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List Of Dog Pokemon Games In 2022

by Julia
dog pokemon

Game Freak has been reinventing the dog pokemon franchise for each new generation of gamers for more than 25 years. These adorable (and occasionally terrifying) tiny monsters attract both novice and experienced Pokémon trainers. It’s possible that the desire to catch ’em all keeps players coming back. Or maybe it’s just how cute these little pocket monsters are. Whatever the case may be, fans of the canine pokemon series continue to return to or begin exploring it.

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, and dog Pokémon is no exception in the Pokémon world. Dog Pokémon, while not necessarily a Pokémon type, have been present from the first Pokémon game, with Arcanine being the most notable example. From Team dog pokemon. recruits and their Houndours to Officer Jenny and her Growlithe, you’ll find devoted dogs staying by their masters in the dog pokémon games. That being said, here’s a list of all the dog pokémon games you can find in Pokémon Go right now!

List Of Top Dog pokemon Games On Internet

Following are the list of best dog pokemon games which are as follow:

1. Entei

dog pokemon


Max Combat Power (CP):  3,473
Base Stats: Attack – 235, Defense – 171, Stamina – 251
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Fire
Possible Evolutions: None

Entei joins the water-type Suicune and the electric-type Raikou as one of the three legendary dog pokemon. Entei, a second-generation Pokémon, has a dreadful history of returning from the dead before being bestowed with special abilities by Ho-Oh. Entei, with the highest CP on the list, is the pinnacle of a formidable fire-type Pokémon that every trainer should have in their team.

2. Lillipup

dog pokemon


Max Combat Power (CP): 915
Base Stats: Attack – 107, Defense – 86, Stamina – 111
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Normal
Possible Evolutions: Evolves to Herdier and Stoutland

Lillipup is one of the cutest dog pokemon ever that is part of the fifth generation. It evolves into Herdier with 25 candies. Probably based on the Yorkshire Terrier, Lillipup is known to be intelligent and brave in games and anime. This is even though they’re quite weak since they’re just pups. Due to its cute looks and future evolution potential, Lillipup is our second pick.

3. Arcanine

dog pokemon


Max Combat Power (CP): 3,029
Base Stats: Attack – 227, Defense – 166, Stamina – 207
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Fire
Possible Evolutions: Evolves from Growlithe

Lillipup is a canine Pokémon from the fifth generation, and it is one of the cutest ever. It changes into Herdier after collecting 25 candies. Lillipup, a gaming and anime character based on the Yorkshire Terrier, is known for being brave and intelligent. This is despite the fact that, as pups, they are rather feeble. Our second pick is dog pokemon, which has a cute appearance and the potential for future evolution.

4. Suicune

dog pokemon


Max Combat Power (CP): 2,983
Base Stats: Attack – 180, Defense – 235, Stamina – 225
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Water
Possible Evolutions: None

Suicune, a water-type legendary dog, is a pivotal character in the dog pokemon franchise. Suicune, a second-generation Pokémon, was featured in Pokémon Crystal’s box cover and plot. Despite having much lower CP than Raikou, Suicune is the fourth Pokémon on our list. Because of its significance in the story and its status as a legendary Pokémon, this is the case.

5. Lucario



Max Combat Power (CP): 2,703
Base Stats: Attack – 236, Defense – 144, Stamina – 172
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Fighting; Secondary Type – Steel
Possible Evolutions: Evolves from Riolu

Lucario, one of the most popular dog pokemon of all time, has the appearance and feel of a superhero. Lucario, a hybrid fighting and steel type, is resistant to a wide range of Pokémon types, including grass, ice, rock, and even dragons. However, it takes twice as much damage from fire, ground, and, ironically, combat types. Lucario is an excellent asset to any group and can deal with most threats.

6. Stoutland

stoutland, a furry pokemon


Max Combat Power (CP): 2,827
Base Stats: Attack – 206, Defense – 182, Stamina – 198
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Normal
Possible Evolutions: Evolves from Herdier

The Lillipup evolutionary line comes to a close with Stoutland. When it debuted in anime and dog pokemon games, it made a great impression on viewers and players. If we were to judge, its influence was almost as enormous as its whiskers. Stoutland shares a maximum CP of 2,827 with Mr. Rime, Mr. Mime’s last development. Stoutland ranks sixth on our list with a moderately high maximum CP and is rather straightforward to achieve.

7. Houndoom

houndoom pokemon

houndoom pokemon

Max Combat Power (CP): 2,635
Base Stats: Attack – 224, Defense – 144, Stamina – 181
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Dark; Secondary Type – Fire
Possible Evolutions: Evolves from Houndoor

Due to the skull-like mark on its breast, Houndoom is one of the more evil-looking dog pokemon. Houndoom puts the “doom” in its name with a uniquely wicked color scheme of black and red, as well as horn-like ears. Houndoom is one of the higher ranking mid-tier dog pokemon in the game, with a CP of 2,635, a dual dark and fire type, and a probable mega evolution to Mega Houndoom. It first appeared in Pokémon Gold and Silver as part of the second generation.

