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20 Best Legal Case Management Software In 2022

by Julia
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Case management software allows your company to store and track all client information in one single spot. Contact information, case notes, appointment scheduling and history, client interactions, and invoices are all included.

What is the purpose of Case Management Software?

Case management necessitates a significant amount of data collection. Case managers are frequently responsible for dozens of customers and hundreds of data points. It’s difficult to keep track of all of this data without the aid of a reputable software program. When you have all of your customer information in one place, it’s much easier to display the data, develop reports, and exploit the data you gather.

Collaboration amongst caseworkers is also facilitated by case management software. Anyone involved in a lawsuit can be granted access to the data they require. Client communications are normally sent through the program and are automatically associated with their case file. Caseworkers can even send communications directly to their clients using some applications, such as Penelope. These messages are automatically logged because they are delivered from within the system, so you never have to worry about missing something.

Client progress and other metrics may be readily tracked and reported using various report kinds, which is another important feature of case management software. This provides managers and other senior staff with an overview of the agency’s performance and aids in identifying areas where and how operations may be improved.

Is case management software required?

The answer is “yes” if you work for a human services or charitable organization that still uses paper to keep track of client information. Many businesses record customer information using a combination of rudimentary software and paper, making it difficult to have complete access to their data. Other companies use out-of-date or unsupported software that only provides minimal functionality and may prohibit them from providing the reports and insights they require.

These firms would be able to increase the accuracy of their data by implementing a complete software solution, ensuring that all employees have access to precise and consistent customer information. Examine whether your present system, whether it’s software or paper tracking, is achieving your requirements. If not, it’s possible that it’s time for a change. Change isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it when the return is a software system that can help you better your clients’ lives.

Case Management Software: What to Look for

As previously said, there are several case management software alternatives available, and it’s critical to select one that fulfills your agency’s tracking, reporting, and communication requirements. While features are vital to consider when determining which system to purchase, there are many other factors to consider as well.

  • Is the service provider able to deliver consistent, high-quality support?
  • Is it simple to acquire and report on the information you gather?
  • Is it possible to customize the system to meet your organization’s specific requirements?
  • Is it possible to make small system modifications without going through the provider?
  • Is it possible for the software (and the supplier) to develop and adapt along with your company?
  • The top 20 legal case management programs

20 Best Legal Case Management Software In 2022

There are several case management software alternatives available, and it’s critical to select one that fulfills your agency’s tracking, reporting, and communication requirements.

1. Zola Suite

Ccase management software


Zola Suite is a powerful legal practice management solution with a slew of powerful features that help you streamline your workflow and avoid the hazards of shaky workarounds. Its built-in main features are platform-native, removing the need for cumbersome integrations. To produce invoices, exchange files with clients, and send emails, you simply need to use one set of login credentials and maintain one simple dashboard.

Zola Suite is also the only cloud-based legal practice management software that includes true, built-in email, extensive legal accounting, and billing and trust accounting features. It offers limitless cloud storage with significant file size restrictions on its higher price plans.

2. TimeSolv

Ccase management software

TimeSolv is a customizable tool that can help attorneys and legal professionals simplify their productivity. It allows you to keep track of time and associated expenses. It’s not only comprehensive, but it’s also user-friendly, and it works with both current and legacy macOS, Windows, iPhone, and Android platforms.

It’s more than just a time-tracking and invoicing system; it also interacts with the world’s most popular payment gateways and credit card processing. Clients can access an online gateway to pay you, view their transaction history with your company, and more. It may also sync data to and from third-party programs, such as QuickBooks.

3. PracticePanther

Ccase management software

For good reason, PracticePanther is at the top of our list of legal case management software. It combines a variety of features into a single, user-friendly internet platform. Time tracking, scheduling, billing, payment processing, and cost management are all included in the program. Furthermore, the program has sophisticated CRM and case management software tools that make managing relationships and keeping track of everything in the workplace much easier.

