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Best Smart Refrigerator You Can Buy Right Now in 2022

by Julia
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The best smart refrigerator maintains an exact, constant, and uniformly distributed interior temperature. Furthermore, the inside design should be designed to maximize capacity, with specialized sections for different sorts of food.

Then there’s the issue of energy consumption; a decent smart refrigerator should use very little electricity, so it won’t cost you a fortune to run. When you’re ready to start creating your smart home, or if you’re already working on one, you’ll want to think about updating your appliances to “smart” equipment. A smart refrigerator is a good place to start because they’re cheap and easy to find at any large box home improvement store. They also make life a lot easier.

The Best Smart Refrigerator You Can Buy Right Now in 2022

Here’s what to look for in a smart refrigerator, as well as nine of the finest options available. If you’re in the market for a new smart refrigerator, extra features are something to consider. Certain luxury versions feature touchscreen screens, while others feature glass doors that light up when you knock.

Check the smart refrigerator quality—a frost-free design eliminates the need to worry about how to defrost a freezer, while the capacity should prevent you from overfilling it. Are you unsure which smart refrigerator is ideal for you? We’ve done our homework to locate the greatest products on the market. There’s something here to fit any kitchen, whether you’re on a budget or want the newest technology.

Deals and bargains on smart refrigerators.

If you’re in the market for a new smart refrigerator, start by browsing our top smart refrigerator sales and offers page. We’re always adding new offerings to this, and some of our favorite businesses have made an appearance.

Which smart refrigerators are the best?

After studying the web for hours and considering our personal experience, we identified the GE Profile PFE28KYNFS French door smart refrigerator as the finest overall refrigerator. Because of its design, it has good temperature control, enough shelf space, and a good look. If you’re on a tight budget, the Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ is worth considering is a good option. It’ll do the job, but it’s lacking an ice maker and a water dispenser.

If you’re interested in cutting-edge technology, the Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator (RF28R7551SR) is a good purchase. On its door is a giant 21-inch touch screen that may be used as a calendar, note board, or even a TV! Thanks to hidden cameras inside, you may even use your smartphone to check whether you’re out of milk when grocery shopping.

1. LG Signature InstaView ThinQ

LG Signature InstaView ThinQ

If you want a smart refrigerator, the LG InstaView ThinQ is one of the best. It has a lot of features, but it may be hard to find. On its website, LG is presently accepting purchase queries. The front of the fridge has a 29-inch screen, which is incredibly high-tech. It’ll let you read recipes, make a grocery list, show photographs, write notes, and draw — basically whatever you could do on a non-smart fridge with plain paper and an old-fashioned magnet.

When you’re not using the screen in one of these ways, you can tap it a few times to transform it into the glass, allowing you to view what’s inside your fridge without having to open the door. You’re not at home? The companion app also allows you to see inside the fridge. The refrigerator boasts built-in speakers for listening to music and conversing with Alexa. It also syncs with Amazon Dash, allowing you to order kitchen supplies and meals with a single tap.

2. GE Profile Refrigerator 

GE Profile Refrigerator

The GE Profile refrigerator, on the other hand, is more general and focuses more on keeping things cool. It comes with a great pair of French doors, 28 cubic feet of fridge capacity, a bottom freezer, and a well-organized layout. You might choose this fridge if space and function are more important to you than smart features. Daniel Carter, the owner of Zippy Electrics, talks about why he thinks the GE Profile refrigerator is the best smart fridge out there. “The French door layout makes food fairly accessible,” Carter explains. All refrigerated items are stored on the top shelf, while the freezer is maintained below.

This frees up a lot of room for each allocated location. ” He explains: “On the left-hand fridge door, there’s also a built-in ice maker and water supply.” The built-in Keurig, though, is the nicest feature of all. The hot water dispenser allows you to brew your favorite K-cup mixtures right from your fridge. ” The WiFi and Amazon Echo devices are connected through a tiny LED screen, although the features aren’t as showy or appealing as those found on other versions. The option to plan when the fridge heats up some water for your daily cup of joe, as well as the ability to ask Alexa to heat up some water for you on-demand, are two standout smart features.

3. Kenmore Smart 74145

Kenmore Smart 74145

The Kenmore Smart 74145 refrigerator is compatible with both the Kenmore Smart app and Alexa. It has a tiny screen, similar to the GE Profile smart fridge, but it prioritizes cooling characteristics, fridge size, and function above technology. The stainless steel fridge has a large bottom freezer, French doors, and GeniusCool technology, which allows you to manage the temperature and humidity level in your fridge.

These controls are available through the app, voice command, and Alexa, along with controls for the ice maker and air filter. Unlike many refrigerators with in-door ice makers and water spouts, this one is a little bigger, so you can fill pots and pans as well as bottles and glasses.

4. Samsung Family Hub

Samsung Family Hub

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is one of the most technologically advanced smart refrigerators that are on the market today. It has a big 21.5-inch screen with individual profiles and avatars for each family member. You may add your own to-do lists and calendars to your profile, as well as keep track of your diet and calorie intake. You can glance into the fridge via your phone from anywhere if you download the Samsung Smart Home app.

Spotify may be played through the built-in speakers. Even better, the fridge is available in four different sizes and layouts, allowing you to select the one that best suits your family’s needs. Select size of 22, 24, or 28 cubic inches, as well as a three-door with french doors, four-door with french doors and a FlexZone drawer, side-by-side doors, or a four-door with a flex door that converts from fridge to freezer as needed.

5. Samsung FoodShowcase 

Samsung FoodShowcase 

While the Samsung FoodShowcase refrigerator isn’t as tech-savvy as the others, it does have a one really intriguing feature from which it gets its name. The FoodShowcase function is essentially a separate refrigerator door within your regular refrigerator door. The smaller door is accessible when the main door is opened, and it is made of glass, allowing you to see everything stored deeper in the fridge without letting any of the cold escape.

