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ExtraMovies Alternatives: 30 Best Sites Like ExtraMovies To Watch Movies Online In 2022

by Julia

ExtraMovies is one of the most famous and greatest websites for watching movies online. This website may be used for finding, downloading, and watching the most recent Hollywood and Bollywood movies, in addition to streaming them. This website’s users have the ability to view movies whenever and wherever they desire. The biggest feature of this website that sets it apart from other websites in its category is its excellent user-friendly interface. This user-friendly interface is available on both smartphones and laptops.

ExtraMovies’ categories of films

ExtraMovies is a website with a large selection of films. These films have been organised into numerous categories to make it easier for users to find them. On this page, we will discuss some of the most popular movie genres on the ExtraMovies website.

30 Best Sites Like ExtraMovies To Watch Movies Online In 2022

Here ist he list of best sites like ExtraMovies To watch movie online.

1. Netflix


We’ll start with the most widely used video streaming service on the internet. Netflix provides a large selection of great movies and web series. The finest feature of this video streaming website is that it has a large number of movies and web series made by Netflix. Netflix’s sole catch is that consumers must pay a monthly or yearly membership fee. Despite this, it has a sizable user base with people from all over the world.

2. Amazon Prime Videos 


This is another well-known video streaming programme with a large user base all around the world. Amazon Prime Videos, like Netflix, creates a number of films and web series of its own. Aside from that, the popular site contains a large number of movies and web series from different producers. Amazon Prime Videos, like other subscription services, levies a monthly or yearly fee. This is one of the greatest legal alternatives to ExtraMovies’ website.

3. Bolly4u


ExtraMovies is one of the most popular alternatives to the website. This website allows you to both download and stream your favourite movies. It contains links to a variety of movie download and streaming websites. This website functions similarly to a movie search engine. You may look for your favourite movies and all of the available download and streaming options.

4. BestHDMovies


Users may download and stream their favourite movies in HD quality on their phone, computer, or whatever device they are using with the aid of this website. The movies that you download from our website may be played on Blu-ray or DVD devices immediately. No conversion is required to play movies downloaded from this site on DVD or Blu-ray players. Users do not have to pay anything to see their favourite films.

5. MoviePublish 


This website is mostly used to watch Hindi movies. The website also includes a good selection of regional films, in addition to Hindi films. The website offers films in a variety of languages, including Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, and others. Movies that have been dubbed into the user’s choice language are also available. If the user cannot locate the movie he or she wants, the user can submit a request on the website.

6. StageVU


In the entertainment world, this website is well known. The website contains films in a variety of languages. The website’s main focus is Bollywood films. Additionally, the website includes English films that have been dubbed into Hindi.

7. India4Movie


This site is a must-visit for any Bollywood enthusiast. It’s one of the most popular ExtraMovies alternatives. On the website’s home page, you may watch all of the newly released films. By the conclusion of the second premiere, the bulk of the films had been released.

8. GoodMaza


This website is a very flexible alternative to ExtraMovies’ website. The website features films from a variety of genres. There are science fiction films as well as horror films, comedies, and much more. The main drawback to this website is that it only provides videos in two formats. The movies on this site are only accessible in Mp4 and 3GP formats.

9. WatchNewMovie


This is a cutting-edge website. The website allows users to download, stream, share, and view the most recent movies. The website also includes news and reviews of the movies that are available for download. The website does not charge any fees to its visitors. Furthermore, there is no requirement to register.

10. CoolMovieZ


This website allows you to download full-length movies in high-definition format. The nicest feature about this website is that the movies are organised by genre. There are more categories, such as top 20 films and trending films. These categories ensure that only the best films are shown to the user.

11. Wapking


Wapking, which was founded a few years ago, is one of the most popular online movie streaming services. The site has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of its ability to provide free access to its material. This website not only enables you to watch movies online, but also allows you to download them in whatever format you desire with a single click. Movies in any language, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and other regional films, are available here. Not only can you watch and download movies, but you can also watch and download web series, trailers, videos, documentaries, and other media. The site’s interface is incredibly user-friendly, making it simple for anybody to explore.

12. Worldfree4u


Many movie streaming services have sprung up in recent years to meet people’s entertainment needs. Worldfree4u is one such website that provides users with access to the most recent movies available. However, it is an unlawful site that distributes pirated content. The site was blocked by the Indian government, although it is still accessible through proxy servers. The site provides access to a large library of films in a variety of languages. Users can freely stream and download whatever content they want. A large directory of Hollywood films is also available on the website. Many films are accessible on this site in dubbed versions, so you may watch them in any language you like.

