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20 Best Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

by Julia
Best Typing Games For Kids

Using the Best Typing Games For Kids software for kids comes with numerous advantages. These ingenious apps can assist young students in not only improving their Typing Games For Kids keyboarding skills but also in mastering difficult spelling. Some programs also teach kids how to improve their posture and hand positions, which could help them avoid repetitive strain injuries later on. As more classes are given through digital methods, the ability to type swiftly and precisely is becoming a vital skill in education. It’s critical to be able to communicate quickly and effectively over the computer, especially if students are using one of the best online Typing games for kids tutoring programs in addition to their regular classes.

We tried and tested each of the Typing Games For Kids applications to ensure that the following ranking is correct. We rated each service based on teaching methods, interesting activities, and age-appropriate attributes during our hands-on testing. Are you looking for further kid-friendly activities and best Typing Games For Kids? Take a look at our list of the finest Typing games for kids online to help them get a leg up on the competition. If you’re looking for a present for a loved one, check out our guide to Typing Games For Kids.

20 Best Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

Following are the different typing games for kids which are as follow:

1. Animal Typing


Animal typing


A fun, interactive game-like Animal Typing games online is a brilliant approach to improve children’s Typing Games For Kids skills. It’s a simple and enjoyable technique to help kids to improve their typing speed.

2. Cup Stacking Keyboarding



Cup stacking

Basic Typing games online that teach pupils how to utilize the proper keyboard fingers. It’s a basic typing game in which you must stack all of the cups by typing the letters that appear on the screen.

3. Typing on a Dance Mat


Typing on Dance mat

Dance Mat keyboard game is Typing games free and is divided into four levels, each of which has three stages (you can find them in the menu above). Kids move through a total of 12 phases with the help of an Angel instructor, improving their word per minute, dexterity, and typing confidence all while learning in a fun atmosphere. At the end of each stage, your kid will be rewarded with a song and performance by their Angel teacher and a chorus of captivating creatures, giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

4. Ghost Typing



Ghost Typing for kids-friendly typing game. It adds spooky ghosts and interactive features to make learning basic keyboarding skills fun. The use of ghost typing will teach young students proper finger positioning.

5. keyboard Fun


Keyboard fun

Keyboard Fun is an iPad and iPhone app that encourages children to use their fingers correctly. It’s a Speed typing games and yet simple program created by an Occupational Therapist to help kids improve their typing skills.

6. Zoo of Keyboarding


Zoo Typing

Keyboarding Zoo is a lovely Typing games free game for kids in elementary school. It pushes pupils to match letters on the screen with a single finger, then locates and clicks them on the keyboard.

7. Nitro Type


Nitro Zoo is a lovely Typing games for PC for kids in school. It helps kids to match letters a single finger, then locates and clicks them on the keyboard.

8. Owl Planes Typing


Owl typing

Nitro Type is the ideal keyboarding activity for everyone who enjoys fast automobiles and exciting typing programs. Nitro Type is the best Typing games for PC which is suited to pupils who already have a basic understanding of typing and can type whole words. Students can compete against one another to discover who can type the fastest!

9. Qwerty Town


Qwerty town

Qwerty Town is a simple online Typing for kids application that teaches children proper finger positioning and keyboard abilities. It provides pupils with individualized exercises, typing assignments, and typing assessments.



Type a Balloon is a simple online Typing for kids tool that teaches students keyboard skills and correct finger placement. It gives students tailored exercises to follow, typing activities, and typing tests.

Typing finger

Typing finger

Typing Fingers is one of the best Typing games for kids free download on computer or google play store it actually has different ways to teach students to touch typing skills. It introduces fun games for students at every level of the learning process.


Quest typing

Typing Quest is a fun Typing games free that invites students. They offer a variety of instructional and keyboarding games, including expert typing drills and beginner-friendly games that teach proper finger positioning.

Best Typing Games For Kids


Typetastic is utilized by over 4 million students throughout the world, which comes as no surprise given that they provide over 700 educational Typing games free to help students improve their typing skills.

14. Type Rush

type rush

Type rush

It’s a rush to type! For children, fun, fast-paced Speed typing games that foster speed and proper touch typing. Being the fastest typer can help students win the game.

Best Typing Games For Kids

Typing Rocket

What student doesn’t enjoy rockets and fireworks? On this Typing games free Students are encouraged to input the correct letter in order for their rocket to explode with fireworks. It provides an immediate gratification that stimulates fast typing.

Best Typing Games For Kids

Type Type Revolution

Type Type Revolution is Best Typing Games For Kids That encouraged to type swiftly and efficiently in this fast-paced typing game. Type Revolution is a fun game with a musical twist that boosts pupils’ confidence by encouraging them to type regularly.

17. Typing Chronicles – Epistory


Typing Chronicles – Epistory

The epic story is the first of a new kind of interactive and Best Typing Games For Kids for students. It teaches typing in a video game that students will enjoy. It is appropriate for both middle school and high school students.

18. Keybr

Best Typing Games For Kids


Secondary pupils will benefit from a simple and have a collection of Best Typing Games For Kids which is basically a web-based touch typing tool that will help them become advanced typers. This user-friendly program works on any computer and provides excellent courses for pupils.

Best Typing Games For Kids

Key blaze

A tutor Best Typing Games For Kids software will teach students at all levels the skill of keyboarding. Key Blaze even includes a module on dictation typing to teaching transcription

20. Learn Typing

Best Typing Games For Kids

Learn typing

A tutor typing software program will educate pupils of all levels on how to type. To teach transcription, Key Blaze provides a section on dictation typing.


Parents and teachers must begin introducing Best Typing Games For Kids to their children and students as soon as possible. They are enjoyable, which makes it enjoyable to use them frequently, and while the children are having fun, they are unconsciously instilling familiarity with the keyboard and typing skills in them. Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations in the comments area below. We’d be delighted to respond with a solution. We publish tips and techniques of Typing Games For Kids on a regular basis, as well as solutions to frequent problems.

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