Everything on the shelves of a normal refrigerator door is easy to reach. This includes drinks, condiments, and so on. There is a second FlexZone drawer that uses a new type of cooling technology to quickly bring things that are hot to the temperature you want them to be.

6. GE Café

GE Café

The GE Café refrigerator is a good choice if you want a fridge that is generally attractive. The fridge is available in a matte white finish with bronze, black, copper, or stainless steel accents for an Art Deco design that would look great in any upmarket kitchen. In terms of functionality, the fridge has a lot of room with a total capacity of 23.1 cubic feet with a french door and bottom freezer arrangement (and 7.2 cubic feet of capacity in the freezer, which isn’t bad). Regrettably, the technological features are restricted. Although the fridge can link to your WiFi and Amazon Alexa devices, there is no screen, and altering the fridge settings can only keep you entertained for so long.

7. Bosch Serie 6

Bosch Serie 6

While you may be more familiar with GE, Kenmore, and LG appliances than Bosch, this refrigerator is definitely worth a look. The smart refrigerator’s style is a little more understated, and there’s no large screen, but it does include a few useful smart capabilities. You may, for example, link it to the Bosch Home Connect app and view the interior of your fridge at any time. Rather than needing you to stream the interior of your fridge like other smart fridge applications, it displays a snapshot of the interior of your fridge taken the last time it was opened. If you don’t want to rely on a shaky internet connection to check on the amount of beer remaining in the fridge, this can be useful. Aside from door-open notifications and temperature settings, the app’s functions are quite simple.

8. LG Signature InstaView 

LG Signature InstaView 

The LG Signature smart refrigerator has almost every standout feature found on any of LG’s other high-end refrigerators, all in one device. The bad news is this: It also comes with a hefty price tag. Can’t open the fridge door because your hands are full? Simply walk upon an illuminated projection of the words “Door Open” thrown over the floor by the fridge, and the doors will open up. Are you concerned that anything will become too warm if you leave the fridge doors open for too long? Don’t be that way. Whether or not the door is closed, the FRESHShield feature keeps everything at the proper temperature.

You can glance inside the fridge while grabbing anything from the in-door shelves with the Door-in-Door function. LUMIShelf lights up your shelves from below, making it easier to find things on a messy shelf. You may even set the temperature of the fridge in different sections. And what about that huge screen on the door? You can use it to take notes, make lists, and be more organized in general.

9. LG 2D Bottom Mount

LG 2D Bottom Mount

On the other hand, if you can’t afford a new smart refrigerator, the LG 2D Bottom Mount fridge could be precisely what you need. With 24.1 cubic feet of storage capacity with a top fridge and bottom freezer, it’s on the tiny side (but no french doors). SmartDiagnosis, which helps you figure out what’s wrong with your fridge, and Smart Cooling, which helps you better control the temperature, are two smart features.

What to Look for in a Smart Fridge

Before you choose one of the smart fridges listed above, there are a few things to consider.


Consider how you use your present refrigerator and what you like and don’t like about it. Do you despise stooping down to get to the bottom of the freezer? Then a refrigerator with French doors and a bottom freezer is probably not for you. Do you have the habit of forgetting about products that are hidden away in the back of your fridge? Perhaps you’d like something with a bit more order.

Smart Features

As you can see, smart fridges come with a wide variety of features, from ones that hardly have any smart features at all to those that can do it all. What characteristics are essential to you? Do you want to be able to instruct Alexa to start boiling water for your cup of coffee? Or the option to write messages to your children directly on the screen?

Or would you like to be able to check for milk or eggs while out doing errands, or get paper towels from Amazon with a single tap? Perhaps you just want to be able to listen to your favorite music while you cook. John Bedford, the founder of Viva Flavor, talks about a few things that he thinks are important in any smart refrigerator.

These essential characteristics are shared by Bedford

“Controlling the temperature in a drawer or compartment.” “Alerts for a water filter change.” “Interior cameras that allow you to view what products you’re running low on from afar.” When you’re at the grocery store, this comes in handy. ” In any event, instead of getting a smart fridge merely because it has more capabilities, think about which smart features you’ll actually use.


Are you only stocking up on food for yourself and your partner? Do you have a large family and need to keep a lot of things cold? Do you frequently consume frozen foods? You may need a bigger freezer. Do you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables? The size of the refrigerator’s produce drawers is also important to consider. Sardor Umrdinov, CEO of Home Alliance, talks about the things to think about when buying a home. “There is a range of shelves to consider and it will depend on your desire,” Umrdinov adds of shelving.

Users may easily access things stored farther inside the fridge thanks to a sliding shelf design. To set or grab your stuff, simply pull the shelf in or out. ” Adjustable shelves offer the same advantages as fixed shelves, but you may remove a shelf to create space for larger goods, he explains. Shelves can be spill-proof as well. Refrigerators now come equipped with this capability as standard.

They decrease spillage, making cleaning easier and preventing them from scattering all over your fridge. ” Umrdinov also offers advice on how to choose the correct drawers for your smart fridge. “A full-extension drawer makes accessing stuff much simpler,” he continues. You gain complete access and enough space to put trays of food in drawers. ” Transparent drawers in certain refrigerators allow you to view what’s within. This saves time from searching through drawers to find what you’re looking for, “he explains.

Creating the Smart Kitchen of Your Dreams

It’ll only take a few purchases to build your ideal smart kitchen, but your smart refrigerator will most likely be the most expensive. Don’t make a hasty choice! The correct features, style, and size will either make cooking in your kitchen a joy or a chore for the next few years. Your entire kitchen will soon be filled with smart equipment.

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