8. Growlithe



Max Combat Power (CP): 1,243
Base Stats: Attack – 136, Defense – 93, Stamina – 146
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Fire
Possible Evolutions: Evolves into Arcanine

Growlithe is a series regular from the first-ever dog pokemon. When someone said fire dog pokemon, it was either Charmander or Growlithe. The very image of a loyal and obedient dog, you’ll find at least one Growlithe in the party of a police officer. CP-wise, Growlithe pales in comparison to most other Pokémon, but 1,243 ranks it high enough to be a lower mid-tier Pokémon. Its saving grace, however, is that Growlithe needs only 50 candies to evolve into an Arcanine.

9. Houndour



Max Combat Power (CP): 1,234
Base Stats: Attack – 152, Defense – 83, Stamina – 128
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Dark; Secondary Type – Fire
Possible Evolutions: Evolves into Houndoom

A very similar canine pokemon to Growlithe, Houndour serves as the evil foil to Growlithe’s good. It’s a little appropriate to find Houndour in the hands of Team Rocket since it’s a dual dark-fire type Pokémon. While it has nine CP under Growlithe’s 1,243, Houndour is ninth on this list due to its dual types and its 50 candy evolution to Houndoom.

10. Absol



Max Combat Power (CP): 2,526
Base Stats: Attack – 246, Defense – 120, Stamina – 163
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Dark
Possible Evolutions: None

Absol, a somewhat bleak-looking canine pokemon, is also known as the “disaster Pokémon.” Absol, on the other hand, would most likely be that towering, dark, and mysterious character from an old film noir. Absol’s CP of 2,526 places it in the middle of mid-tier Pokémon in terms of strength.

11. Riolu

riolu dog pokemon

riolu dog pokemon

Max Combat Power (CP): 993
Base Stats: Attack – 127, Defense – 78, Stamina – 120
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Fighting; Secondary Type – Steel
Possible Evolutions: Evolves into Lucario

Riolu, the base form of Lucario, is one of the few “canine pokemon” in Pokémon Go. Riolu is mainly known for its evolution but enjoys some popularity with fans. You can clearly see this with a one-hour anime special dedicated to this Pokémon. Gameplay-wise, however, with just 993 CP, Riolu is clearly on the lower tier. Riolu is 11th on this list because you can evolve Lucario from it with 50 candy.

12. Raikou

Raikou in Pokemon Go logo background


Max Combat Power (CP): 3,452
Base Stats: Attack – 241, Defense – 195, Stamina – 207
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Electric
Possible Evolutions: None

Raikou first appeared on Pokémon Go on August 31, 2017, along with the other two legendary dog Pokémon. Although it looks a lot like a tiger with its black stripes on a mostly yellow pokemon Kou is a dog pokémon games. Although it has a strong CP of 3,452, Raikou is the last of the three legendaries to chart on our list due to his aesthetics. We still haven’t figured out if the fur flowing from his head is a mane or just hair after all!

13. Luxray



Max Combat Power (CP): 2,888
Base Stats: Attack – 232, Defense – 156, Stamina – 190
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Electric
Possible Evolutions: Evolves from Luxio

Luxray’s color scheme is predominantly black, with dashes of blue and yellow thrown in for good measure. Although it usually appears to have a frown on its face, it is one of the more artistically beautiful dog pokémon games. Regardless of how it seems, it possesses a CP of 2,888 and is capable of defeating the bulk of the other Pokémon in the game.

14. Herdier

herdier in pokemon


Max Combat Power (CP): 1,583
Base Stats: Attack – 145, Defense – 126, Stamina – 163
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Normal
Possible Evolutions: Evolves from Lillipup; Evolves into Stoutland

The second evolution of Lillipup and just 100 candies away from Stoutland, Herdier is a good dog pokémon games to have. Although it looks like a Yorkshire Terrier with a sizable mustache, Herdier is an excellent transitional Pokémon for players wanting more mid-tier companions. It may not be as strong as Arcanine or as versatile as Lucario, but Herdier would be alright till you get stronger fighters.

15. Manectric

Manectric in pokemon go logo background


Max Combat Power (CP): 2,340
Base Stats: Attack – 215, Defense – 127, Stamina – 172
Pokémon Types: Primary Type – Electric
Possible Evolutions: Evolves from Electrike

Manectric develops from Electrike with 50 sweets and is a dog pokémon games with a lot of potentials. It is a dog Pokémon, despite the fact that it has a monkey-like face. Manectric is in the lower half of the mid-tier in terms of CP, having only 2,340 CP. It does, however, have a Mega Evolution to Mega Manectric, which increases its CP to 3,580!


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