make a great addition to your living room. In fact, the backrest and seat have been designed to follow the curve of your spine. Shiatsu has without a doubt the most comprehensive massage capabilities we’ve encountered. It includes four airbags, two on each side, to relieve muscular tension in the hips and waist. In the back, there are four massage spots.

Shiatsu is distinguished by its many massage techniques. Knocking, tapping, kneading, air pressure, and shiatsu are the five types of massage that people can get. Professional masseuses employ a variety of massage techniques. You may also make use of the built-in Bluetooth speaker and the handy phone slot. Furthermore, the Shiatsu comes completely constructed, so you won’t have to worry about putting it together yourself.


  • It’s ideal for in-home cinema or console gaming.
  • The Shiatsu chair is stylish and trendy.
  • A built-in Bluetooth speaker allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game.
  • Four airbags are included in the chair for total body relaxation.
  • It has three massage settings to simulate a real-life message.

8. Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Chair

Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Chair

Products of the best quality. The best massage gaming chairs for Lounging You can’t go wrong with the Best Choice reclining chair if you want beautiful and comfy furniture to improve your living environment. The chair has a brown or black faux leather element that looks nice and goes well with any decor. One of the recliner’s standout features is its unusual double-cushioned ottoman footrest, which allows for delightful relaxation. Because the ottoman has a foundation, you can move it wherever you like. It’s good because some retractable footrests can’t be changed from far away, so having a controllable footrest is good.

There are several massage functions to select from on the Best Choice chair. There are five massage modes, nine intensity settings, and two kneading modes to choose from. Kneading is a type of massage that moves and stretches muscle fibers to relieve pain and improve the range of motion. This aids in the decompression of your spine, which is especially beneficial if you have a propensity for hunching over.


  • For maximum relaxation, this chair has four vibrating massage spots and a heated backrest.
  • It has an ottoman footrest to help ease leg stress.
  • It includes a convenient remote control with a variety of massage and intensity settings.
  • Brown leather upholstery gives your living room a very sophisticated and welcoming look.
  • The chair is really simple to put together.

9. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

The Killabee best massage gaming chairs are the best massage gaming chair for the money. The Killabee gaming chair is one of the cheapest massage gaming chairs on the market. In fact, it’s less expensive than most gaming chairs without a massage feature. Gaming chairs have a lot of adjustabilities, which is one of their biggest advantages over other types of chairs. From 90 to 175 degrees, the backrest of the Killabee chair can be moved, allowing you to change your position depending on what you’re doing. This could be playing games, reading a book, or taking a nap. The retractable footrest, adjustable seat height, and 360-degree swivel are all features that users will like.

The Killabee offers a USB-powered massage function, similar to the other massage gaming chairs, where the motors vibrate and spin when hooked up. Although there are no settings for the massage function, the massage cushion may be changed in height. This guarantees that the message lands exactly where you want it to!


  • Three hues are available.
  • There are a lot of different ways to make your seat more comfortable, including a 175-degree back recline, a seat height adjustment, and a 360-degree swivel.
  • The armrests are generously cushioned to relieve pressure on your shoulders and neck.
  • The lumbar cushion may be adjusted in height.
  • Any gaming setup will benefit from a race-car theme.

10. Mecor Massage Office Chair

Mecor Massage Office Chair

Mecor Massage Office Chair is the best massage office chair for gaming. Do you want to personalize your massage treatments? With six motors distributed between the mid-back, lower back, and seat cushion, the Mecor delivers multi-function massage functionality. This guarantees that you get a full-body massage while seated. With the remote, you can customize your massage to your preferences. You can, for example, change the intensity level from high to low. You may also choose the message length, which ranges from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. It even allows you to adjust the heating function’s temperature. As a result, people think they are getting a real message instead of a fake vibration.


  • The Mecor includes a heated backrest to keep you warm, especially if you’re in a cold area with air conditioning or it’s cold outside.
  • It comes with a wireless remote to regulate the intensity and various massage settings. It includes several massage spots that will keep your legs, lower back, and upper back relaxed.
  • It appears to be an executive-style chair that can be used for both gaming and business.
  • The seat height and backrest may both be adjusted.

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Massage Gaming Chair

When it comes to choosing the best massage chair for your requirements, there are several aspects to consider.

