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15 Best CamScanner Alternatives For Android And IOS In 2022

by Julia

CamScanner is one of the most popular options, when it comes to scanning documents on their mobile phones. The software, which is available on both Android and iOS app stores, has a reasonably significant user base and is available on both platforms.

However, as of late last night (June 29), users in India were unable to access CamScanner Alternatives due to an order from the Indian government banning the use of 59 Chinese apps because they “engage in activities that are prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of the state, and public order,” per a statement from India’s Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY).

We’ve collected a list of the best CamScanner APKPure alternatives so you can find a new document scanning app with little hassle.

15 Best CamScanner Alternative Apps For Android And IOS

We’ve compiled a list of the best CamScanner alternatives that will perform similarly to CamScanner. In comparison to CamScanner APKPure, many rivals offer additional features. Because many of the options do not leave a watermark on the document, they will also solve the watermark issue. Let’s have a look at the apps and see which one is the finest.

1.  Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

One of the most popular CamScanner India for Android is Adobe Scan. The programme can recognise the document type, crop edges intelligently, and improve text display quality. You may use CamScanner’s popular OCR document scanning with Adobe Scan. Documents scanned in PDF or JPG format can be exported. The nicest part is that you won’t have to deal with that obnoxious watermark.

2.  Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens

Office Lens from Microsoft allows you to scan not only documents but also business cards, notes, and whiteboards. You can edit the scanned papers later by saving them as a Word file or a PowerPoint slide. You get OCR, ID card scanning, and much more in addition to the conventional edge detection and auto-cropping. You can save papers as JPG or PDF files and use OneNote to access them.

3.  Scanbot PDF Document Scanner

Scanbot PDF Document Scanner

Scanbot PDF Document Scanner

Scanbot has its supporters when it comes to portable document scanning. With its sophisticated edge detecting and auto-cropping feature, this app competes with CamScanner. You may also use OCR text detection, scan multiple pages, and modify documents. Unlike Cam Scanner old version, the programme goes above and beyond by allowing you to search for files using text from documents. Finally, you can save the scanned documents as PDF or JPG.

4.  Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable

For iOS users, Evernote Scannable is one of the greatest CamScanner alternative. There’s also a smart edge and auto-cropping option in this app. Your scanned papers can be saved as pictures or PDF files. The app’s email and cloud connection make it simple to share your documents. This programme is rather nice for the purpose even without the OCR or annotating features.

5.  Notebloc



If you’re looking for a feature-rich substitute for CamScanner EDU account, check out Notebloc. You can scan papers fast and save them as high-resolution photos. You also get OCR, batch scanning, document editing, and cloud integration in addition to the standard smart edge detection capability. The nicest thing is that, unlike Scanner, you don’t get a watermark on your papers, which is fantastic.

6.  Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive includes a built-in scanner for those who didn’t know. By tapping on the + icon, you may begin scanning notes and other documents. It cannot, however, be compared to the feature-rich app. Only a simple scan and upload feature is included in the app. Edge detection and cropping are also included, as well as a simple picture editor.

7. Scanner App To PDF – TapScanner

Scanner App To PDF - TapScanner

Scanner App To PDF – TapScanner

TapScanner is the next app on our list, and it allows you to scan and store documents in high quality. A strong post-processing capability is included in the programme. This programme makes a clean text image from three photos in a series. With edge detection, cropping, OCR, and a unique digital sign capability, TapScanner is equally as feature-rich as a scanner. Documents scanned can be saved as JPG, PNG, or PDF files.

8.  Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is a decent replacement for CamScanner. The app lets you scan multiple documents at once and save them with crisp quality. There is also edge detection which is not as powerful. You can save your scanned documents as images or PDF files. However, the email and cloud service lets you share the scanned documents easily.

9.  PhotoScan



PhotoScan is for those who are up for scanning and preserving photos rather than documents. Google’s PhotoScan app lets you scan printed photos and with crisp clarity and excellent colour reproduction. You also don’t get any glares or blemishes, unlike many scanner apps. The edge detection and auto-crop feature of this app are miles ahead of that of Scanner.

10.  TurboScan



TurboScan is a good scanner app that may be used instead of Scanner. You may scan printed pages, notes, and even whiteboards in addition to documents. The app’s unique sharpening option produces crisp, clear images that may be saved as PNG, JPG, or PDF files. The programme also has edge detection, bulk scanning, email, and cloud connectivity.

11. Tap Scanner


Tap Scanner

Tap Scanner has a fairly steady functionality and uses a unique pattern for scanning photos. It takes three continuous photos of the object, ensuring that the scanned image results are more accurate. It has a powerful post-processing engine and a large number of filters and image editing capabilities. The scanner does an excellent job, producing sharp images with maximum detail.

12.  Flash Scanner



Flash Scanner is a PDF scanner that produces accurate and quick results. The software has a few high-quality features that make it a viable alternative to Scanner. It has a built-in OCR that aids in accurately extracting text from the original image and producing crisp results. Its ability to convert English writings into different languages is one of its distinguishing advantages. Furthermore, you may use Flash Scanner to scan practically any type of document and anticipate good results.

13. Clear Scan



If you’re looking for a more straightforward and succinct alternative to Scanner, Clear Scan is a good choice. This programme can scan practically any document, including identification cards, handwritten writing, and printed text. Aside from that, the saved documents can be compressed immediately to conserve space and uploaded to destinations with size constraints. The documents can be exported in PDF and JPG formats as well.

14. SwiftScan



Scanbot is an excellent software to try for your scanning needs, as it is one of the most popular and complete alternatives to Scanner. Many various forms of documents, including handwritten text and QR codes, can be scanned. It can also crop photographs in real-time as it scans your documents for a more convenient experience. These scanned documents can also be shared to the cloud or transferred to high-quality device storage.

15. Notebloc



Notebloc is another amazing Scanner alternative for both iOS and Android users. This programme may provide the majority of the functionality offered in CamScanner sign up, as well as a few unique capabilities. This programme is absolutely free to use, and saved documents are not watermarked in any way. It’s also a lot faster than some of the other options on our list, so it’s more efficient to utilise.

Final Thoughts

CamScanner is one of the most useful and essential apps on our phones (irrespective of the mobile operating systems). Users have abandoned Camscanner for unknown and indeterminate reasons, preferring to scan their important papers in alternative ways that do not compromise the service’s quality. & this is where we have enlisted the best CamScanner APKPure apps you must explore in 2022.

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