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Top 6 Best Medicare Dental Insurance for Seniors For 2022

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Finding a dentist near me in 2022 or the best dental insurance for Medicare-eligible seniors is not an easy endeavor. Due to their advanced age and its effects on oral health, seniors are the group that visits the dentist the most frequently.

In 2016, 19% of individuals who required dental services had to pay more than $1,000 out of pocket, while 65% of Medicare beneficiaries lacked dental insurance. Many people lack protection because dental treatment is not covered by original Medicare.

Nevertheless, some Medicare Advantage plans still include dental insurance or pediatric dentist near me. To ensure you can choose a strategy that makes you happy, we looked through the best possibilities.

We looked into and rated the pediatric dentist near me for seniors on Medicare based on a number of factors, such as the number of stars given by Medicare, the cost, the ease of use of the website, the amount of educational content, the ability to compare plans, the ease of getting in touch with an agent in person, and more. Except for one, all of the plans we looked at here cover at least 40 states.

Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare in 2022

Here you will find the best dentist near me or the best dental insurance services for seniors on medicare in 2022.


Aetna could be the best pediatric dentist near me option for you if you’re considering bundling your Medicare Advantage plan even further to cover your dental (or dental and vision) needs. By bundling, you don’t have to pay each provider separately. Instead, you can make a single payment that covers all of your extra needs. These plans come with “riders” that give you extra coverage for certain medical costs that Medicare doesn’t pay for. Both of these riders are more expensive in this case, but they do offer extra protection to fill in any gaps in your regular Medicare Advantage plan.


  • Dental coverage is a common feature of Medicare Advantage plans.
  • On the page comparing plans, there are star ratings (including some with a 4.5 rating).
  • Affordable supplemental dental insurance is available.


  • Annual maximum coverage ($1,000-$3,000)
  • Various plan-specific restrictions on complete coverage

Aetna is a great choice if you don’t think you’ll need a lot of dental or vision care in the near future. Aetna is the best choice if you want to feel secure knowing that the essentials, like regular cleanings and X-rays, are covered but don’t believe you’ll need many extras, like coverage for crowns, extractions, or fillings. Both the dental plan and the dental/vision plan together cost about $30 per month, which is a fair price, especially since the included plan has no deductible.


Preventive dental treatment, such as cleanings and regular checkups, is covered by certain of Cigna’s Medicare Advantage plans, as is extensive care, such as crowns and extractions. Reventive treatment often has a $0 payment. As a standard benefit, Part C of the Medicare Advantage plan from Cigna covers dental care.


  • Various options for plans, some of which include dental,
  • The annual limit for comprehensive dental treatment is between $1,000 and $2,000.
  • Plans also include vision coverage for examinations, eyewear, contact lenses, and other things.
  • Certain monthly fees are $0 (most plans include medical, vision, and dental coverage).


  • Even if your state doesn’t have Medicare, you can still get independent dental insurance in all 50 states.
  • Compare medical, pediatric dentist near me, and vision policies because additional coverage varies amongst the various plans.

Cigna is aware of how important preventative dental care is to your overall health. Preventative dental care is provided by certain plans, and because preventative techniques don’t always work, some of those policies also include coverage for complete care. But the Medicare Advantage plans that come with this dental treatment might be very different in what they cover and how much they cost each month, so be sure to read the “Plan Details” page carefully. Since the plans are paired with other riders to give full coverage, the details of each plan will be different.

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#3. Humana

Humana boasts very low premiums. Most of its Medicare Advantage plans do cover dental insurance and give multiple benefits, which are broken down very clearly.


  • Easy to compare prices
  • Easily understandable plan breakdown with plenty of information available


  • Different plans have different maximum benefit coverage amounts, which can be low (especially for dental work)
  • Some plans have limits on how many times a year you can receive certain care
  • Some plans have higher monthly premiums, which can add up (especially in addition to Part B premiums)

Humana has several options where premiums are $0—one that includes dental. The Preventive Value PPO is a low cost dental plan and has no waiting period. It does fully cover cleanings and exams and offers a 50% discount on fillings and simple extractions (after reaching the $50 individual lifetime deductible). The Bright Plus PPO plan has a three-month waiting period. It fully covers exams and X-rays and offers a 40% discount on fillings and simple extractions.

#4. AARP’s Medicare

The majority of AARP’s Medicare Advantage plans include coverage for routine pediatric dentist near me, and many of them also include coverage for comprehensive dental treatment.