Gaming on a PC vs. a Console

Your gaming demands will determine whether you use a PC or a console gaming chair. You’ll need a PC gaming chair if you spend a lot of time playing computer games. Because they offer more customizable features like seat height, armrests, and backrest recline, they are more comfortable. These are important adjustability elements for keeping a good seat while playing computer games. If you often play console games, on the other hand, you won’t require seat height adjustment. Gaming chairs for consoles are built with a lower seat height and no wheels. Instead, they’re made to seem like a sofa recliner or couch, with loads of padding and cushions. They do, however, offer lumbar support or a curved backrest, which makes them more ergonomic than other living room furniture.

Create a high-quality product

The quality of a chair’s construction is determined by a number of factors. This comprises everything from the base to the armrests to the fabric and everything in between. Steel or aluminum frames are the best for a chair since they have been shown to last for over a decade. A chair with a plastic base or frame should be avoided. The name “nylon” is sometimes used by manufacturers to disguise plastic components. In addition, consider the upholstery’s quality.

When it comes to leather, bonded leather, real leather, or carbon fiber leather are better than PU leather. Higher grade leather is more durable, spill-resistant, and scratch-resistant. When it comes to seat cushions, we recommend going for the ones with the greatest density levels. A 5-inch thick foam cushion with a density of 1.8 high resilience, for example, lasts roughly three years. Seat cushions, however, are one of the first components to wear out. As a result, the higher the density, the longer the item will endure.

Support for the lumbar

The purpose of massage chairs is to alleviate back discomfort. However, lumbar support is essential for sustaining a long-term healthy posture. A lumbar cushion should be used to help your spine stay upright without putting too much strain on your back. That means you’ll need lumbar support that you can adjust for height and depth. It uses a lumbar support cushion, like other typical gaming chairs, so you can only adjust the straps higher.

A built-in lumbar system is found in more sophisticated chairs, and you can change how much support you get by twisting the knob on the back. Another good thing to add to your back support is a massage function. This lets you relax your lower body’s muscles. This helps to decompress the spine, allowing a hunched-forward spine to straighten out. A stiff back often becomes rigid and loses range of motion. A deep tissue massage can assist in the resolution of this ailment. You should buy a massage chair that has different modes and intensity levels so you can get back some of the damage caused by sitting for a long time.

Seat Reliability

The best seat cushions are usually found in office chairs and recliner chairs. The armrests and the entire chair are well-padded in executive office chairs. When inspecting the seat cushion, make sure to note the thickness of the cushion. The Ficmax chair, for example, features a 4.8-inch thick high-density foam cushion. Foam cushions are very long-lasting and keep their foam structure for a long time. A memory foam cushion, which is meant to adjust to the user’s body, may be used in some chairs. This keeps the individual from sinking too much, causing strain, and it equally distributes the load. It’s made to help you stand taller by minimizing the tension on your tailbone and hips.


Gaming chairs are the obvious choice because they have the widest range of features that can be changed. Many gaming chairs have a rocking feature and may recline fully to a full 160 to 180 degrees rearward. A backrest recliner is essential since it helps players relax and relieve strain on their spine. It even redistributes your weight and relieves pressure on your hips and legs. The amount of modification you require is determined by how you intend to use the chair.

If you’re sitting at a computer desk, you’ll need more things that can be changed, like the height of your seat and the armrests. Console games, on the other hand, are played from a lower angle, so they don’t need these things. Adjustable seat height and armrests guarantee that you are sitting at the correct desk height. Your arms should be parallel to the desk, and your feet should be flat on the floor. Height, sideways angle, forward and backward movement, and left and right movement are all options for some armrests.


Massage gaming chairs are, surprisingly, far less expensive than you may think. When it comes to massage chairs, computer gaming chairs are the cheapest alternative. They usually have the worst quality upholstery and the most basic massage amenities. The Homall and Killabee gaming chairs are the cheapest on our list. Office and console gaming chairs will be significantly more expensive.

This is due to the fact that their gaming chairs have greater cushioning and often offer more functionality. The GoPluss massage chair and the Mecor massage chair are two of these chairs. Full-body massage chairs are the most luxurious types since they allow customers to personalize their massage experience to their tastes.

Final Words

You’ll never want to get off of your massage gaming chair again! Sitting for long periods of time, whether you’re gaming, working, or just relaxing, maybe taxing on your body. Your body may become tight and sore as a result of this. Back and neck discomfort, stiff hips, and other side effects are prevalent. With so many massage chairs to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one for you. We hope that our buyer’s guide will assist you in selecting the best chair for your needs!

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