13. 1337x


1337x is a significant alternative to Extramovies. The 1337x site, like other movie streaming services, offers a wide selection of free movies to view and download. The site’s material includes horror, thrillers, romance, comedy, science fiction, and other genres. This site has a variety of movie genres, such as trendy Bollywood movies, Tamil HD movies, Telugu movies free download, Hollywood dubbed movies, and so on. All download URLs may be accessed with a single click. 1337x not only has movies but also web series, popular music videos, documentaries, and more. The site has a quick download speed as well as high audio quality. While watching movies online, you may come across intrusive advertisements. Patience is required, and any irresponsible advertisements should be taken down.

14. MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy is one of the top no-login movie streaming sites, similar to ExtraMovies. I came across it when looking for good ExtraMovies alternatives. It has a user interface that is well-organized, clean, and ad-free. The genre, country, and highest IMDB rating are the three main criteria. It allows you to watch movies online for free.

Everything, from new releases to old favourites, is available in high definition here. What is the most enjoyable aspect? Video quality is assigned to movie thumbnails, such as HD and CAM. As a result, you won’t have to go elsewhere for information on video quality.

15. Vumoo


Vumoo is one of the top ExtraMovies  alternatives, despite the fact that it is not the same as ExtraMovies. You do not need to register to watch full-length movies or TV series episodes. It allows you to watch movies online for free.

When it comes to filters, it falls short. The only way to find the movie you’re looking for is to use the search tool. There are fewer options for short films, such as nation, genre, or year. Solarmovie has a lot fewer advertisements and popups. The user interface appears to be pretty simple.

16. CMoviesHD


The user interface of Cmovies is identical to that of ExtraMovies. It’s a feature-rich site that allows you to view free online TV episodes and movies without having to register. The films are divided into three categories: IMDB, nation, and genre. In all, there are more than 13 country films.

Among the genres accessible are action, adventure, humour, history, drama, family, romance, and documentary films. As a result, your favourite films are probably definitely to be found here. It, like other free streaming services, has advertisements. The movies have excellent video quality.

17. YesMovies


Thanks to its high-quality material and well-organized style, YesMovies is steadily gaining popularity among movie aficionados, following in the footsteps of ExtraMovies. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows without having to create an account. It allows you to watch movies online for free.

Like other ExtraMovies alternatives, it has a limited quantity of ads. You may just block them using an ad blocker. Downloading movies does not appear to be secure because selecting the download option redirects you to other websites.

Look through the genre, nation, and top IMDB sections to select a movie to watch. If a movie you desire isn’t available, you can make a request for it.

18. SpaceMov


You may watch free movies without having to register on SpaceMov, a free online movie streaming service. NordVPN and an adblocker will handle ads and popups effectively. Ads and popups won’t annoy you if you’ve developed a secure environment (steps mentioned above).

Movies, TV Series, Ratings, Trending, Genres, Release Year, and Most Viewed are the main categories. Unlike other free movie sites, it just has one streaming server and does not require registration. The remaining features are comparable to those found on the websites previously mentioned.

19. LookMovie


LookMovie is the greatest free online streaming source for Hollywood movies. This movie site is ad-free and offers a similar user experience as Netflix. It allows you to watch movies for free online.

You may watch popular TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, Secret City, The Walking Dead, Ghost Adventures, and others in addition to movies. The best part is that it does not refer you to any other websites where you can watch free movies.

20. Bmovies


The layout of Bmovies is identical to that of 123Movies. On free movie websites, advertisements and popups are common. The same can be said for B-movies, which may be viewed for free on the internet.

For instance, YesMovies, for instance, allows you to watch movies from all around the world. There are four alternatives for TV shows: the United States, Korea, China, and Taiwan.

You may choose from a range of movie categories, such as genre, nation, top IMDB, and the A-Z list. You can also use the search function to find a certain movie to watch. There is no need to register.

21. PutLocker


Putlocker, one of the most popular free online movie sites, lets you watch movies from all over the world for free. Here you may search for films by genre and country. There’s also an alphabetical list of the top IMDB movies.

