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Top 10 Best Email Marketing Agencies Of 2022 | Techlion

by Julia
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Email Marketing Agency: Assume you’ve recently purchased an IndyCar team. Who would you rather have in the driver’s seat? You want a pro like Mario behind the wheel unless your uncle is four-time Indy 500 winner AJ Foyt. Experience and skill are vital assets. Email is the most effective marketing tool you have at your disposal.

Email marketing accounts for 19.8% of all online sales in the eCommerce business. Non-triggered email marketing messages can provide a 306% greater ROI than behaviorally prompted email campaigns. You’ll need the best email marketing agency on your side to make the most of your most potent weapon and obtain the greatest possible results.

The contrasts between the email marketing performances of leaders and laggards are particularly startling when you dig deeper. The top 20% of organisations had a 14-fold better return on investment from email marketing than the lowest 20%.

You want to identify the finest email marketing agency to work with if you want to narrow the gap between your present email marketing outcomes and your maximum potential. The top email marketing agency options for 2022 are included on this page. We’ll also show you how to ask the necessary questions to ensure that your agency can help you succeed.

What Is An Email Marketing Agency?

A successful email marketing approach requires dedication, a desire to learn, hard work, and skill. It might be difficult for a busy entrepreneur, entrepreneur, or small business CEO to find the time necessary to run an effective email campaign.

This is where the services of an email marketing agency come into play. They can handle all of your email marketing requirements. They’ll have the knowledge to recognise which moves will assist and which won’t, as well as access to the greatest resources and tools to help you take your email marketing efforts to the next level.

Creating an email marketing campaign takes time. An email marketing agency can relieve you of the pressure of creating a movement that delivers results for your industry.

Top 10 Email Marketing Agency Options

An effective email marketing strategy for e-commerce has a lot of moving parts. A purpose-built plan for marketing automation, consumer segmentation, design, and content is required for a high-conversion campaign. To recruit, convert, and keep eCommerce customers, your email arsenal must make use of client data.

SmartMail specializes in creating and delivering high-converting, trigger-based email campaigns for eCommerce businesses. We aren’t the best fit for everyone because of our degree of detail. So, for your consideration, we’ve produced a list of the top email marketing agency.

1. FulcrumTech 

Email marketing agency

FulcrumTech helps you to test, plan, construct, and precisely implement an experienced digital approach after more than 10 years of experience as a dependable email marketing agency. Customers may also use their own economic modelling software and integrations to determine which changes will have the most demonstrable impact on email ROI and which will not.

This firm is more than an email marketing agency, with data analysts and digital strategists on staff. They are self-taught email marketers that are obsessed with results.

2. StraightNorth

Email marketing agency

StraightNorth is a full-service internet marketing agency that serves clients in a variety of industries. This countrywide organisation, which was founded in 1997 in Chicago, now includes in-house specialists in eight major cities. StraightNorth specialises in the following areas:

  • SEO
  • PPC (pay-per-click) management
  • Advertising on display
  • Email marketing
  • web development
  • Illustration

Agriculture, aviation, maritime, real estate, and hospitality are among the 28 “markets” or vertical specialities listed on the StraightNorth website. StraightNorth’s email marketing services for small businesses and enterprises include research into email best practices, strategy and production, reporting, and performance optimization. Designers, copywriters, UX specialists, and account managers are among the agency’s email marketing personnel.

StraightNorth’s email agency helped insurance business Mavco reach a high open-rate by utilising methods including responsive design and customer education, according to client case studies.

3. IndieMark

Email marketing agency

IndieMark is a full-service email marketing agency with the goal of helping companies “create loyalty and more income.” Client John Getze, VP of Marketing at game development firm KIXEYE, has referred to this Augusta, Georgia-based email agency as “the Michael Jordans of email marketing.”

IndieMark provides a comprehensive variety of technology, strategy, and execution services. Clients may collaborate with the agency on email marketing agency campaign planning, creation, deployment, and automation. IndieMark’s BlackBox service is a subscription-based email risk assessment dataset.

IndieMark also has expertise in integrating platforms like Marketo, MailChimp, Eloqua, SilverPop, and Bronto to create email executions. IndieMark does not list any industry vertical expertise, although they have experience as a full-service supplier for clients in the B2B, B2C, and non-profit sectors.

4. Wpromote

Email marketing agency

Wpromote is a digital marketing agency that focuses on a “challenger” approach, a brand philosophy that emphasises always pushing the limits to better outcomes. The firm began as a specialised pay-per-click (PPC) agency in 2001 but has since evolved to include paid search, SEO, content, social media, creative services, digital marketing intelligence, and email marketing as well.

While the company’s headquarters remain in El Segundo, California, the Wpromote team has grown tremendously over the last 18 years. “The challenger agency” has grown to become the largest independent digital agency in the United States after purchasing three other independent marketing companies and creating seven more locations around the country.

Wpromote’s email services encompass strategy and execution to assist clients to reach higher levels of customization, segmentation, reporting, and marketing testing. Wpromote can help clients design bespoke marketing processes based on consumer personas.

One Wpromote client in the wireless communications business teamed up to overcome deliverability concerns. The client has now achieved 98 per cent deliverability and a three-fold increase in consumer interaction with email, according to the agency’s website.

5. SmartMail

Email marketing agency

SmartMail is a solely eCommerce-focused email marketing agency. We specialise in delivering done-for-you, high-converting trigger-based email campaigns (DFY).