The ability to produce numerous invoices in one click, take payment cards from the invoice, charge hourly, flat rate, or contingency, maintain trust account balances, and link with top business applications are just a few of the features that set PracticePanther apart from the competition.

4. Clio

case management software

Clio is a legal management software that includes all of the features you’ll need to run a successful law firm. Clio includes a number of powerful tools for managing cases, clients, data, documents, invoices, calendars, time tracking, reporting, and accounting. The system, which is billed as a complete management tool for law offices, is designed to help legal service providers by organizing case details, creating workflows, setting schedules, sharing documents, tracking billable minutes, generating invoices, processing payments, and doing legal accounting, among other things.

5. Bill4Time

case management software

Bill4Time is a cloud-based time tracking and invoicing tool designed for law firms, accountants, contractors, freelancers, and small enterprises. The program allows you to keep track of time from any location, streamline billing, and recoup lost money. Bill4Time accurately measures time anywhere and at any time from any internet-connected device, allowing you to recover up to 30% of missed billables due to inefficient time tracking. One-click timers, one-screen batch time input, and synced appointment and time entries are all included.

6. MyCase

Ccase management software

MyCase is a web-based legal practice management software designed to assist small and medium-sized law offices with case administration, time tracking, invoicing automation, and client communication. Contacts, scheduling, document management, case management, online billing and invoicing, time tracking, and calendar management are all handled by this all-in-one platform. The web solution is user-friendly, requires no technical knowledge, and can simply be integrated into current legal office setups and practices.

7. Firm Central

Ccase management software

Thomson Reuters created Firm Central, a legal case management software, to enable small law firms and single practitioners to improve office administration, track time and billing, and remain current with Continuing Legal Education obligations. The cloud-based technology streamlines issue administration, document management, calendar and scheduling, billing and invoicing, document customization, and email monitoring and management by combining all legal operations into a single, integrated platform. It is intended to help modern legal firms simplify, organize, and improve their daily procedures and operations.

8. ActionStep

Ccase management software

ActionStep is an online platform that includes case management, integrated invoicing and accounting, and other features. Its unique workflow technologies and integrated approach assist you in running your organization efficiently on both the front and back ends. Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as major legal firms, can benefit from the highly adaptable solution. ActionStep includes features for time tracking, billing, a comprehensive general ledger, and trust accounting in addition to case and issue management. It contains capabilities for managing marketing, sales, personnel, passwords, facilities, and insurance policies, among other things.

9. Rocket Matter

Ccase management software

Rocket Matter is a well-known cloud-based law practice management program. It was one of the first solutions in this area, having been released in 2007. It’s designed for legal firms trying to raise income, go paperless, or boost trust in accounting confidence. With features that may help you streamline your billing process, get paid promptly, manage casework, remain on time, know your numbers, work from anywhere, and interact with your firm, the system provides you with ultimate control over your law firm company. On top of that, Rocket Matter encourages you to go paperless to save time, money, and resources.

10. Cosmolex

Ccase management software

CosmoLex is a web-based legal case management software designed to help small law firms and single practitioners keep track of their finances. Billing, timekeeping, company accounting, trust accounting, calendars, tasks, documents, and emails are all managed with the software’s capabilities and features. Its Secure Client Portal makes organizing and storing client information and case documents online a breeze. You also receive a comprehensive suite of practice management tools for managing documents, emails, contacts, and case processes.

CosmoLex provides a built-in legal accounting system that, when combined with legal time and billing and law practice management, creates a completely compliant law office accounting system. This tool records every working hour and expenditure you incur automates billing procedures and streamlines accounting operations.

11. Alt Legal

Ccase management software

“Alt Legal” is a piece of legal case management software designed exclusively for practicing intellectual property law. By automatically updating case statuses, gathering crucial client information, alerting you of deadlines, and creating IP filings, the system makes it simple to prepare and maintain intellectual property paperwork. Technology automates repetitive activities and leads you through the dangerous and time-consuming aspects of IP legal practice, allowing you to devote more time and effort to your IP matters and the expansion of your law firm.