  • Most plans provide preventative dental treatment, which includes cleanings, x-rays, etc.
  • Numerous plans also include complete dental coverage.
  • Premiums are usually reasonable.


  • Some insurance policies include an annual cap of $500 for complete dental treatment.
  • Some plans have an annual cap on combined preventive and complete dental coverage.
  • It’s wonderful to have insurance that makes you feel secure.

That is what AARP offers. Whichever plan you select, your teeth are protected. Most plans cover at least preventive dental care, and most also cover full care up to a certain limit per year. However, it would be best to check into plans that offer more in-depth, broader coverage options if you anticipate having more expensive work done that will surpass the yearly maximum. PPO Plan A has the most coverage. It has a $40 deductible and pays out $1,500 a year. A reduced monthly cost is available with the PPO Plan B, but it has a $90 deductible and $1,000 in yearly coverage.

#5.Blue Cross Blue Shiel

Speaking of alternatives, Blue Cross Blue Shield provides you with the ability to choose how much pediatric dentist near me you would want to apply for with a specific plan, in addition to including dental insurance with certain of its Medicare Advantage plans. You can get regular coverage, coverage that is bundled together, or the “enhanced” bundle, which gives you more coverage for comprehensive and preventive care. One of our favourites is the premium plan, which, after a year of coverage, includes significant treatments like dentures, bridges, and crowns. Many of the Medicare dental plans for seniors that different companies offer do not cover these procedures.


  • More options and opportunities for care customization.
  • Even with the cheapest premium, 50% of full treatment (like root canals, crowns, etc.) is still paid for.
  • There is no copayment for up to two oral examinations per year.


  • Limitations on all-encompassing care (e.g., root canals are limited to one per tooth per lifetime).
  • Dental coverage is not a feature of Medicare Advantage plans.
Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Medicare Advantage page for your state may require more searching than the main BCBS website does, but it’s worth it for the coverage and comparisons it provides. The cheapest BCBS plan, Dental Blue 65 Preventive, costs less than $24 a month but only covers diagnostic and preventive procedures like cleanings and X-rays. The Dental Blue 65 Basic plan, which has a monthly cost of less than $38, covers routine procedures including fillings and extractions. With a monthly cost of just about $69, Dental Blue 65 Premier is the most comprehensive and costliest plan available.

#6.Mutual of Omaha

Although Mutual of Omaha’s Medicare Advantage plans aren’t offered everywhere, the pricing and coverage are decent. In addition to a $28 monthly premium plan called CareAdvantage Plus that covers complete care at no cost, up to $1,000 annually, there is a $0 monthly premium option that includes all preventative dental care for just a $25 fee.


  • Additionally, CareAdvantage plans provide decreased or no copays for various items.
  • Comparing CareAdvantage plans is simple, with differences noted.
  • Overall, it’s affordable with respectable coverage.
  • Hearing aids are covered by Care Advantage Plus up to $750.


  • fewer overall plan alternatives
  • Plans are not offered in every state.

Both plan choices include higher out-of-pocket maximums ($4,700 for CareAdvantage Complete and $4,250 for CareAdvantage Plus). Mutual of Omaha keeps things straightforward and avoids overcrowding your selections with too many programmes and alternatives. Both plans cover some kind of dental care, but which one is best for you depends on your situation and how much care you might need. Given that CareAdvantage Complete only covers preventive dental care (like cleanings, X-rays, etc.) and costs $25, it is best to compare all of the coverage options, but dental coverage should be thought about carefully. CareAdvantage Plus costs $28 per month, while Complete costs nothing. CareAdvantage Plus has lower copays and covers all preventive dental care.

How We Selected the Best Dental Insurance for Medicare-Eligible Seniors?

Dental Insurance

The geographic pediatric dentist near me service area was the first thing we looked at when comparing the best Medicare Advantage Plans for dental coverage. We looked at plans that offered dentists near me in at least 40 states, or in the same number of states as they did medical coverage. Then, in order to give the best dental services for Medicare seniors to as many individuals as possible, we compared prices and copays; the usability of websites; information on coverage and treatment; and more.

We gave preference to businesses that provided full dental and preventative care in addition to more important procedures like bridges and implants. In order to assist you in choosing the option that best fits your budget, we were able to analyze costs on both a monthly premium level and an overall cost depending on deductibles thanks to our attention to cost details.

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