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Dyson Pure Hot Cool Review [ Detailed Guide ]

by Julia
dyson pure hot cool

In Pakistan, air pollution is a major issue, particularly in urban areas and during the festival and winter seasons. Whether it’s dangerous pollution, stubble burning across farmlands, or seasonal allergens, even leaving your windows open for a few hours each day can let harmful air into your home, affecting your health and wellness. A dyson pure hot cool can assist to purify the air in your house, allowing you to breathe easier and healthier.

While Pakistan has a wide range of air purifiers in all price ranges, the luxury category is naturally the most fascinating in terms of appearance, features, and capabilities. dyson pure hot cool has a strong position in this market, and its latest line of air purifiers, the Dyson HP09 series, was just released. The dyson pure hot cool, which starts at Rs. 39,015, and the more expensive dyson pure hot cool Purifier Hot+Cool, which starts at Rs. 50,310, are the two variants available in India. What benefits do these air purifiers provide, and how effective are they in practice? Learn more about Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde in this review.

Features And Performance

Dyson Hot + Cool AM09 Various chemicals and toxic substances hang in the air, including minute particles and offensive odors, which can enter your lungs and aggravate allergies or respiratory problems. Particulate matter (PM) 2.5, PM10, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and oxidizing gases are all detected by the dyson pure hot cool. Pollen, smoke, burning candles, industrial pollutants, cooking scents, fragrances, cleaning chemicals, and combustion from autos or gas-powered appliances are all included in these four categories. The dyson pure hot cool removes these contaminants from the air swiftly.

The built-in screen on the machine allows you to watch the activity in real-time, but I prefer to use the app on my smartphone. It displays all pollutants in a larger, more visible graph, and you can simply alter the parameters without even being in the same place. The App for dyson pure hot cool air purifier the app’s dashboard shows you the air quality, temperature, and humidity levels in your house. It also provides information on the outside air quality in your area. Insider/Steph Coelho

According to Dyson air purifier, the purifier can cover up to 2,860 cubic feet of space, which is rather astounding. Despite the fact that my ground floor isn’t particularly huge, I can attest to the Dyson’s extensive reach. When I cook, I rarely burn things (I’ll have my medal now, please), but my oven does emit some smoke. I haven’t needed to open windows or remove the smoke alarm the last several times I’ve used my oven.
In 2021, we tested the top five smoke detectors.

To determine the best smoke detectors for keeping your house safe, we spoke with a fire investigator and a home remodeler and tested six types. Continue reading Image that is connected to the subject. When the air becomes foggy, I hear the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde automatically increase the airflow to the maximum to immediately purify the air. The end result is cleaner air for my family, especially my feathered companions’ sensitive airways.

Full Dyson Pure Hot+Cool review

Dyson, as you’re presumably aware, doesn’t simply create vacuum cleaners, but also a variety of other stylish home appliances. Its most recent model combines a fan, heater, and air purifier into one device. Here’s what we thought about Dyson Hot + Cool AM09. With so many dull, basic designs available, choosing a fan or heater might be difficult. Isn’t it true that they’re all the same? They aren’t, as it turns out, and the Dyson is the Bugatti of fan heaters.


The Dyson Hot + Cool AM09 isn’t the cheapest smart home device on the market, which comes as no surprise. You might be put off by the £549/$649 price tag, but there’s a lot going on here, so it could be well worth it. In the UK, dyson pure hot cool sells it directly, as well as retailers such as AO and John Lewis. You can also go to Dyson or Amazon in the United States. We’ll go over everything in this review on Dyson’s most expensive fan/heater. Check out the top heaters and fans.

Design & Construction

If you’ve seen any of Dyson air purifier other fans or heaters, the Pure Hot+Cool is similar. In typical Dyson flair, it’s a sleek and distinctive style that’s rather futuristic – it wouldn’t appear out of place in the film Passengers. It’s tall, but not too tall, and it has that now-iconic loop design with a completely hollow center. You can put your hand right through it, therefore it’s not a trick. With a silver cylinder (different colors are available in the US) drilled through with little holes, the lower half looks similar to other models, such as the Pure Cool Tower. The filters are located within this section. We found them a little difficult to install at first because there didn’t seem to be enough room, but we got there in the end.

You can get started after you’ve installed the filters and found an appropriate power outlet. In terms of design, the Dyson air purifier differs from its predecessor (the Hot+Cool Link) in that it has a small LCD screen on the front. This is really beneficial, since it allows you to engage with the device in a pleasant manner. The Pure Cool Tower also has it. You may flick through a range of various displays on the screen with the remote control, which, like earlier models, attaches to the top with a magnet. It can provide you with fundamental information such as the current and desired temperature, as well as numerous details regarding the air quality.

Because this is all happening in real-time, the only thing to keep in mind is that some displays may take a long time to load information while the air is being tested, resulting in a spinning arrow. More buttons on the fan itself, so you can make basic adjustments without using the remote or app, would be ideal. Just knowing the temperature and fan speed would be beneficial.


Of course, this is a pretty expensive fan heater, but it’s also a cooling fan and an air purifier, so it’s a year-round device, which helps to explain the price. The little LCD screen on the front is the main difference from the Hot+Cool Link, so you can save a little money if this is a luxury you can do without. Whether or not it has a screen, the dyson pure hot cool isn’t a jack of all crafts and a master of none. It excels in every aspect. You will not be disappointed if you can afford one.

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