Internal specialists in strategy, design, development and customer success make up our email “dream team.” Our team has all of the necessary skills and expertise to:

  • Increase the number of email subscribers.
  • Customize campaigns
  • Organize workflows.
  • Make email templates that are responsive.
  • Implement data integration.
  • Create A/B tests.
  • Customer segments
  • Copywriting and design work
  • report on the findings

Our expertise is restricted to e-commerce, but we are not limited to this industry. With a variety of initiatives such as welcome, cart abandonment, post-purchase, win-back, and replenishment campaigns, we assist online retailers like Skechers, Cotton On, City Chic, and French Connection with optimising strategy and execution throughout the whole customer lifecycle.

SmartMail clients get outcomes that are anything but typical, such as campaigns with a 29x return on investment. SmartMail clients see a 12-fold boost in click-through rates and more than quadruple their average income per email sent. “SmartMail helped us unlock and cash in on some significant revenue growth prospects,” says Deeon Brown, CMO of DailySteals. Their execution strategy and approach were outstanding.

6. InboxArmy 

Email marketing agency

InboxArmy is a company based in the United States that was founded to create a more cost-effective and efficient approach to dealing with email marketing generation. Their clients are currently saving up to 30% or more because of recent digital agencies and email marketing.

InboxArmy is a full-service, premier email marketing agency that helps businesses with all aspects of email marketing. They collaborate with businesses of all sizes, email service providers, and agencies to deliver world-class support, production, and service.

7. Traveling North

Email marketing agency

It is a full-service email marketing agency that works with you to tailor the optimum combination of digital marketing email campaigns and PPC to SEO-based responsive sites in order to provide results that move the needle. Their laser-focused, cutting-edge solutions help you attract the ideal clients, expand your business, and convert leads.

During the company’s existence, it established a strong reputation for producing high-quality work and conducting business professionally.

8. Handcrafted

Email marketing agency

Crafted is committed to providing 360-degree online marketing support that generates identities, drives interactions, builds brands, and collects data. They’ve long been interested in finding better ways to facilitate the transfer of large amounts of material in today’s age of data overload.

The Crafted team has developed expert-level knowledge in the following business sectors thanks to its more than 100 brand partners. They have helped brands to re-image, expand, and establish themselves within each of these companies.

9. WebMechanix 

Email marketing agency

This is a performance-based email marketing agency that helps middle-market companies move the needle smarter and quicker than their competitors. The company was founded in 2009 by cousins Arsham Mirshah and Chris Mechanic and is based in the Baltimore-Washington region.

Of course, Webmechanix has true PPC expertise, but what sets them apart is their dedication to delivering results, their partner-focused approach, and responsiveness.

10. RNO1 

Email marketing agency

This is a West Coast brand and online experience email marketing agency that fuels growth for forward-thinking businesses across locations and platforms. This corporation began as Ruleno.1 and then changed its name to RNO1. Everything they develop and make is led by this core structure.

They are west coast game-changers in a complex world. They invest in brands that are both powerful and meaningful, as well as free and fluid-forming. They are people who value diversity. A brand can relate to its customers, engage the minds and hearts of consumers, and revamp cross-channel when they drive the change.

FAQ – Email Marketing Agency

What Should You Ask an Email Marketing Agency?

We know our lane at SmartMail, and we stay in it. We employ trigger-based email marketing for eCommerce businesses since we understand how effective it is.

Every day, we meet with marketing professionals who are looking for an agency partner to help them achieve their goals. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask a potential email agency partner during the pre-sale consultation phase based on our expertise.

Do you provide automated email campaigns?

Marketing automation rules and consumer behavioural data are used in triggered campaigns to send customised messages to the correct customer at the right time. Improved segmentation is associated with a 300 per cent increase in campaign performance.

How will you assist us in expanding our mailing list?

There are several shady and immoral methods for expanding your email list. There are also some useful strategies, such as generating high-quality leads. Your partner should ideally be able to assist clients in increasing subscribers by providing qualified leads.

What distinguishes you as the best?

The appropriate email marketing agency should be able to tell you exactly how they convert their clients’ money into profit. The complexity of email campaigns and lead generation strategies utilised by the finest firms may also set them apart.

What kind of return on investment can we expect?

Any ethical agency will inform you that ROI varies depending on a number of factors and that your outcomes may differ. They will, however, be able to tell you the typical return on investment they generate for their clientele. Our customers typically see a 29x return on their investment. That implies a $1,000 monthly payment to SmartMail typically generates an additional $29,000 in monthly sales.

What platforms do you use for your work?

While we prefer working on our proprietary platform because of the efficiency it provides, we can also work with other email platforms, some of which we are familiar with (the good ones!). If you want to continue with your present platform, be sure the agency you’re considering has or is willing to build experience on it.

Do you like long-term agreements?

Signing a long-term deal with an agency you don’t trust is a bad idea. You want the freedom to locate someone who is a better fit if they don’t offer outcomes. Instead of requiring users to sign long-term contracts, SmartMail offers month-to-month services.

What percentage of my time will you need?

If you wish to completely outsource your email marketing to a DFY provider, an agency partner shouldn’t need more time than you have available. Inquire about the time required to onboard new customers, as well as how the agency handles plans and campaign approvals.

How long will it take to launch a campaign?

Every week or month you delay launching new campaigns is another week of money that could have been generated. An agency should assist you in executing email marketing quickly. SmartMail provides clients with an industry-leading 21-day guarantee and a 17x ROI in the first month.

The Playbook for DIY eCommerce Email Marketing

Do you want to know the exact formula for successful eCommerce email marketing? You can learn a thing or two from SmartMail. This free document contains all you need to know about using email marketing to drive at least 40% of your eCommerce income.

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