Putlocker also features a large selection of television series. To watch all of the media content, you do not need to register. It, like other free movie websites, has a few ads.

The video quality of movies is divided into three categories: HD, SD, and CAM. It also has all of the relevant information about the movies. The rest of the features are comparable to those available in ExtraMovies.

22. 5movies


5movies allows you to watch anime, movies, and TV shows online without having to download anything or register. It has a user interface that is simple and easy to navigate. It appears to be a high-end platform. When you press the Play button to watch a video, just one or two popups will show. On this website, you may watch free movies online.

To find cinematic flicks, newly uploaded films, and recently released films, simply explore the browse area.

In reality, films from the United States, India, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, and other nations are included.

23. CineBloom


CineBloom is not the same as ExtraMovies, but it is unquestionably a superior alternative for watching full movies and TV shows for free online without having to register. It features a simple design that makes browsing and discovering your favourite items simple. You may watch free movies online on this website.

There are filters for a range of categories and years. When compared to ExtraMovies, it has a few flaws. You may also use the search feature to find your favourite movie or TV show, and it works rather well. It offers a large media catalogue, similar to Bmovies (another well-known movie streaming service after 123movies and Solarmovies).

24. YoMovies


To watch YoMovies, you must turn off your adblocker. I recommend skipping this one and moving on to the next one on the list. It’s also one of the best locations to get free movies to watch on the internet. YoMovies is one of the most popular online movie streaming sites, despite the fact that it is not the same as ExtraMovies. It has a large selection of free HD movies that you can watch and download without having to create an account.

You may also watch Bollywood films, Hollywood films, Hollywood Hindi dubbed films, South Indian Hindi dubbed films, Punjabi films, Telugu films, Tamil films, and 18+ films.

25. Hindilinks4u.to


If you’re looking for a site comparable to ExtraMovies where you can watch free Bollywood movies online, head to Hindilinks4u.to. It allows you to watch movies online for free.

Because it is relatively old, you cannot rely on this website to watch the most recent Hindi films online. The most current, movies, dubbed movies, documentaries, and browsing are the main categories. It simply has a few ads on it. When you press the play button, certain popups may appear. Close them all and relax while watching your movie.

26. Moonline


Moonline is not the same as ExtraMovies, but it is without a doubt the greatest streaming platform for viewing high-quality free movies online without having to register or create an account.

It features a uniform aesthetic, with films arranged by genre, release year, and IMDB rating.

Here you’ll find two streaming options as well as all of the relevant information about the film, such as the actors, plot, and IMDB rating. You’ll have a better streaming experience if you use an adblocker extension; otherwise, you’ll be assaulted with commercials and popups.

27. FreeFlix


As the name says, FreeFlix is a service that allows you to watch movies for free. To watch movies, you do not need to create an account. It offers a diverse range of films from 2019 to 2009.

FreeFlix is one of my favourite sites since it is absolutely free of popups and allows you to watch free movies online. On this website, popups will never occur. Use parameters like release date, most viewed, genres, and year to search the movie library. If you know the title of the film you wish to view, type it into the search field and press Enter. You will receive four relevant result links in total.

28. Yify TV


For those searching for a comparable experience to ExtraMovies, Yify TV is a good option. It should not be mixed up with ExtraMovies. It does, however, allow you to watch free high-definition movies online without having to register, and it provides a variety of options for finding a movie that suits your needs.

There are a handful on Yify TV, but they won’t disturb you unless you click. It also includes 4–5 video streaming links, as well as important information about the films, like the IMDB rating, plot, star, and director.

29. Movie4u


My go-to free streaming service for watching full-length movies and TV series without having to download anything is Movie4u. Highlighted films, top IMDB films, and trending films may all be found with a simple click.

You may choose a film to watch depending on a variety of characteristics (genres, release year, and IMDB rating). It, like other free streaming services, features ads. Furthermore, despite the fact that it still offers fewer films than the other websites listed, it is constantly extending its movie catalogue.

30. Xmovies8


Xmovies, like ExtraMovies, is a popular free online movie streaming service that lets you watch movies without registering. The user interface is archaic, and the media collection is separated into three sections: movies, television series, and television episodes.

Search for movies by title or browse by featured, new releases, top-rated, most-watched, and most recent changes in the Movies area. In the TV Shows area, you’ll find freshly added programmes, the most recent release dates, the highest-rated shows, and subcategories organised by name.

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