12. LexRex

Ccase management software

LexRex is an intelligent and secure online legal case management software designed to assist modern law firms in making the most of current technology. It enables legal practitioners to easily handle their customers and cases by supporting all critical operations, such as fast entering of client information, thorough case management and billing and taking online payments.

The platform streamlines client and case management by allowing you to deploy and use LexRex on your preferred IT device—a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You may modify client and case files, sync documents and calendars, and log in to the system from anywhere at any time. You may handle all areas of your legal firm’s commercial operations, such as filing and organizing documents, scheduling assignments and appointments, creating professional invoices, and receiving payments online.

13. MerusCase

Ccase management software

MerusCase is a cloud-based legal practice management system that adapts to your needs, automating document automation, time tracking, billing, scheduling, email, case management, and more. All of its tools and features are combined into a single, simple platform that you can use from any device, at any time. MerusCase uses modern technology to automate your day-to-day work, and it can be used by law firms of all sizes and sectors.

14. Workshare

Ccase management software

Workshare is a document management platform designed specifically for legal professionals, allowing them to manage and monitor data loss risks while adhering to professional rules and laws. Today’s technology allows lawyers to quickly send files and documents via online channels such as emails. However, this may expose sensitive documents. Workshare works around this by ensuring that all papers transmitted via email and other programs are free of sensitive information. It provides secure and structured workspaces for your legal transactions, making it ideal for working on large volumes of important documents because it allows you to compare them quickly.

15. LegalTrek

Ccase management software

LegalTrek is a legal case management software designed for mid-sized law firms or legal departments looking to expand and profit. It organizes, bills, and manages clients, papers, and other important business activities using an all-in-one approach. You’ll be able to keep a close eye on what matters most, boost profitability with fast and accurate invoicing, handle legal projects and cases, and make professional invoices in minutes, among other things. It’s a single, transparent, organized, up-to-date, and simply accessible solution for all of your data.

16. HoudiniEsq

Ccase management software

HoudiniEsq was created for small businesses to help them with tasks like document organization, scheduling, and appointments, marking calendars for hearings, and more. The program may be used on-premise or in the cloud, and it has a wide range of features and capabilities, including time and expenditure tracking, billing and invoicing, case management, and client management. The solution takes care of all aspects of legal practice management, allowing you and your legal team to focus on providing the finest legal service to your customers.

17. Sheriasoft LPM

Ccase management software

Sheriasoft LPN was created to assist law firms, legal departments, and solo practitioners in transitioning to a contemporary approach to law practice management. It combines billing, time tracking, calendaring, issue management, and task and document management into a single straightforward, user-friendly, and cost-effective platform. Every procedure is streamlined, mechanized, and made accurate using Sheriasoft LPN’s paperless operation. It enables you to eliminate manual errors in critical elements of your legal business, improve teamwork, meet client expectations, and progressively expand your legal practice.

18. CaseFox

Ccase management software

CaseFox is a free billing software program meant to assist attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals with practice administration. Billing, invoicing, trust funds, case papers, costs, payments, clients, and more are all managed with this multi-user, role-based solution. CaseFox streamlines billable and non-billable time tracking, manages the various trust and operating accounts, produces task and calendar items for cases, and includes a docketing module for monitoring case-related events.

19. Lawcus

Ccase management software

Lawcus is a simple and visual legal case management software that combines collaboration, discussion, and automation capabilities into a single platform to assist you in providing excellent service to your clients. Time and expense monitoring, workflow automation, document assembly and management, contact management, email integration, a secure client portal, workspaces and teams, bank-grade security, and support for key foreign languages are just a few of the features.

20. DPS Software

Ccase management software

DPS Software is a legal technology firm based in the United Kingdom that offers software solutions in fields such as criminal law, conveyancing, and personal injury. Case management software, digital dictation, legal accounting, and a secure client portal are all included in its practice management software. The web-based practice management software is designed to assist legal professionals with seeing their files, creating attendance notes, recording time, dictating, and sending and receiving emails from a distance.

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